Ben Clayton

Ben Clayton is the founder and chief hat-wearer of DJM. Ben started dabbling in the dark art of video production in high school when he and his friends began an absurdist sketch comedy troupe. This love for filmmaking led Ben to college in Springfield, MO, where he figured out he could make money by posting his video freelance services on Craigslist. Double Jump was eventually born out of those bootstrapped efforts and is now a global video production house. 

Ben currently spends most of his time on the big vision part of the company (when he isn’t posting anti-business advice on LinkedIn just for sport). He also wants you to know that he once drove the band Korn to a Springfield YMCA while working as a stagehand in his safety-regulation deprived 2003 Chevrolet Impala. So, if you are still wondering if Double Jump is the production company for you, that should seal the deal probably.


Necromancer’s Wand, Severed Head of His Enemies, Legion of Attack Skeletons

The facts:

Favorite Film: Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Quote To Live By: “If I see a boundary, I eat a boundary and wash it down with a cup of hot steaming rules.” – Howard Moon, The Mighty Boosh

What I’m Listening To: