How to Use Video to Build Trust with Potential Backers


Video is a powerful tool to help build trust and credibility with potential backers. It can be used to demonstrate your product, provide an overview of services offered, showcase the team, and more. When engaging potential backers in your crowdfunding campaign, it’s important to establish trust initially. Video is one of the best ways to do that

By following these tips, you will be able to create compelling videos that will help make sure your crowdfunding campaign is a success.

Benefits of Using Video

Using video as part of your crowdfunding strategy can be a great way to engage with potential customers and build trust with them. Video content can be used to explain complex concepts in a concise and visual way, helping to foster understanding. It can also be used to demonstrate your product or services and show potential backers the benefits they can get from working with you.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the benefits of using video in your crowdfunding campaign:

    • Engaging with potential backers
    • Explaining complex concepts in a concise and visual way
    • Demonstrating the idea, product, or service
    • Showing potential backers the benefits

Showcase Your Expertise

Video is a great way to demonstrate your expertise and provide real, tangible proof that your product works. Showing potential backers how your product or service works can help instill confidence and trust in them that it is something worth investing in.

Whether you are recording a product demonstration, detailing how customers use the product, or providing an insider’s perspective on the industry, backers will be more likely to trust you when they can see that you know what you are talking about. For example, if you are developing a customer loyalty app, consider shooting a short video tutorial on how to use the app and share it on social media.

When creating video content, it’s important to strategically plan out what type of content would be most valuable for current and prospective customers. Connect with experts in the field who can provide specific knowledge from their area of expertise, or feature customer testimonials to showcase their success with your product. This will help build audience confidence in your business and make them more likely to invest in your project.

Build Rapport with Your Audience

Developing a rapport with potential backers is crucial for trust-building and can help you achieve more successful crowdfunding campaigns. Video has a unique ability to create an emotional connection with viewers, which can help in the formation of meaningful relationships.

Creating videos to build rapport with your audience will help them get to know the team or product better, as well as its purpose and mission. Explanatory videos that explain the concept behind your project, highlight its features, or customer stories are all good ways to establish that connection. Additionally, broadcasting yourself in a talking-head video or presenting your product in an attractive way can also create a strong connection between your brand and potential backers.

Including customer success stories or ‘testimonial’ videos – where customers talk about their positive experiences – is another great way of building trust through video content. Showing potential customers how existing customers have benefited from your project will make them more likely to get involved in backing it as well.

The use of live streaming technology can also be incredibly useful for building rapport; it enables you to broadcast directly from the locations where you’re working on the project with viewers able to chat while watching and ask questions they want answered quickly and directly by the host. This makes viewers feel part of the process, creating trust among those who are most interested in becoming part of your crowdfunding campaign journey.

Increase Engagement

Creating video content for your campaign helps you engage current and potential backers in a more meaningful way. Unlike text and images, videos create an emotional connection that can help build trust with your audience. When campaigns use video to explain their mission, product or service, it helps backers understand your concept quickly.

A real person conveying true passion for the project invites viewers into the world of the project’s creators and provides a level of trust that is hard to attain through solely written or visual content.

Moreover, when used strategically throughout the campaign journey, videos can provide a better understanding of how backers’ investment will be utilized and showcase insights into a company’s long-term plans. This further stimulates engagement on a deeper level beyond simple ‘likes’ or comments on social media posts as they are more likely to believe what they are watching rather than reading. As people watch videos multiple times and share them with their networks, it increases brand recognizability overtime helping boosting your altruistic online presence as well.

Videos can also be used to promote updates about progress during and after the campaign – keeping backers in the loop is essential for building loyalty towards your brand over time.

Types of Videos

Video is an increasingly popular way to engage potential customers and build their trust. There are many different types of videos you can use to effectively connect with viewers, each with its own unique set of benefits.

From explainer videos to testimonials, this section will map out the different types of videos and how they can help you build relationships with potential backers.

    1. Explainer videos
    2. Testimonials

Introduction Videos

Introduction videos offer you a great way to build trust with potential backers and provide them with the detailed information they need to make an informed decision about your project. Introduction videos are typically one to three minutes long, and provide viewers with an introduction to you or your organization, as well as an overview of your project.

When creating an introduction video for your crowdfunding campaign, be sure to strike a balance between educational and entertaining content. Showcase the key elements of your project—its goals, what makes it unique, how it works—while also striving to capture viewer interest and convey your passion for the product or idea. Consider including a personal story or behind-the-scenes footage that can bring the pitch alive.

The key components you should consider including in any introduction video are:

    • A brief anecdote about yourself or those working on the project
    • A breakdown of who’s involved in creating the product or idea
    • Your mission statement
    • A concise explanation of what makes your idea unique
    • Visuals that demonstrate how it works and why it is important/helpful
    • Any relevant details about past successes or progress made on similar projects
    • An end statement about why viewers should participate in backing your project

Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials play an important role in communicating with prospective customers by showing the real-life experiences of people who have already used and have enjoyed a company’s product or service. These videos can be powerful tools to capture the attention of potential leads, build trust and credibility, as well as provide valuable insights into what customers think about their product.

The most effective customer testimonials include a personal story from a satisfied customer, speaking directly to camera or via voiceover, describing their experience with the company and product. Creating natural conversations between customers and the company’s representative is often recommended to ensure the customer’s story is accurate, engaging and honest.

When creating this type of video it’s important to ensure that all claims are fair and verifiable.

Additionally, pick out stories which best match the target audience for maximum effectiveness.

Lastly, make sure that contact information for sales or customer service is included in each video for prospective customers to reach out if they have any questions regarding the product or services described in the video.

Live Videos

Live videos are streamed in real-time presenting a unique way to engage with audiences. As viewers follow broadcasts in real time, they become more actively engaged than with on-demand content. Content producers can use this medium to interact with fans and increase their followers. Live video reaches a global audience that can be segmented into various demographic categories for better targeting of marketing campaigns.

Other advantages include:

    1. Greater engagement with viewers
    2. The ability to segment users for specific campaigns
    3. Potential monetization opportunities through sponsorships, merchandise sales, ticket sales, or donations when streaming performances

Live videos can be used for anything from hosting Q&A sessions and broadcasting events to showcasing products or services as part of a tutorial or demonstration.

Tips for Creating Videos

Video is an effective way to build trust with potential backers and investors. Videos can be used to showcase your product, introduce your team, and explain your product’s features and benefits in an engaging and visual way. In this article, we will explore some tips for creating effective and engaging videos that will help you build trust with potential backers and investors.

    • Showcase your product
    • Introduce your team
    • Explain features and benefits

Tips for Creating Your Video

    • Create an engaging title
    • Keep the video short and to the point
    • Include a call to action
    • Make sure to check the quality of the video

Keep Your Videos Short

Creating content for video takes time, so ensure it has maximum impact. Keeping your videos short and direct ensures that the message you’re trying to convey will be heard. Aim to limit your videos to one minute or 90 seconds; this will allow you to make your point succinctly and leave a lasting impression. Shorter videos help capture the attention of potential backers while avoiding going off on irrelevant tangents that could cause unwanted distraction or lack of clarity.

Additionally, when making a video be sure that it reflects the true purpose of what you’re selling or promoting in an honest and authentic way. Speak passionately about who you are, why you are doing this project, and never stray from your goal. Showcase the rewards or features of your product that potential backers may find alluring or informative in an engaging manner without overselling it. This will build trust with viewers as they gain insight into who you are and what drives you–the key elements for gaining supporters for any endeavor.

Tell a Story

The most powerful videos draw viewers in and make them part of the story. This type of storytelling requires you to think about how to use each element—from a compelling opening to an emotional climax—to tell a meaningful story.

Consider how you can use the proper angles, camera movements, audio, and graphics to effectively convey your message and really grab your audience’s attention.

You may also want to consider using different styles of shots or techniques such as slow motion, reverse direction or split screens.

When telling an effective story visually, it’s important to pick footage that is interesting as well as relevant. Doing this will ensure that viewers remain engaged throughout the entire video.

Additionally, be sure to mix in b-roll footage with primary shots that help bridge the gaps between the main points of your story for a visual narrative that flows naturally from one scene to the next.

Use Professional Equipment

When creating your own videos to build trust with investors, it’s important to use professional-grade equipment. This may mean investing in a high-quality video camera and microphone or relying on an experienced filmmaker to help. You want your visuals and audio to accurately represent what you are trying to express and tell a story that attracts potential backers.

Additionally, using lighting techniques correctly and selecting the right location can create a more professional look and feel for your video. It’s important that viewers can clearly see the subject(s) of the video in addition to any images, logos or text you incorporate into it.

Using professional editing software is also important when creating videos; this will ensure a smooth transition between shots throughout the video as well as richer colors.

Consider supplementing your equipment, if needed, with accessories such as:

    1. Tripods
    2. Digital filters
    3. Motion stabilizers
    4. External monitors for recording and playback capabilities

These all play an integral part in creating a polished product. Ultimately, quality visual content is essential for attracting new backers for your business so don’t hesitate to invest in professional equipment if it means creating an impressive product!


In conclusion, using video is highly effective in building trust with potential backers. Not only does video provide a way to create an emotional connection with potential backers, it also allows you to say more about your personality and product in less time.

At its core, building trust is about creating an emotional connection that goes beyond the functional benefits of your product. By providing an opportunity for prospective backers to put a face and voice behind the campaign or product you’re offering, video allows you to tell a story that resonates long after viewing. Optimize your videos with relevant keywords and plenty of personal touch points so viewers can feel genuinely connected to your offerings:

    1. Highlight the benefits of using video
    2. Share personal stories and experiences
    3. Include customer reviews and testimonials
    4. Create informative and engaging content
    5. Include relevant keywords for search engine optimization

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