Are you looking for a way to win more qualified sales leads from the internet?  Start using video.

Implementing video into your brand's marketing efforts:

  • satisfies multiple research needs for potential buyers

  • helps you close sales faster

  • builds trust and credibility between your brand and the potential buyer

  • frees up more of your valuable time by allowing potential buyers to engage with your brand online

  • allows you to engage your target audience directly in their social media newsfeeds

types of Manufacturing Videos:

Redneck Trailer Supplies - "It's Great to be a Redneck"

"About Us"

This type of corporate video is typically a 1-to-4 minute video designed to be the crowning jewel of video marketing for your brand. These videos are designed to fully encompass the operation and philosophy of the company and put it into a concise polished package. "Why we do what we do." Want a video like this?  Get in touch!

EnSight Solutions - "Trade Show Video"

Trade Show Video

This type of video helps increase awareness of the various services and products a company may create at a trade show.  Trade show booths are typically crowded, and you can lose business when potential clients lose interest. Videos directed at soon-to-be clients can engage them until a salesperson can talk to them one-on-one. 

Hutchens Industries - "900 Series"

Product Animation

This type of video production focuses on client education, and a resource for learning.  These videos are typically published on your website as well as 3rd party video hosting services such as YouTube.  Potential clients view these videos while searching for information, and if you can answer them your brand will become top of mind.  Click here to get started!

Hutchens Industries - "EZ Pull"

Product Videos

This type of video production Is much like Product Animations, but shows the product in live action. It allows a customer to understand exactly what they are getting without having to always having to have the product in front of them.

 Our Corporate video workflow:

  • Fill out our corporate contact form to get your questions answered.
  • Our team will develop and send a custom estimate based on your company's needs.
  • You approve the quote, sign the contract, and pay the deposit.
  • We launch into preproduction and schedule the shoot days.
  • At your convenience, we shoot the video.
  • Receive the first draft of your awesome video online.
  • Let us know if you want any changes.
  • Receive the final versions of your video.
  • Have a dance party.

Want more Information about Video for your Business? 

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How far do you travel for corporate shoots?

We love to travel and can shoot corporate videos anywhere in the world if given enough notice.  As long as you pay for our gas station coffee, plane tickets, and hotel rooms we will meet you where you are.  Have gear, will travel.

How long does it take to get my video back?

We have a guaranteed turnaround time of 2 weeks from the shoot day to deliver a first cut. Once we receive your feedback, you can expect us to make any requested revisions within 5 business days and deliver the final version.

Can I use any music that I want for the video?

The short answer: yes, but you probably won't want to.  We spend a lot of time curating the best songs to fit the mood and style of the property and the cost of music licensing is built into your video package.  Though the artists we use may not be always be the most famous, the music that we pick is always of the highest quality.  The cost to license a song by a more popular artist that is outside the scope of our go-to music libraries can quickly increase the overall cost to much more than you would want to spend.