Best Practices For Your Kickstarter

How To Make The Most Out Your Campaign

Ready to capture the attention of your backers? When it comes to crowdfunding, investing equally in every component of the campaign can provide an engaging experience and overall successful launch for your product. 

Advice from the Kickstarter Team: “Imagine explaining your project to a friend. What would you say? What might they ask you? And how would you show them you’re serious, prepared, and capable of doing a great job? Your project page is your chance to tell people that story: who you are, what you want to make, and why.”

Here are a few Kickstarter best practices when it comes to your project.

Choose a captivating project image

Before the video and campaign details, people will first notice the project image. This photo is your first impression, and you need to make a good one! 

Create a compelling video

 Campaigns that have a video increase their chances of getting funded. In addition, a video is the best way to introduce yourself and your product. Humorous, Inspiring, Straightforward…whatever route you choose, this is the best way to engage your audience. 

Put important information first

When someone lands on your page, you only have a short window to capture their attention. Start with the essential information first on your Kickstarter page. Make a clear and quick statement about what you’re doing. You can include more detailed descriptions but put it further down the page.

Know your audience

Your page, images, and video should all be directed toward your ideal backer. Knowing your audience will help you devise a productive marketing strategy and a compelling campaign page. Everything should work together to capture your audience and sell them on the product. You need their support, after all. 

Highlight the selling points

Make sure your video and description showcase your product’s unique selling points. Show and tell what makes it different from other products in the market.

Add visual & compelling media

This includes adding high-quality images, videos, and GIFS to your campaign page. Visual media helps tell your story and show the specifics of your project. In addition, this will give your audience a visual representation of your idea, product, or service. If you hire a video company for your video, consider having them also include professional product photography.

Advice from the Kickstarter Team: “A lot of your story can be conveyed with words, but there’s more to a good project page than text. Images and video are a huge help for bringing people inside your story. “

Consider adding subtitles

Remember, Kickstarter is an international platform, launching over 200,000 projects worldwide. Adding captions can help a wider group of people understand the product. No matter their native language or hearing level, closed captions will help the campaign be understood across the world. 

Be authentic

This means that you need to be yourself and accurately represent your product. Remember, your audience is everyday people, and you are asking them to go on this journey with you (not to mention asking them for money). Therefore, your page, video, and media should all be authentic to who you are as a creator. It will help make a better connection with your audience.

Please don’t spam

While we understand that you are pumped about your campaign and want to reach as many people as possible, don’t spam. Sending unsolicited messages over email or social media to people you don’t know can not only hurt your campaign, but it’s against Kickstarter’s community guidelines. Instead, research the platforms your audience is on and promote there. There are ways to reach your backers without spamming them. 

Getting started

There’s no secret sauce to ensuring a crowdfunding campaign will be successful, but by using the Kickstarter best practices above, you have a chance of catching the eye of your audience (and even the Kickstarter team).  Want an expert’s opinion on your project?  Our Double Jump team is ready to help.  

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