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Outsource your video production:

You need killer video concepts for your marketing efforts. Double Jump is a full service video agency that will guide you through the entire video creation process: from ideation to the final edit. Stop worrying about writing your own scripts and start making better videos.

Implementing video into your brand's marketing efforts:

  • satisfies multiple research needs for potential buyers

  • helps you close sales faster

  • builds trust and credibility between your brand and the potential buyer

  • frees up more of your valuable time by allowing potential buyers to engage with your brand online

  • allows you to engage your target audience directly in their social media newsfeeds

Case Studies:


Biovante - Experience More

Biovante came to us looking for a standout piece for their national sponsorship of the RFDTV television show Corn Warriors. We put together a simple, but effective concept which combined beautiful imagery featuring a Missouri corn farm and a down home voiceover script to appeal to the common farmer looking to improve their yields. Want a video like this?  Get in touch!


Biovante - Customer Story: Kip Cullers

In 2017, we documented one of Biovante’s most prominent customers throughout the planting, growing, and harvest seasons. With this piece, we didn’t want to be too overtly focused on product placement but more on shareable content.

Product Animation

Hutchens Industries - 900 Series

Hutchens Industries needed a better solution for their sales teams to demonstrate the intricacies of their products. Our creative team worked closely with their marketing and engineer departments to develop a library of animated product videos for pitches and trade show loops.

Product Live demos

Hutchens Industries - EZ Pull

Hutchens Industries also commissioned us to create a live action version of their product EZ Pull. Using live action allowed the viewer to see the relative ease of use this product offers by demonstrating its real world functionality. This type of video production allows a customer to understand exactly what they are getting without having the product in front of them.

Corporate Overview

Ensight Solutions - Engineering Creative Solutions

Ensight Solutions is a food processing equipment manufacturer who needed a concise way to explain to their new and existing customers who they were and what they stood for. Spending a day in their facility gathering footage of their production floor in action and interviewing the executive team allowed for a video that introduces a very capable company at a bird’s eye view.


DairiConcepts - Savor the Flavor

DairiConcepts creates dairy ingredient solutions for large corporations. They were needing a video solution to show how their product can be used, and what a final plating of a dish would look like with their ingredients. This was a series of ten videos to be used as social media content, content for trade shows, and sales support material for their sales people.

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