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We have had the opportunity to work with a variety of industries from local businesses to international brands.  These include crowdfunding, agriculture, fashion, finance, manufacturing, ecommerce, health care, digital marketing, and tech.

product Launch

From product launches to demos, we create an engaging video that helps build brand awareness, generate buzz, and highlight the product features to your potential customers.


Ready to share your idea with the world? From Kickstarter to IndieGoGo, we’ve become one of the go-to teams for custom crowdfunding videos on a number of campaign platforms.


No matter your marketing and communications goals, an agriculture marketing video can help build brand trust, inspire action, or share your story in a more personal way.

fashion & Retail

Show off the personality of your fashion or retail store through high-quality branding videos or product showcases. From clothing to jewelry to cosmetics, engage with your demographic.

Industrial Manufacturing

Showcase your latest manufacturing innovation, support your customer-facing products, or increase your B2B marketing efforts through professional and high-quality videos.


Whether you are a cause-based organization, philanthropic foundation, or museum, we can be your creative partner and help you get the word out about your mission.


The finance industry is built on trust between the customer and the institution. It’s vital for companies to instill confidence in their clients. From banking to venture capital firms, a video can help to build and support that trust by approaching the subject in an understandable and relatable way.

food & restaurant

From recipe videos, cooking demos, or mouth-watering commercials, video is an effective way to get the word out about your restaurant or food brand.

real estate

Bring your hotel, luxury properties, architecture project, or commercial real estate to life with high-quality and professional videos for online marketing, social media, and lead generation.

digital marketing

When it comes to lead generation, online advertising, or public relations content, videos are one of the best assets to add to your marketing strategy. From social media to online marketing, we can create video ads that meet your goals.


Whether you’re a global tech brand or tech startup, communicate clearly and efficiently with a professional video. From product demos to case studies, showcase the latest and greatest in the tech industry.


We can create instructional, explainer videos, educational series, testimonials & interviews for higher education, e-learning, learning apps, education startups, K-12 schools, and more.


Stand out in the world of online shopping and capture the attention of customers through high-quality and beautifully designed video ads for your online store, social media platforms, and product pages.

health & fitness

Share your message of a better and healthier way of living with potential prospects. Whether it’s a new or transformational experience, a video can help your audience see it and connect with it.

Medical & Health Care

Different from the health and fitness world, the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry is highly specialized and can get complicated. A video can help break down the technical terms and medical jargon, making it easy for your audience to understand.

travel & hospitality

Give your prospects a more in-depth look at hotels, attractions, and travel experiences before they book. Show off what makes your travel destination unique through eye-catching video content.


From brand awareness to telling your story, we can provide you with a corporate video package that highlights the team, the product, and the history of the company.

Sports & Outdoors

Take your audience on an adventure through professional videos that captures your sport and outdoor brand/products in action.

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