Northwest Arkansas Video Production

It started in 1979 when video killed the radio star once and for all. Ever since then, the public’s demand for inspiring, educational, creative, and engaging video content has only grown.

 Whether you’re advertising your services, explaining a product, or sharing your company’s story—video is the quickest way to capture the attention of customers and carve out a space in their hearts for your brand.

 But not all video is created equally.

 Amidst the sea of blurry smartphone cameras and cheap do-it-yourself editing software, Double Jump Media has answered the call for better videos. Our media wizards have the experience and creative magic that the businesses of Arkansas need to level up their videos, stand out from the competition, and share their story with the world.


Sales Videos That Win Hearts

No customer was ever won over with technical product specifications. That’s why we help you create sales videos for your products or services that win a customer’s heart by showing that you have the exact solution to the problem they need solved.

Product Explainers That Make Learning Exciting

Whether your products require elaborate setup or you simply want a visually powerful way to answer your customers’ most frequently asked questions, video is the perfect solution. We put our videography to work for you so that everything comes out crystal clear for your clients.


Event Videos That Inspire

Running a professional development event, community fundraiser, end of year hurrah, or similar event? Think of how much you could inspire your audience with a professionally scripted, expertly shot, and masterfully edited video production. We tailor make every video to your needs, so you can share the unique message that your audience needs to hear.

And More

Whatever your video needs, Double Jump can help. We’re committed to bringing the businesses of Arkansas to life with the highest quality in multimedia productions. Customer testimonials, Kickstarter videos, internal corporate communications, TV ads, and more—if the final product is a video, our team can craft it for you.


How the Video Magic Happens


We listen to you, learn everything we can about your brand, and envision the story you want to tell. Then we brainstorm ways to make it happen on video.


This stage is all about scripting, arranging the actors, and scheduling the shoot.


Lights, camera, action! We pull all of the creative content, video, audio, graphics, and so on together on location or in the studio.


Finally, we transform the raw shoot into a final polished draft that wows your audience and tells your story.


More Than Just Point And Shoot

You might be under the impression that all Double Jump does is shoot and edit the video. But we’re more than a ragtag team of cameramen.

We are true creatives.

 And that means that our team is here to help you from beginning to end. Don’t have an idea for your video yet? We’ll help you brainstorm one. Don’t have a script? We’ll write one. Don’t have actors lined up? We’ll find them.

 Seriously, we are with you. Every. Single. Step.

Double Jump is here to revive the corporate video scene in Arkansas . So contact us today for a free 30-minute discovery call and let us find a way to help you build your brand and your business with video.

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