Christopher Ramsey

The only thing Chris puts before his sorcery career is Double Jump’s animation projects (though he uses a little magic on those too). Chris recently received his B.A. in Animation from Drury University, though he’s been animating since he was just 6 years old when the rest of us were still writing our “s” backwards. Beyond animation, Chris is skilled in IT and has a passion for understanding how just about anything works. All day, one can hear “I bet Chris can fix that,” echoing throughout Double Jump’s halls; so far, everyone has bet correctly.

Chris originally hails from Coffeyville, KS, where he is the heir to the town’s large barn full of coffee beans, which Double Jump plans on confiscating from him according to the small print in his contract. He doesn’t know, and he doesn’t need to know.


Longbow, Polyjuice Potion, Unicorn

The facts:

Favorite Film: Pulp Fiction
Quote To Live By: “I’m invincible until I die.” – Ethan
What I’m Currently Listening To: