Ally Jeppsen

Ally Jeppsen is Double Jump’s mage of Production Management and in-house photography. 

As Production Manager, Ally makes sure that your video and the many elements therein go off without a hitch. She is also the primary contact for all DJM clients, and her skills in leading swift, decisive meetings will renew your belief in the existence of efficient zoom calls.  

Ally’s interest in film and photography started at a young age when she and her sister would make their own *better* versions of their favorite music videos. Ally’s love for the visual arts grew into a successful photography business that she started before she even graduated from high school. After nearly a decade of experience in professional photography, Ally now produces the stunning photos you see on our website and social media pages (and the pages of many of our clients, too!).


Chaos Hammer, Magic Mirror, Golden Harp

The facts:

Favorite Film: Mamma Mia
Quote To Live By: “Mamma Mia.”
What I’m Currently Listening To: