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You’ve spent months, maybe years, creating and perfecting your product. Finally, this is something people need, something that will change the world…or at least a small corner of it. Now, you’re ready to share it with the world. You’re ready to get it out there.

But you’ve got a problem.

You’re making the final touches on your product, sales copy, packaging, manufacturing, and distribution, but one piece of the marketing puzzle is still missing: the perfect video.

You know your audience. You know how to reach them. You’ve created a product that will solve your problem, and you need a video that can show them how. A video to tell your story, showcase the product and give it a chance to be a huge success.

But the problem is that you don’t know much about crowdfunding video production. You could spend hours trying to figure it out – scripting, casting, shooting, editing, and not to mention renting all the equipment needed to do the product justice. That is all time, money, and skill. All resources could be invested in what you do best, not video production.

That’s where Double Jump Media comes in.

Like your product, Double Jump Media has spent years perfecting our crowdfunding video process. From conception to completion, we have become the go-to team for custom crowdfunding launch videos for platforms like Wefunder.

We have helped entrepreneurs, product creators, and startups just like you share their products with the world through expert video production services. We take the guesswork off your hands and deliver a professional Wefunder video in just 30-45 days.

From production design, scriptwriters, producers, animators, video editors, and project managers—we provide a full-service team that creates effective and powerful crowdfunding launch videos for brands big and small on Wefunder.



A successful Wefunder page tells a story. Every piece of the page gives your backers an image of who you are and what you have to offer. A video provides an opportunity to tell that story. But it takes more than an iPhone to create the perfect crowdfunding video. It takes a storyteller.

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First and foremost, we are storytellers. Whether that story is straightforward or humorous, your Wefunder video should tell your story and explain why your project is worth funding. Show the audience why they should care and invest in your product. An engaging video could be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful campaign. And when you choose Double Jump Media, we care as much about your product as you do.

But the questions you might be asking yourself for your Wefunder video are: Who will be writing the script for the video? Who will be directing the video? Who will be shooting the video?

Not to worry.

From set designers, creative writers, and video editors, we put an entire team of professionals at your fingertips to create an effective and impactful crowdfunding video. A video helps drive customer engagement and shares your product with the world. And our streamlined process helps you get there.

We Make Wefunder Video Production Easy

When launching a new crowdfunding campaign, you’ve already got a million things to do. That’s why our focus is to provide a simple and streamlined process to an engaging Wefunder video in just 30-45 days.

Step 1: Ideation – It starts when you fill out the form below and schedule a call. During this phase, we learn everything about your product, your story, and your goals. Then, our creative team takes all that information and puts together different ideas you need to succeed on Wefunder.

Step 2: Decision – Our team pitches different options we think will be a great fit for your crowdfunding campaign. Then, you choose the direction that fits your goals and budget.

Step 3: Pre-Production – This is where we start to do the hard work for you. Our production team pulls together all the details to create your video. This includes scripting, casting, location scouting, music, set design, and more,

Step 4: Production – Once you approve all the details, we schedule the shoot, gather the assets, lock in the casting, and start bringing your video launch to life.

Step 5: Post Production – Our post-production wizards bring together all the footage, assets, music, and voiceovers, creating the final video.


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Neurable raised over $230,000 on Indiegogo for their new headphones by using video and photos from Double Jump.

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Thermbot’s Indiegogo campaign was fully funded within 7 hours of launch. They went on to raise over $300,000 on the platform.

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After working with Double Jump on their product launch video, Wonder Hoodie couldn’t keep their inventory on the shelf to keep up with the new demand.

Finding The Perfect Style & Vibe

From Humorous to Inspirational, to Lifestyle to Straightforward, our creative team walks you through the process of finding the best style and vibe for your Wefunder campaign video.

Every product and brand is different, all with their own story to tell. When it comes to choosing the type of crowdfunding video you want, you need to ask yourself this: How do I want my brand to be perceived?

In order to answer this question, you have to ask: who is the target audience? What type of product is it? Which industry will benefit most from this product?

All these factors help determine the direction of the video you want to create and share with your campaign backers. Our team is here to help you discover the perfect video style and vibe for your Wefunder page.


Transparency. We provide clear communication from the first call to the final delivery. We keep you in the loop at every stage of production. No secrets. No surprises.

Empathy. We’ve worked for, and alongside entrepreneurs, product creators, and startups, so we understand what they need and how they operate.

Expertise. Launching crowdfunding projects of all shapes and sizes has given us the expertise to guide to a perfect video. We are the video experts, so you don’t have to be!

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Don’t take our word for it, hear one of our clients say it for themselves. (We didn’t even pay them to do this!)

Upfront Video Pricing

No hard sells. No hidden fees. Our video packages aim to give every product creator, inventor, and entrepreneur upfront pricing for their crowdfunding campaigns. We find a package that fits your vision, goals, and budget. You know exactly what your video will cost.

Still have questions about our pricing? No problem. We can create a custom crowdfunding video package for you that provides all the services your Wefunder campaign needs. Fill out the form below and speak with one of our video experts.


Double Jump Media is committed to transparency when it comes to your video project. That’s why we offer every client a 100% free 30-minute consultation to help you discover exactly what your Wefunder video needs to be successful. Again, no hard sells, just 30-minutes of listening and learning about your vision, product, and funding goals. Then, we provide you with a plan and strategy for getting a video that works for you.

If you decide we’re a good fit for your campaign, you’ll receive a comprehensive upfront price quote and a clear timeline for your video. Fill out the form to see how quickly you can get your hands on a high-quality Wefunder video in 30-45 days. See why so many have chosen Double Jump Media for their crowdfunding campaign needs.

Wefunder Video Questions You Should Be Asking Yourself

You don’t need to have all the answers, but asking yourself these questions can help the video process move along quickly. But, if you don’t have all the information, we still want to talk with you! We’ll help guide you through the entire process.

    • What is your budget for your Wefunder video?
    • What is your timeline for launching your video?
    • Who is your target audience?
    • What are the key messages you want to communicate?
    • What is the story you want to tell through your video?
    • What is the overall look and feel you want for your video?

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