Full Service Video Production Company & Film Studio

We understand that video production can be a daunting task and it can be difficult to know exactly what your business needs. Double Jump offers a variety of film & editing services to ensure you walk away with the best video for your company.  We provide Full Service Video or A La Carte Pricing. 

full service Production

From start to finish, we guide you through every step of the video production process. This includes scriptwriting, producing, casting, location scouting, production design, video strategy, and final delivery.

video service production studio

Retainer Video Services

For those needing ongoing video content for your business or brand, retainer services are available. 

video strategy

We guide you through a custom video strategy that helps you achieve your goals and maximize your ROI.


Whether it’s a full video production or you just need a script, our team of writers will work with you to deliver the right tone and vibe.

local crew

Need a video crew for your project? Whether you’re local or coming from out of state, fill the positions you need from DP, audio, A/C, grip, and more.


Our in-house animation team can create any motion graphics for your video, including 2D, 3D, and motion text graphics.

Studio Production

We have a 3,000-square-foot studio with a cyc wall that makes for the perfect place for your video or photo shoot.


From start to finish, we guide you through every stage of the process from Pre-Production to Post-Production to Final Film Delivery.

Video editing

Just need your video footage edited? We provide edit-only services, including royalty-free music, motion text graphics, and closed captioning.


Need professional product, lifestyle, or behind-the-scenes photos? Our team of talented photographers have your camera needs covered.

casting Agency

We have an in-house Casting Director dedicated to finding the perfect talent for your video project. 

Aerial/drone Film

Need a higher point of view? Our licensed professionals can provide you with expert drone footage.


Let our talented casting team find the perfect narrator for your video project.

production design

Our Production Designers oversee the overall look and feel of the video, including prop creation, staging the set, and consulting on costumes.

location Scouting

A vital part in the pre-production phase, our in-house Location Scout is dedicated to finding the ideal location(s) that fits the tone of your video.


Our filmmakers have years of experience crafting videos all over the world and offer video training for aspiring filmmakers. Everything from editing video, making scripts work for client ideas, to running your full service video company.

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A full-service video production company, like Double Jump Media, offers comprehensive video production services from start to finish. This includes research and concept development, scriptwriting, casting, filming, voiceover and post-production processes like video editing, sound design, color correction and quality control. They cater to various needs, whether it’s for brand awareness, commercials, online ads, or other purposes, ensuring a professional and high-quality final product that aligns with the client’s vision and goals.  

Make sure your business chooses a full video production service company to partner with your team.  

Choosing the best video production company comes down to a few key factors. First, you should check out a company’s portfolio for quality and style, and make note of whether or not their work fits your branding.

Companies like Double Jump Media show a wide range of styles and vibes, from lifestyle and narrative to documentary and spokesperson-led videos, which gives you an idea of their versatility and expertise across genres. Second, consider the company’s experience and client feedback  — these things can tell you a lot about how dependable they are at delivering high-quality results and delivering the production process and insights your business needs.

And lastly, evaluate their communication and project management skills by noting how quick and thorough their responses are to your requests. If they’ve responded quickly and clearly, it bodes well that they will be efficient and enjoyable collaborators to work with on your next video project.

The cost of hiring a video production company like Double Jump Media varies depending on several factors, including the type of video, the complexity of the project, and the level of expertise required; from pre-production planning and scriptwriting to filming and post-production editing.

Full Video Production Services

  1. Pre-production Planning: Scriptwriting, storyboarding, concept development.
  2. Project Management: Coordination, scheduling, communication with client.
  3. Location Scouting: Finding and securing suitable filming locations.
  4. Set Design and Construction: Building or modifying sets for specific scenes.
  5. Casting: Hiring actors, models, or presenters.
  6. Crew Hiring: Directors, producers, camera operators, sound engineers, etc.
  7. Equipment Rental: Cameras, lighting, audio equipment, cranes, dollies.
  8. Transportation and Travel: Moving equipment and personnel to locations.
  9. Accommodation: Housing for cast and crew during shoots.
  10. Permits and Licensing: Legal permissions for shooting at locations.
  11. Insurance: Coverage for equipment, locations, and personnel.
  12. Costume and Wardrobe: Designing, purchasing, or renting outfits.
  13. Makeup and Hair Styling: Professionals for makeup and hair.
  14. Catering Services: Meals for cast and crew during shoots.
  15. Special Effects: Both practical and digital effects.
  16. Choreography: For scenes involving dance or complex movements.
  17. Stunt Coordinators: For scenes requiring stunts or dangerous actions.
  18. Animal Handlers: If animals are involved in the production.
  19. Voice-Over Artists: For narration or off-screen dialogues.
  20. Music Licensing: Rights for using existing music tracks.
  21. Original Music Composition: Creating custom music scores.
  22. Sound Design: Creating the auditory elements of the video.
  23. Audio Mixing and Mastering: Balancing and refining soundtracks.
  24. Editing: Cutting and assembling the footage.
  25. Color Correction and Grading: Enhancing visual aesthetics.
  26. Visual Effects (VFX): Computer-generated imagery (CGI) and other effects.
  27. Animation: 2D or 3D animation sequences.
  28. Subtitling and Closed Captions: For accessibility and translations.
  29. Graphics and Titling: On-screen text and graphic elements.
  30. Marketing and Distribution Strategy: Planning for video promotion.