Do I Need a Kickstarter Video?

Advantages of a Kickstarter Video

In today’s world, a Kickstarter video can be a key element in ensuring the success of your fundraising campaign. A compelling video can help you to engage potential investors and get them excited about your project. It can also provide useful information to those who are considering investing.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of having a Kickstarter video.

Engaging potential investors: A Kickstarter video allows you to showcase your product or idea in a visually appealing way, helping to capture the attention of potential backers.

Providing useful information: Through a video, you can provide detailed information about your project and goals.

Creating a memorable experience: A video can help to create a memorable experience for backers, which can help to encourage them to fund the Kickstarter.

Connecting with viewers: A video can help to create an emotional connection with viewers, which can help to encourage them to support your project.

Increase engagement with potential backers

Kickstarter video campaigns have been shown to be highly effective in engaging potential backers and have become an essential part of any successful crowdfunding campaign. Having a well-produced video with visuals and storytelling elements can help potential supporters to better understand the details of your campaign and can help to create a personal connection that solidifies their commitment.

By having an engaging video, you are able to tell a compelling story that helps the target audience connect with your project in a way that written words alone cannot. Visuals such as footage from the project, interviews with team members, behind-the-scenes shots, supporting graphics and data, motion graphics, and animation can all be used to illustrate how amazing it would be for everyone involved should your project reach its funding goal.

Powerful stories are often helped along by supportive imagery which will present the story in an inviting way so that people pay attention and actually understand why they should back you up — they will relate more personally with what you are trying to accomplish by forming a quick emotional connection with your project through visuals.

Showcase the product or service

Creating an amazing Kickstarter campaign video can provide a platform from which to showcase the product or service you are crowdfunding for. You’re able to engage prospective backers with digital visuals and captivating copy that clearly articulates the perks, value proposition and benefits of supporting your project. Additionally, potential backers will be able to quickly gather an understanding of your industry and target market without having to conduct extensive research.

Using videos on Kickstarter also allows you to highlight testimonials that reinforce why the project is worth backing.

Having a video on Kickstarter provides an opportunity to demonstrate creativity throughout the presentation while incorporating memorable visuals such as images and animations. These types of aesthetics can help create an emotional connection with viewers even in the first few seconds, giving them confidence that they are investing in something truly inspiring – resounding with their individual values – and something worth putting their hard-earned money towards.

Build trust and credibility

A Kickstarter video is an effective way to build trust and credibility around your campaign and project. People are more likely to back up projects that they know are legitimate, which is why product creators and entrepreneurs are often enthusiastically encouraged to make a crowdfunding video for their campaigns. It gives viewers tangible proof that the project is real and worth investing in.

Creating an engaging video that speaks directly to backers’ potential both visualizes what you are trying to accomplish and provides an up-close look at who you are and what stands behind your campaign. Your video should focus on the important stuff, like why people should back your project, not just what you’re trying to do. The key is for them to understand immediately how investing their money will be made worthwhile.

A professionally created Kickstarter video also allows you to showcase products available or coming soon in ways traditional text simply can’t convey. Graphical elements such as motion graphics or animation can he help bring important information even more to life — such as product shots, GIFs, and logos that help users learn more about how they benefit from your work and compelling stories demonstrating how other people have seen success with it.

A great Kickstarter video engages potential backers in ways words alone cannot, while quickly conveying exactly what makes your campaign unique and different from others vying for attention online.

Creating a Kickstarter Video

A well-made Kickstarter video can be a great way to generate interest and promote your project. It helps you show people why you’re passionate about your project and what makes your project unique. It also helps show why you need the money you’re asking for, which can persuade people to invest in your project. Let’s look at the process of creating a Kickstarter video.

    • Planning: Plan out the elements of your video and how you want to present them.
    • Shooting: Use a video camera to capture footage.
    • Editing: Edit the footage in a video editing software.
    • Publishing: Upload the video to your Kickstarter page.

Identify the goal of the video

A successful Kickstarter video will clearly and concisely explain your project to viewers. One of the video tips we can give you when creating your video is to identify the goal you want to achieve and make sure it is communicated throughout the video from beginning to end.

The goal should be something that makes sense for a viewer who may have no previous knowledge about your project, such as providing an introduction to the product or outlining why it’s different from existing solutions.

In addition, you should clearly explain how potential backers can contribute and what types of rewards they’ll get in return. Finally, don’t forget to remind viewers why they should back your project – why is it worth their time and money?

Coming up with a compelling story as well as filming, editing, and producing engaging content requires ample time and resources so give yourself enough time to plan accordingly.  One of the most important elements of creating a successful campaign video is making sure it meets all technical qualifications.  Make sure that the duration of the video adheres to Kickstarter’s guidelines and upload only videos in accepted formats.

    • Recommend duration must be between 1-2 minutes
      Accepted formats: MOV, WMV, or MP4

Create a storyboard

Creating a storyboard for your Kickstarter video is essential for developing a well-made video. A storyboard is a visual representation of the shots you plan to include in your video, as well as the narrative and key points you want to include.

This will give you an idea of what shots you need, how long each clip should be, where sound effects and graphics should go, and how best to incorporate any interview footage.

Your storyboard can be as simple or complex as you desire – some people just draw quick sketches while others create a flow chart – but whatever system you use must be organized and easy to read. For example, indicate whether each shot is an interior or exterior location and if necessary highlight specific props needed or actors/extras required.

It should also address any potential obstacles that may arise during filming such as:

      • Weather conditions
      • Crowd noise
      • Permissions requirements

Once completed, your storyboard not only serves as a comprehensive plan for your video but it also allows editors to better understand your vision from the outset and make changes quickly if necessary. With a strong storyboard in hand prior to filming, creating an effective Kickstarter video is within reach!

Identify the right video style

When it comes to creating a successful Kickstarter video, one important factor to consider is the style and vibe. The message that you convey through your video will be an undeniable reflection of your brand, so it’s essential that you are able to effectively capture the attention of your target audience. To ensure success and too boost conversion rates, take into account the following three points when deciding which video style is most appropriate:

Your target market: Who are you aiming to reach? Knowing the demographic of your intended audience and what motivates them will help guide you in what tone and visual style will be best for effectively conveying your message.

Your project’s objectives: What goals are you striving to accomplish with this Kickstarter campaign? Knowing the ultimate purpose behind your project will assist in choosing an appropriate style for getting across the key points, such as offering enough detail yet remaining clear and concise.

Your budget: Video production costs can add up quickly, so having a realistic video budget from which to work from is essential when making decisions about the style of video production that best fits your needs within that allocated spending range.

Once all these qualities have been taken into consideration, there are several specific styles of videos that non-professional filmmakers can choose from depending on their skill set, equipment available and creative direction desired– DIY animation (in-camera or app), interviews/testimonials, documentary style/narrative or live action visuals.

Doing research on different types of videos before committing to one will help ensure success in reaching target audiences with effective storytelling in order to achieve desired outcomes for Kickstarter campaigns!

Video Production

Video production is a powerful tool that you can use to showcase your Kickstarter project, create a product demonstration, or bring attention to your crowdfunding campaign. When it comes to launching a product, a video can be an invaluable asset to your marketing strategy.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of video production and the different types of videos you can create to boost your Kickstarter campaign.

Advantages of Video Production:

    • Increased engagement
    • More memorable content
    • Greater brand awareness
    • Better customer experience

Types of Videos for Your Kickstarter Campaign:

    • Product demonstration videos
    • Kickstarter project videos
    • Crowdfunding campaign videos
    • Promotional videos
    • Explainer videos

Gather the necessary equipment

Video production requires the right tools and equipment to be successful. Before shooting begins, it is important to make sure all pieces of equipment are accounted for and functioning properly. Essential video production equipment typically includes the following items:

    1. A camera
    2. Tripod
    3. Lights
    4. Microphones
    5. Audio and video recorders
    6. A laptop or computer with editing software installed
    7. Cables and connectors

It is also important to have the correct accessories on hand such as reflectors, filters, gimbals and battery packs. Depending on what type of video production is being done will determine which accessories may be necessary. Once all essential items have been gathered and inspected for any issues prior to shooting, it’s time to start planning out how the shoot should progress.

By having all necessary components ready before filming begins helps guarantee a successful project from start to finish!

Write a script

Writing a script is an essential part of video production. A script will help ensure that all elements of your video are well thought out, planned, and executed to create the most effective and compelling story possible.

Follow these steps to write a great script:

Decide on the topic or information you want to share in your video. Make sure your story idea is easy to explain and understand.

Develop a strong opening scene with the main characters or situation in view. Establishing shots will help guide viewers to where the action is happening.

Outline the details of scenes, including dialogue and action, by breaking down each act into beats or segments. Focus on making each scene dynamic and exciting.

Use transitions between scenes to make sure viewers don’t get lost in the timeline of events you’re creating with your video. Transitions like fades, cuts and dissolves will create a smooth flow from one moment to another.
Write out any needed voiceovers, captions, or graphics for added context for viewers during key scenes or transitions throughout your video production project.

Finally, double-check that all elements of each scene are moving the story forward while keeping it interesting for viewers throughout every minute they spend watching an engaging video journey!

Film the video and edit it

Film the video using the necessary cameras and equipment, making sure the desired shots are captured with high quality. Operate cameras, verify that locations and audio are recorded properly, and ensure lighting is correct, making adjustments if needed. Once the video has been filmed, review it for any errors or inconsistencies.

Edit the video to create a fluid product by combining different elements from the filming that occurred. Use professional editing software to:

    1. Add effects
    2. Splice footage together for continuity
    3. Incorporate sound clips or music as needed

Adjust audio levels to ensure sufficient volume during playback and transition between scenes gracefully. Once all edits have been made, export to a final format before previewing it in order to verify playback accuracy and product quality matches expectations.

Promoting the Video

A Kickstarter video can be an invaluable tool for promoting your project. Not only does it provide your target audience with a visual representation of what you’re raising funds for, but it also serves as a way to demonstrate your passion and enthusiasm for your project. Furthermore, a well-crafted Kickstarter video can help differentiate you from other campaigns.

Let’s look at some of the ways you can promote your Kickstarter video.

    • Share on Social Media
    • Send Out Press Releases
    • Include in Your Website
    • Create a Blog Post
    • Partner with Influencers

Share the video on social media

Sharing your video on social media is a great way to get the word out and create excitement around your project. The first step is to identify which social media platforms your audience uses. Then you can create content for each platform that drives people back to your Kickstarter website page. Follow these steps to promote your project with videos on social media platforms:

Upload the video directly to the platform: You can use natively hosted videos or embed them from sources like Vimeo or YouTube for your website, social media, or landing page, but you’ll need to upload the video file directly to the Kickstarter campaign page.

Create short teasers: Teasers are clips from the full video designed to grab the audience’s attention and entice them to watch more of it or take other actions such as visiting your campaign page, website, etc. This work well on social media platforms.

Engage with users: Like their comments, answer questions, and reply quickly when they reach out — staying active in conversations will keep people talking about your project and coming back for updates.

Boost Your reach: Consider using paid social ads on platforms like Facebook and Instagram through boosted posts or promoted accounts — this will allow more potential backers to see your content and help ensure it reaches the right audiences with relevant interests and geographic locations.

Embed the video on your website

Embedding your video on your website is a great way to share it with potential viewers, and it’s easy to do. You can embed the video using HTML code or using a plugin or integration tool.

HTML code. You can embed the video directly into the HTML of your website using a few lines of code that you get when you publish your video. Look for the embed button on your video or channel, and copy and paste the code into the appropriate spot on your site’s HTML.

Plugin or integration tool. If you’re running a content management system platform, like WordPress, you may be able to use a plugin or integration tool, which will allow you to add any YouTube link directly into an article for automatically embedding that specific YouTube video onto the site.

Once embedded on your site, visitors will be able to watch it without ever leaving the page.

Embedding videos encourage more views since users are more likely to watch a video when they don’t have to go searching for it in another location, making this technique an effective way to promote your Kickstarter videos and enhance user engagement on your web pages.

Reach out to influencers and bloggers

One of the easiest and most effective ways to get your Kickstarter video out there is to reach out to influencers and bloggers who have already built relationships within the industry. These people often have a wide following and can be very instrumental in helping to spread word about your project.

Start by making a list of 100 or more influencers or bloggers who have an audience that may be interested in your project. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other industry focused networks are great places to find people who fit the bill. You can also use search engines as well as email marketing programs like Mailchimp.

Once you’ve come up with a list of potential contacts, begin reaching out with a personalized message about why you think your campaign is worth their attention. Comprehensive pitches that include research into how their readers may benefit from knowing about the video will help these contacts be more likely to share it with their followers.

In order for these influencers and bloggers to share your video, though, you must provide them with promotional materials such as videos, graphics, behind-the-scenes content, images or even rewards they can offer their viewers.

So, Do You Need A Kickstarter Video?

When it comes to launching a successful Kickstarter campaign, measuring the results of your video is a key factor to keep in mind. Whether you choose to include a video in your campaign or not can have a huge impact on the success of your project.

Knowing if and how a video affects a Kickstarter project can help you determine if you need one for your own. Let’s take a look at the results of various studies of projects that have completed funding and see if having a video can help you reach your goal.

Including a video can increase your chances of success by 59% and increase your pledges by 33%. Additionally, projects with videos are 85% more likely to reach their funding goal.

It’s up to you whether you want a video for your Kickstarter video, but keep in mind the stats and the success rate of crowdfunding campaigns with and without a video.

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