Honesty Gant

Honesty is Double Jump’s fearless Production Manager. As Production Manager, Honesty makes sure that your video and the many elements therein go off without a hitch. Honesty is also the primary contact for all DJM clients, and her skills in leading swift, decisive meetings will renew your belief in the existence of efficient zoom calls.  

Honesty is originally from Kansas City. She moved to Springfield, MO, to attend Missouri State University, where she has a B.A. in Digital Film & Television Production and is currently working on her Master’s in Scriptwriting. Honesty’s life-long love of films and her comprehensive background in filmmaking is part of what makes her so adept at leading our team and our clients through each video project.


Crystal Ball, Book of Spells, Telepathy

The facts:

Favorite Film: MalcomX
Quote To Live By: “I rather you all be broke and happy than rich and miserable.” – Honesty’s Mother
What I’m Currently Listening To: