moving into pre-production

Congratulations! Your project has moved into the pre-production phase. Very soon you’ll see your vision come to life as we set out to make the best video we can for you!

Below are just a few things we need from you before we get started. Keep in mind that we can’t get started on the project until the form below is filled out.

We looking forward to making this happen!

Our goal is to make everything as easy as possible for you. This includes finding and hiring the cast, and finding and booking the location. However, if you want to see the cast and location beforehand, you do have that option. Keep in mind that your involvement in this process has the potential to extend the timeline. *
Do you want to be involved in casting?
Do you want to see locations beforehand?
Keep in mind, that shipping costs to and from our office rest on the client.
This includes: Style guide, Highest resolution logo and all logo versions in every possible format, Fonts and Font Styles (italics, bold, small caps, etc), Formatting (line spacing, tracking, left/right justified etc), RGB Color Codes and Hex Values of branding colors, Mottos or taglines that need to appear under logo.