Ultimate Guide to Creating Effective Dentist Videos


Succeeding as a dentist often comes down to having better marketing than your competition. Most cities have dozens of dentists to choose from – and we all know by now that simply having a website is no longer good enough to grab people’s attention.

Instead, dentist videos give you an unrivaled tactic for proving to potential patients that your practice is their best option.

Why Videos Are So Effective for Online Marketing

There are countless ways you can market your dental practice online these days and it seems like more techniques show up every year.

So why are videos so important for your site?

Well, for one thing, videos are good for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Google likes it when websites give their users information through different types of media, such as text, graphics, and video. It’s been proven that if you populate your website with plenty of fun and informational videos, you will show up higher on search engine results pages.

Videos are also very easy to watch. They present an extremely low barrier to entry when compared to long articles, big blocks of text that most website visitors will only scan anyway. People can also watch videos on their mobile devices, whereas reading text on a phone or tablet can sometimes be a hassle.

To put it simply, video is taking over. Consider these statistics:

Dentist Videos Are Essential Forms of Marketing

As a dentist, videos provide some unique and important advantages beyond just SEO and watchability.

First, as you’re probably well aware, many people are simply afraid of going to the dentist. They’ll risk their dental hygiene for years on end simply because of this common fear. A high-quality video gives you an opportunity to help assuage these concerns by showing off your clean and professional office. You can also use them to address some of these specific worries (more on this in a moment).

Additionally, you get to put your friendly personality on display. Use dentist videos to build a connection with your audience and they’ll be more likely to choose your practice.

Third, although dentist videos continue to grow in popularity as a marketing tool, you probably still have an opportunity to get the jump on competitors in your market who don’t yet have them.

Imagine you’re someone looking for a dentist, flipping from one website to the next trying to decide who to trust with such an important job. Now imagine that your practice is the only one with a professional-grade video waiting for them on the homepage.

And if any of your competitors already feature videos on their sites, that’s all the more reason to have one of your own. After all, you don’t want to look behind the times...

With this in mind, let’s look at some best practices for creating dentist videos.

Keep Your Customers’ Concerns in Mind

This is always good advice no matter what kind of content you’re creating. It’s actually very easy to forget that you need to address your customers’ needs.

Dentist videos must stay focused on the things that customers are looking for when it comes to getting either a simple cleaning or a more advanced procedure done. You probably already have a good idea of what your patients consider important just by speaking with them every day.

There may be a lot about your practice that you’re proud of, but that doesn’t mean it should be included in the video. For example, many dentists take part in charity drives or are otherwise philanthropically involved in the community.

While those are always worthy endeavors, it most likely won’t be a motivating reason for someone to pick you as their dentist. You can still mention these things on your website, of course, but save your video for what potential patients have on their minds when looking for a dentist.

Make the Customer Feel Welcome

While some people are scared of the dentist, plenty more simply want to find one they’ll be happy with. No one likes shopping around for medical professionals – they want to pick the best option on their first try.

This is why dentist videos should convey a welcoming vibe. You and your staff must appear friendly. The office should be clean and organized. Your waiting room should look nice and comfortable.

The less a potential patient needs to “hope for the best,” the better your chances are of getting them to step through the door.

Don’t Spend Too Much Time on the Equipment

If you have a truly cutting-edge piece of equipment that really will make a patient’s visit to your practice as pain-free as possible, great – put it in the video. If not, it’s best to leave out those kinds of shots.

You can briefly show the audience how clean your practice areas are, but avoid any imagery that may trigger someone’s fear of going to the dentist – such as intimidating-looking equipment. Again, this time is much better spent on highlighting how welcoming your office is.

Educate Patients to Make Them Feel Comfortable and Prove Your Authority

That being said, dentist videos give you an opportunity to take some of the stress out of a patient’s visit by explaining to them what a certain procedure will entail. Obviously, you want to take your time coming up with what you’re going to say – your script. Since people get nervous about these types of procedures, you need to be delicate with your explanation.

This is yet another opportunity, however, for you to show your audience how knowledgeable, friendly, and caring you are. You get to build authority by explaining the procedure to potential customers, and make them feel comfortable because of how understanding you’re being about their concerns.

Let Your Customers Do Some Bragging – Especially if They Have Nice Smiles!

Client testimonials are extremely effective. When they’re captured on video, they pack even more of a punch because people can see that it’s another human being talking, not just words on a page that anyone could have written.

To make your customer testimonials even more powerful, feature some from patients who were originally scared to go to the dentist, or who saw you for the first time and were relieved at what a wonderful experience they had.

You Wouldn’t Hire a Videographer to Clean Your Teeth…

Obviously, we’re a bit biased when it comes to our services.

One point we want to leave you with, though, is the importance of hiring a professional team to create your videos. More specifically, you need to pick a team that has experience creating dentist videos.

You wouldn’t recommend a videographer clean your patients’ teeth, right? Of course not. Some services are far too important and should only be handled by an expert. Well, the same goes for making dentist videos.

We’ve all seen commercials featuring a local businessman where it’s clear they decided to do the entire thing themselves. The video quality is usually poor. The salesman is yelling at the screen. Sometimes, there are even costumes or pets involved.

That sort of thing may work on customers who are looking for a great deal on a used car, or any number of other products or services. But it’s certainly not the kind of impression you want to make with people who have to decide whether or not they’ll trust you with sharp metal objects in their mouth.

Professional, high-quality dentist videos tell customers that you, too, are professional and offer a high-quality service. Go the bargain-bin route and, well, that’s what your audience will think of you.

At Double Jump Media, we only make high-quality, professional dental videos that capture the unique aspects of our clients. As a dentist, you may bring all kinds of qualities to the table, but if you can’t effectively communicate this to your market, you’re most likely going to lose business.

If you’re ready to learn more, our lead videographer is standing by. Schedule a free consultation and ask all the questions you like.

Before moving forward, our team will sit and listen to what makes your practice so special and then handle everything from conceptualization and planning to production and editing. Then all you have to do is show off the finished product and welcome new customers to your practice.