Why use an Audio restoration service?

Sometimes a pivotal piece of evidence in an important case can be an audio recording from a less than professional source.  If your audio evidence is not crystal clear, it has a chance of being inadmissible in court. That's where we come in.

Our audio engineers have had years of experience crafting sound for films, music, and the spoken word.  We will strive to restore your audio recording in the most efficient and cleanest way possible without altering the content of the original recording.


Who do we work with?

  • criminal defense lawyers
  • prosecuting attorneys
  • law enforcement agencies
  • child protective services


What do I need to get started?

  • a digital copy of the source files (video or audio)
  • a description of how the audio was recorded and in what environment
  • any specific time stamps on the recording that are of higher priority



All audio restoration services are estimated and billed at $125 USD per hour.  For a typical project of restoring one audio file, no more than 4 hours are required.  Discounts are available for longer term projects and government agencies.


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