Welcome to our home, Springfield, MO. We love our little town. 

Our team has a dynamic range of favorite things in the city, from divey to high highfalutin, and we've compiled it just for you. We hope your stay in the "Queen City of the Ozarks" is as grand as you are.



Hotel Vandivort

Hotel V is a nationally recognized historic building turned boutique hotel in the heart of downtown Springfield. It's provided some great locations for Double Jump Media shoots in the past and makes a mean Smoked Old Fashion at The Order downstairs. Grabbing a selfie in the basement bathroom mirrors is a Springfield rite of passage.

The C-Street Archive

This gem of an Airbnb is located on Historic Commercial Street, Springfield's original downtown and home to half the DJM crew! Commercial street is full of fun, local businesses that include restaurants, bars antique shops, and even a world renown chocolate factory (tell them Merry sent you).

University Plaza

UP is a large, comfortable hotel centrally located and close to downtown. The feel is more corporate, but don't be a snob! Amenities include: 24-hour fitness center, indoor/outdoor pools, coffee shop, and on-site spa.


The DJM team takes eating and imbibing very seriously.

Know that the following options were chosen as loving and most devoted patrons.


Burgers & American Fare

Mo' Beef

This hole-in-the-wall is our Chief Hat Wearer's favorite vice. Stick to their cheeseburgers and fries.

Grad School

California-style grunge that will make you happy of soul. Get the "Full Ride" -- tell our Creative Director if you find out where they source their cheddar and she'll owe you BIG.

City Butcher

Everyone has "the best barbecue," but they have the best barbecue. Also, lots of dill pickles CAN I HAVE AN "AMEN?"



The DJM team basically provides this gourmet grilled cheese spot with half their annual revenue. You may recognize their interior from our team photos too. Team favorites: The Swipe Right, The Jidner, The Downward Spiral, and The Mobertson.

Big Momma's

Hop to Historic C-Street for the best soup in town. Recommendation: ANY soup. Just any of it. Also, the Jacquelin.


Big Slice

If you go anywhere else, just... don't go anywhere else.

Around The World

Cafe Cusco

Peruvian, vegetarian and vegan AND g-free friendly.

London Calling

British comfort food truck. Eat a pasty on a double decker bus!

Asian Hut

Our photographer will kill you if you go anywhere else for SGF-born cashew chicken. She'll kill you for sure.

The Wheelhouse

Thai/Mexican fusion. Drunken noodles or loaded nachos!


Springfield is for [coffee] lovers.

The Coffee Ethic

Their coffee beans 100% fueled your video's production. A house coffee and no-bake cookie is our production warlord’s recommended combo.


For coffee lovers who like it sweet. Recommendations: the Peanut Butter Puddles and the Eye of the Tiger Chai.

Rove Coffee

For those flying into the Springfield Airport who need some fuel before even getting to baggage claim!

Bars & Breweries

Patten Alley Pub

A townie bar with a happy hour till 7 pm. A DJM member will probably be there.


Great whiskey selection, even better pizza balls. Nick will be there to buy you a shot of Old Grand-Dad. (Only $2!)

Mother's Brewing

A Springfield staple.

Tie & Timber

An especially great spot for springy weather.



The Outland Ballroom:

If you truly want a night in our Chief Hat Wearer's shoes: slam some Mo' Beef, go directly to ballroom for hardcore bliss.

The Moxie Cinema

SGF's independent cinema. Tip: best popcorn in town!

Wonders of Wildlife

A wildlife museum from the whimsical mind of Bass Pro Shops Founder Johnny Morris.

Nathanael Green Botanical Gardens

Take a walk through the Japanese Stroll Garden, the butterfly house, and hang out with some ducks.

1984 Arcade

Let yourself play Gauntlet for hours, this is a safe place.