Show the world the good things you do…

You spend your days, nights, and weekends making the world a better place. As a nonprofit organization, the more people that know about all the lives you’ve changed, the more you can thrive and grow.

And nothing brings your story to life like a professional video.

Whether you are launching a new fundraising campaign, educating the community, or presenting to your board of directors—Double Jump Media has all of your nonprofit video production needs covered.

Kickstarter Video Maker

Imagine It

Your organization’s story brought to life on the screen.

Crisp video, flawless audio, expert animation, professional directing, and more.

In the end, the success of your effort is seen in the individuals whose lives you change. And we make it our mission to tell their story through video.

Whether that means emotional interviews, inspiring testimonials, or engaging animations, our nonprofit video production wizards find the best way to show the world how you are making it a better place to live—one person at a time.


Who we work with

Double Jump Media is a full service video production team that serves all manner of nonprofits to help them achieve their goals through professional multimedia productions. We work with nonprofits in these sectors…

  • Education

  • Arts & Culture

  • Health & Safety

  • Animals

  • Environment

  • Disaster Relief

  • And more!

Build Human Connections with Video

When it comes down to it, what you do is about building human connections.

You connect donors to causes. You connect directors with the community. You connect the people who need you most with your team members who are ready to serve them.

Shouldn’t your video do the same?

Check out some of the many ways Double Jump can help you build the connections that your nonprofit needs to thrive using the magic of video…

Testimonial Showcase

There is perhaps no better way to encourage partnerships and donations than sharing honest, heartfelt stories directly from the people whose lives you have changed the most. Capture the brightest part of your days on film and share them with the world.

Team Member Profiles

A behind-the-scenes look at the caring individuals who make up your team can do wonders for your public relations. Put a face to your good deeds and show that you’re more than just another organization, you’re a community of real people.

Explainer Videos

Sometimes the best way to get the word out about your organization is to show the world exactly what you do and how you do it. Whether it’s an animated whiteboard video or a tour of your facilities, we’ll find the perfect way to capture how you change the world on camera.

Public Service Announcements

Whether it’s being shared on social media, TV, or elsewhere, sometimes you simply need a PSA to raise awareness about a top-priority issue. And while videos of this nature might have a reputation for being low quality and easily dismissable, Double Jump knows how to make your PSAs engaging and effective.

And lots More

We do it all. Whatever type of nonprofit video production you need, Double Jump is here to help. We’ve been serving the community with professional video services for years, and we have what it takes to do the same for you.

Nonprofit Video Production Is Easy With Double Jump

You might think that when you hire Double Jump you’re just getting a camera crew who will leave the rest of the work to you. But we are truly with you every step of the way, from brainstorming to post-production (and maybe even the party afterwards!).

Here’s what our nonprofit video production process looks like from start to finish:

Matt Price - Website Layout Graphic for Double Jump Media - vertical - VM - 1.02(1).png

Step 1: Ideation – Whether you know exactly what you want or haven’t got a clue, we are here to listen, talk, and spitball ideas with you until we find the perfect way to share your organization’s story through professionally shot video.

Step 2: Decision– We’ll pitch three different options to you that our team thinks are a great fit for your video campaign. Then, you’ll choose the one that best matches your organization and your budget.

 Step 3: Pre-Production – Before filming, we gather everything we need to make the magic happen. If you need actors, we’ll hire them. If you need a script, we’ll write it. We’ll source background music, sound effects, animations, and more.

 Step 4: Production – We gather all the necessary parties in one place, hit record, and do everything we need to capture your story on film.

 Step 5: Post Production – This is where the real magic happens as our awesome team of editors puts the finishing touches on all of the raw footage to make it come to life.

Why Our Clients Love Double Jump Media

●     Transparency. From our upfront pricing to our clear communication at every step of the video production process, we keep you in the loop at all times. No secrets. Never.

●     Empathy. As a team of professional creatives, we have experience getting in the minds of audiences. We can find what it takes to appeal to your ideal donors through video.

●     Expertise. Running a nonprofit is your job, filming stunning videos is ours. We’ve spent years honing our skills so that you can rest easy knowing your cause is in the best possible hands.

Upfront Kickstarter Video Pricing

Our three video packages aim to give every entrepreneur and innovator something within their reach. We want to see your vision come to life as much as you do, so choose the plan that fits your needs.

Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? Don’t fret. We can create custom packages to truly deliver whatever video production services your Kickstarter campaign needs.


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