How to use video to build hype around your Kickstarter launch


As you plan for your Kickstarter launch, pre-launch video marketing can be an effective way to build anticipation and hype around your product or service. Whether it’s an explainer video or a behind-the-scenes look at your product or service, pre-launch video marketing can help you engage potential backers and drive them to your landing page.

Let’s explore some of the ways you can use video to build hype in the lead up to your launch.

    • Explainer Videos – Showcase the features and benefits of your product or service.
    • Behind-the-Scenes Videos – Give backers an exclusive look at your product or service.
    • Testimonial Videos – Get your customers and partners to share their experiences with your product or service.
    • Interview Videos – Talk to the people who are involved in the launch of your product or service.

Create a teaser video

A teaser video can be a great tool to build anticipation and generate buzz around your forthcoming Kickstarter launch. This type of video should be relatively short, no more than a minute, and focus on the promotion of an upcoming event or product.

By creating a teaser video, you can give the public a sneak peek at what’s to come and pique their interest in your Kickstarter project. When developing the teaser video, keep in mind that it needs to be compelling without giving too much away. Share intriguing snippets of information without revealing all the details. 

Some ideas for what your teaser video might include:

    • An introduction to yourself and your team
    • Elevator pitch or overview of product/service
    • Hints about special rewards available if you back the project on Kickstarter
    • Interview with influencers about their support for project
    • Animations that give an idea for what’s to come
    • Behind-the scenes footage from production or designing process

Remember that when creating any videos for marketing purposes, it is important to prioritize quality and craftsmanship in order to make sure that viewers take you seriously. Professional graphics, great sound quality and captivating visuals will dramatically improve the efficacy of your messages within the video.

Use social media to promote the teaser video

Social media can be a great way to spread the word about your upcoming product launch, especially for B2C companies targeting younger generations. Utilizing the latest popular channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube is essential to giving the product or service a great platform for advertising and pre-launch visibility.

If possible, create a teaser video that can be shared on these social media channels. A short video will help spark interest and start conversations among high-level influencers and key opinion leaders. This type of material allows potential customers to get an idea of what they can expect, leading them to become more interested in the company’s offering before it is released.

Additionally, remember to make your social media presence felt by joining relevant industry-specific forums and discussion boards where relevant audience exist to help raise awareness even further. Interacting with this audience will make them feel more connected with the brand and may lead them to promote it within their friends networks too.

Utilizing social media also provides an opportunity for customer feedback which can be used in development processes as well as informing marketing strategies later down the line when launching officially.

Leverage influencers to share the teaser video

Leveraging influencers to share the teaser video for your product or services before launch can be a powerful way of generating awareness. Influencers are people who have extensive networks and an engaged audience that follows their content, making them ideal to help promote and create hype around your upcoming launch. By strategically selecting the right influencers and providing them with an appealing teaser video, you can create much-needed momentum for pre-launch marketing.

Begin by researching influential people in your niche—look for those with large followings, who actively engage with their followers, and whose interests align with the product or service you plan to offer. It’s also important that you take into account each influencer’s unique engagement metrics, such as click-through rates, number of mentions, likes/comments ratio, etc., when choosing which influencers to work with.

Next, come up with a creative teaser video that conveys a sense of curiosity and excitement about the upcoming launch without giving away too much information—this will help foster additional word-of-mouth marketing while allowing potential customers to discover more details once they have followed through on taking the next step. Additionally include your brand name/website URL somewhere in the teaser video so viewers get familiarized with it from Day 1.

Finally reach out to each selected influencer individually via email or Direct Message, provide them with enticing incentives (which can range from free products/services to monetary rewards) if applicable for featuring your video on their channels – and encourage them to use appropriate hashtags when sharing it on social media so their followers can easily track down other related content about your brand too!

Launch Day

When launching a new Kickstarter project, day one is all about creating a buzz and making sure your project is seen by as many people as possible. Video can be an incredibly powerful tool for that. Whether you use an explainer video to share the message of your project or share clips from the creation process, video can help create excitement and a sense of anticipation around your launch.

Let’s explore ways to use video in the days leading up to and on the day of your Kickstarter launch.

    • Create an explainer video that shares the message of your project.
    • Share clips from the creation process.
    • Use video in the days leading up to your launch.
    • Use video on the day of your launch.

Create a launch video

Creating a launch day video can help let your customers know about the exciting new product or service coming their way. Using visuals, music, and audio to engage viewers, you can showcase the features of your product or service to create an emotional connection with them.

Here are some tips for crafting an effective launch day video:

    • Identify a target audience and focus on how your product or service will benefit them.
    • Choose a catchy name and slogan to introduce the product or service.
    • Select visuals that accurately represent your brand and evoke emotion from viewers.
    • Include upbeat music that aligns with your message in the background of the video for added impact.
    • Write a script that clearly outlines what you’re launching and provides details about why people should be interested in it.
    • Aim for 30 seconds to 1 minute in length from start to finish if attention span is an issue for viewers or if you’re targeting mobile users who are constantly switching platforms and devices.

Publish the launch video on social media

On launch day, the first action item is to publish the launch video on social media. This should serve as an engaging introduction to the product’s exciting new features and will help ignite enthusiasm among early adopters.

First, the video should be tailored to each social channel based on user preferences and behavior. Additionally, attention-grabbing visuals or animations should be incorporated into the video to draw users in and increase engagement levels.

Next, your social media accounts should begin teasing any additional detail about the product (e.g., pricing, availability, etc.), while using eye-catching visuals such as product images or custom art that show off its features and design. Scheduling out posts before launch day is smart since it ensures everything goes out at just the right time for maximum impact — don’t forget about optimizing visual assets for each channel!

These posts may also invoke feelings of anticipation by asking followers what they expect from this new addition to your product range, and offering incentives for early adopters — such as exclusive deals, giveaways or discounts.

Finally, make sure all goals are tracked from initial promotion through publication on social media so you can measure impact and make improvements over time.

Use email marketing to share the launch video

Email marketing is one of the best platforms for engaging potential backers and helping to create the hype that will help make your Kickstarter campaign a success. By crafting a targeted email campaign that includes the launch video, you can deliver an immersive experience that will encourage backers to support your project.

When planning the email campaign, consider when it’s best to send out each message — this will depend on when you plan to launch as well as when you want to start building up anticipation. Look at how various successful campaigns were structured in order to understand what works best for your own project.

When writing the emails, focus on connecting emotionally with readers by emphasizing how their contribution will help make your project come alive. Tell stories of inspiration and framing your launch video can show how they can be part of something creative and meaningful. Most importantly, be sure to emphasize why people should back now — why waiting is a risk rather than being an advantage — so readers are more likely to take action and back immediately after watching the video. Mention key features too; what makes yours different from similar projects?

By leveraging email marketing combined with a well-executed launch video strategy, you can tap into potential supporter’s excitement and turn it into real dollars for your project during its time on Kickstarter!


After your Kickstarter campaign has gone live, there’s still a lot of work to be done to ensure that it’s successful. One of the best ways to continue to build hype around your launch is to utilize post-launch video content. These videos can include reaching your Kickstarter goals and where others who didn’t back the project can still be apart of the action!

Create a thank-you video

Once your Kickstarter campaign is launched and gaining momentum, it’s time to start building hype around it with video. To do this, create a thank-you video that speaks to your backers and anybody else who might be interested in your project or product.

The thank-you video should include a message of gratitude for their support as well as an explanation of why you are passionate about the project or product. Use visuals to help get your message across and be sure to provide links where people can find out more about the project. This will help create awareness and encourage further engagement with potential backers.

Be sure to post the thank-you video on social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Include hashtags that relate directly to your product in order to target relevant audiences. Make sure the link to your Kickstarter page is prominently displayed on each platform you leave the video on so people can easily access it. Be sure to tag influencers or industry leaders whose following may be interested in backing the project so they can help spread the word even further.

Creating a thank-you video is a great way to generate excitement for a new launch because it encourages engagement from people who have already backed the project but also allows for an easy connection with potential new backers through its shareable nature. With this short but powerful method of advertising you can keep spreading awareness of your product and its launch long after you’ve hit send on that Kickstarter mission statement email!

Use social media to promote the thank-you video

Once your video has been created, it’s time to use social media to let the world know about your launch. Everyone involved in the project, including you and your team, should be active on social media sharing stories of the launch and directing people back to the thank-you video. It’s important that this happen quickly since people have short attention spans and will quickly move on from remembering what you just did unless you show that it is still a lot relevant.

Keep in mind that even though you are promoting your product, there should also be some organic conversations about related topics. This way, you get people talking about topics related to your products and it gets them more familiar with understanding what exactly it is that you are doing as well as getting a better feel for how people perceive the product or service.

Finally, while using social media is undoubtedly important, keep in mind websites like Reddit offer an untapped resource of potential customers who may be interested in what you have to offer but haven’t yet heard about it. Take the time to post links to your thank-you video in relevant subreddits to create more conversations that could potentially lead more backers who last-minute decide they really want one of your products or services.

Leverage influencers to share the thank-you video

Once you have recorded and produced your post-launch thank-you video, it’s time to leverage influencers to share it on their social media platforms. Connect with influencers and ask them if they can help spread the word about your Kickstarter campaign. If you can get influential personalities to share about your project and show some appreciation for your backers, that will go a long way in building hype around your post-launch campaign.

Create an email template that includes a link to the thank-you video and a brief message that explains why others should check out the video too. Then reach out to influencers with an invitation for them to join in on the excitement that was created by supporters during launch week.

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