Ian Keiser

Ian Keiser, the first ginger son of Double Jump, is our valiant cinematographer and editor. Ian began his journey into filmmaking by making parking instruction videos in his highschool Broadcast Journalism class (we’re trying to get our hands on a copy, don’t worry). After cutting his teeth on horror feature films, live TV productions, and an array of commercial video work, Ian found his way to DJM where he’s been a key fixture in the growth of our portfolio over the years. 

Outside the video world, Ian is in high demand as a drummer, playing in anywhere from 3 to 900 bands at any given time. If he’s not drumming or recording in his home studio, you’ll probably catch him carefully crafting terrible dad jokes to have handy for any occasion.


Giant pair of scissors, all-seeing eye lens, a sword made from a beam of light but that isn’t a lightsaber.

The facts:

Favorite Film: What About Bob?
Quote To Live By: “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”             – Yogi Berra
What I’m Currently Listening To: