Allie "Tex" Textor

Allie, AKA “Tex,” is Double Jump’s spunky Production Assistant and Overall Cool Guy. Tex has found solace and inspiration in movies for as long as she can remember. From the time they could press record, they made the “most horrific media that curses the internet to this day” (their words, not ours). That fervor for filmmaking hasn’t waned over the years for Tex, who is experienced in everything from hair and makeup to set design to directing her own videos. A wee piece of Tex’s soul can be found in everything they touch, and it’s that love that makes them a true Double Jumper through and through. 

As Production Assistant, Tex is vital for the success of our projects, particularly when it comes to pre-production and shoot days. If your project has a bunch of props or a fiddly prototype, rest assured that Tex has it all under control. When she isn’t busy being DJM’s Overall Cool Guy, Tex can be found painting, obsessing over roller coasters, singing to her houseplants, and avoiding tomatoes.


Sundrop Flower of Immortality, Firebolt Broomstick, Teleporting Ender Pearl.

The facts:

Favorite Film: Rocky Horror Picture Show

Quote To Live By: “How do you know if you never try?” – COIN 

What I’m Currently Listening to: “Need You Tonight” by INXS