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Are you a startup looking to raise funding on StartEngine?

Founded in 2014, StartEngine is an equity crowdfunding platform where everyday people can buy shares and invest in startups and early-stage companies. It allows investors and startups to find their perfect fit.

For equity crowdfunding campaigns, you only get one shot at making a first impression…and want to ensure it’s a good one. A professional pitch video can help deliver a clear and impactful message that provides all the information investors, and high-net-worth individuals need to be interested.

But do you really need a video?

StartEngine posted a blog that referenced the importance of a campaign video. They quoted a study done by MWP Digital media that analyzed over 7,000 Kickstarter campaigns and found that offerings with video were 85% more likely to succeed and reach their funding goal than those without video.

Double Jump Media provides professional video services for startups and early-stage companies ready to get their idea in front of investors on StartEngine.

Crowdfunding Video Experts: Who We Are

Double Jump Media includes a full-service, in-house team of video professionals. We specialize in custom videos for startups of all shapes and sizes. Providing a team that includes creative writers, set designers, location scouts, casting directors, editors, animators, producers, and photographers.

Working with startups from Hong Kong to the United Kingdom, we understand what it takes to create a crowdfunding video that stands out from the crowd. A good pitch video inspires investors to take action and communicate a clear message about the business, product, or service. A video is a stepping stone to connecting and building valuable business relationships with potential investors on StartEngine.

Let us take the guesswork out of video production and deliver you a custom video in just 30-45 for your campaign.

Equity Crowdfunding Videos Made Easy

As a startup, we understand you already have a million items on your to-do list. And that means that time, energy, and money can all be in short supply. That’s where we come in.

Double Jump Media provides a streamlined production process that allows you to utilize all our resources based on your goals. From product photography to animation, we can build you a custom package that provides everything for your Start Engine equity crowdfunding video. 

We focus on what we do best so that your efforts remain with your growing business. This process takes the guesswork out of your hands and gives it to our capability team.

The Process: Start To Finish

Ideation: It starts when you fill out the form below and schedule a call with our sales representative. We walk you through all the options and we learn about your startup.

Decision: Our creative team pitches you different ideas for your idea. You pick the one you feel best represents your brand and goals. Then we start the hard work.

Pre-Production: Once you approve the script, our production management team starts getting all the details together. From casting to set design to locations.

Production: We schedule the shoot day and we’re off to the races. Our professional crew captures the footage at the location or studio or both.

Post-Production: The editing team gets hard to work putting together your video. Everything from animation to music to voiceovers is all professionally pieced together, creating what will be your final video for StartEngine.

Match Your Startup Style

The pitch video is all about converting your message in an impactful way and delivering a clear brand voice. Your brand determines the style and vibe of your video, ensuring that everything flows together cohesively.

Because Double Jump provides an in-house creative team, we can help you decide on the best route to take for your style and vibe.

From lifestyle to narrative to humorous to hype, we can help you determine the best route to take when creating your pitch video on StartEngine. It needs to represent your brand while communicating the ins and outs of the business effectively to give investors the information they need to feel confident in investing.

Equity Crowdfunding Video Examples

Play Video about Enten Headphones - Lifestyle Video - Double Jump Media
Play Video about Bump - Narrative Vide - Double Jump Media
Play Video about Case Study - Wonder Hoodie - Product Launch Video - Double Jump Media

Why Startups Choose Double Jump Media

Expertise: Because we are the video experts, you can focus on your startup. We provide an experienced team of video professionals that handle all the different aspects of the production.

Empathy: We understand what it’s like to be a startup, and we’ve worked alongside entrepreneurs and businesses of all shapes and sizes. We understand what it takes to operate and build a package that works within your goals.

Transparency: Every client receives clear communication from start to finish during each production phase. We pride ourselves on giving upfront pricing quotes and include all the services you need to have a successful video.

Play Video about Dake Wells Architecture Presents- Reeds Spring Middle School - Documentary Video - Double Jump Media

Don’t take our word for it, hear one of our clients say it for themselves. (We didn’t even pay them to do this!)

Upfront Video Pricing

We understand that as a startup, money can be tight! You’ve got to make every dollar count, whether it’s toward marketing, staffing, or products. That’s why we provide your startup with an upfront pricing quote, so you know exactly what you’ll be paying for a video. You get a high-quality video within your budget.

For more information on pricing and our custom packages, fill out the form below to speak with one of the sales representatives. We can create a custom video package for you that meets your StartEngine needs. Even on a tight budget, your video quality doesn’t change but just lessens the complexity of the shoot.

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Learn why so many people have trusted us over the years when it comes to their video production needs. If you decide we are the right fit for you, you’ll receive a comprehensive upfront price quote and an estimated timeline.

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