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Double Jump Media knows startups.  For the past three years, our main office in the eFactory, one of the country's top business incubators, has been working to help other entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life.

Starting with a focus in corporate video production in 2014, Double Jump soon began to see a need for affordable video in the worlds of Kickstarter, crowdfunding and startup video production.  Pivoting to focus on servicing this need, our crowdfunding video production team has grown exponentially over the years and helped countless businesses and startups tell their unique story through the power of video.

At Double Jump Media, we know that the best way to raise funds for a new idea is through a clear, professional, and concise video presentation. That’s why we offer expert crowdfunding video production services!

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Who We Work With

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur looking to promote your next great idea, a new founder looking to disrupt an outdated industry, or a local business owner looking to expand your presence online, Double Jump Media can help you!

We specialize in crowdfunding video production and we can help you showcase the unique appeal of your idea using high-quality, custom video content that’s sure to engage backers, and expand the reach of your campaign.

We’re a professional video production team, and we have years of experience creating high-quality videos that help showcase what’s so special about our clients. Read on, and learn more about our expertise, our process, and the clients we’ve served in the past.

Our Video Expertise

First and foremost, we’re storytellers. We believe that great stories are truly powerful, so whenever we make a video, we set out to tell your story – the way it was meant to be told.

Our professional video production team allows you to do just that. From conception to completion, we focus on bringing your vision to life.

To this end, we employ a team of brilliant set designers, writers, video production professionals, and editors. And we use all of our expertise for you – creating brilliant, effective, and powerful videos that drive consumer engagement and help build your brand.


Our Process

We take the risk out of video production. With our comprehensive video production strategy, we ensure that your project stays on course – and that you always get the results that you expect. Check out our step-by-step production process below!

How we make a crowdfunding video

 ●     Ideation – Every great project starts with a great idea. During this phase of our process, our team will work with you to assess your needs and develop a video solution that is perfect for your budget, timeframe, and expected results.

●     Planning – During this phase, we finalize the scripting of your project, and come up with a comprehensive production timeline. This allows us to avoid pitfalls and production delays, and ensures that your project stays on track.

 ●     Production – We will record video, create graphics, and gather all of the other creative content required for your video. Whether in-studio or on location, our professional videographers will capture gorgeous, striking video that brings out the best in your business.

 ●     Editing – Our work isn’t done after recording. Our team of professional editors will turn our raw footage into a polished, beautiful piece of video content.

 ●     Success! – After editing, your video is delivered – and it’s time to celebrate! Personally, we recommend a beer and pizza party – but everyone’s different!

Throughout this entire process, we dedicate ourselves to client transparency. We keep you in the loop – always. You’ll always have the information to need to ensure that your project is on track, and that our services are living up to your expectations.



We want each entrepreneur to get exactly what they want from their crowdfunding video, and have created multiple packages so you can get just that!

See something in one package that you want in another, or have a question about an certain item?  We can customize the packages below to fit your needs. 

  • Basic
  • $3,000
  • Scripting (1 idea)
  • Half day production
  • 1 round of editing revisions
  • 1 actor and 1 location
  • No graphics
  • -
  • -
  • Book Now
  • Advanced
  • $5,000
  • Scripting (2-3 ideas)
  • Full-day production
  • 2 rounds of editing revisions
  • 2-3 actors and 2 locations
  • 2D motion graphics
  • -
  • Book Now
  • Epic
  • $10,000+
  • Scripting (3-5 ideas)
  • Multi-day production
  • 3 rounds of editing revisions
  • Multiple actors and locations
  • 2D motion graphics
  • 3D motion graphics and special effects
  • Book Now
Kickstarter Video Animation Example

Our Past Video Clients

We have created top-notch video content for a variety of small businesses from mini-golf courses to restaurants to zip lines, as well as our larger clients, which include Forbes Magazine, Yelp!, The DIY Network, and AT&T.

No job is too big or too small. Every startup has a story to tell – so let Double Jump Media bring your story to life!

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We offer a free 30-minute consultation for all prospective clients. There’s no commitment or pressure to work with us – we just want to hear your ideas and your needs. If you choose to move forward, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive up-front price and a clear project timeline – no surprises, hidden fees, or other nasty shocks!

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