We’re tired of seeing our clients and potential clients get scammed by crowdfunding marketing agencies, so we’ve decided to give out free advice to help people identify scammers.

While talking to a potential crowdfunding partner, please run the other way if you experience any of the following:

  • They guarantee a return on your investment

  • They are using pushy marketing / salesmanship (ex. the sale ends today!)

  • They don’t take the time to understand your product and target market

  • They have past client reviews that seem fake

  • They have a lot of negative reviews written about them around the internet

For example, the last Kickstarter video we produced met their original funding goal in less than one day and ended with 11.78x their funding goal, but we would never promise those types of results because of our capabilities to create a compelling video. We know every crowdfunding campaign relies on more than one variable (including video) to be successful.

Here is what you actually need to run a successful crowdfunding campaign:

(Disclaimer: This list assumes you already have basic marketing materials and a little bit of know-how):

  • Start with building a potential customer email list

    • Having a large email database filled with warm prospects ready to receive your “We just launched our campaign!” email is critically important. Without this, you will almost definitely fail. As a general rule of thumb, if your campaign doesn’t completely fund on its launch day - you probably won’t fund at all.

  • Invest in good creative partners

    • For a good campaign, you need solid creative elements to showcase your product and get people’s attention. That includes graphic design, photography, video, and copy writing. If you lack a particular skillset, you can find individuals or companies who specialize in these unique disciplines and would be more than happy to help round out your campaign.

    • SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION: If you want to talk to us about creating a kick-ass video for your campaign, click here.

  • Don’t rely on anyone else to market your campaign

    • You are the keeper of your own destiny. Sure - if you have a solid launch, you might pick up steam by becoming a featured campaign on crowdfunding platforms. However, the average consumer for your product does not start their day browsing crowdfunding projects to back. You have to meet them where they are using a variety of channels including: social media marketing, email list building, search ads, and posting on specialized web forums. The customers are not going to come to you, you have to go to the customer.

We hope this helps you in your crowdfunding journey.
Good luck out there!