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Raise Funding From Local Investors With A Professional Video

Equity crowdfunding platforms allow businesses to connect and pitch their venture to potential investors. It gives small businesses and entrepreneurs the chance to promote what they do and gives investors the opportunity to invest.

Are you a small business looking to raise capital on Localstake?

We understand that running a small business takes time, energy, and resources to keep the doors open. Localstake allows small business owners to get funding from local investors. The platform started so they could support local businesses by helping them connect with local investors. The campaign page allows you to share the concept of your business and capture the attention of private venture capitalists and high-net-worth individuals in your community.

A professional video can help deliver a clear and concise voice to share who your business is and what it does. Your crowdfunding page on Localstake is going to be your first impression for local investors, and you need to make it a good one.

A video can help with that.

Your Pitch Video Experts

Double Jump Media knows what it’s like to start as the little guy in a sea of bigger city fish. After years of bootstrapping their business, these Ozarks-based video experts have become the go-to team for custom videos. Having the opportunity to work for an impressive client, both domestic and international.

We have worked with local businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs, helping them produce compelling and inspiring videos for all purposes.

Pitch Videos Made Easy For Localstake

A good pitch video inspires inventors into action. It connects and starts building a relationship with the right people to take your small business to the next level. As a small business, you’re already up to your eyeballs in things to get done.

From sales copy to marketing strategy, time and energy are in short supply.

Double Jump Media cares about your business and achieving success. We take the guesswork out of video production so you can focus on what you do best: running your business. Our process allows you to get a quality equity crowdfunding video in just 30-45 days. You have access to an entire in-house team that includes scriptwriters, production designers, location scouts, animators, editors, and production managers.

Video Examples

Play Video about Enten Headphones - Lifestyle Video - Double Jump Media
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The Process From Start To Finish

Ideation: It all begins with an idea. After you fill out the form below, we hop on a discovery call and learn more about your small business. We take all the information we’ve learned and give it to our creative team. They get hard at work coming up with different pitch video ideas.

Decision: Then, we pitch you multiple ideas that we think would be a good fit for your business. You decide which idea fits your budget, timeline, and goals. Then, if you decide to go with us, we enter pre-production.

Pre-Production: Whichever script is approved, we start to assemble everything needed to bring the video to life. This includes casting, location scouting, set design, and gathering all the necessary equipment from audio to drone.

Production: We get the shoot day scheduled, and our crew starts to capture all the footage needed. Don’t worry; we handle all the details of the shoot day and make sure the entire cast, crew, and locations are set.

Post-Production: Once the footage is captured, we start the editing process. This includes putting together the voiceover, animation, music, and everything else needed to complete the video. Then the final version is delivered to your team within the timeline.

The Right Style For Your Small Business

When it comes to a business, it’s important to have a video that is in line with your current brand voice. This includes colors, vibe, and the type of people that represent your customer base. Your video needs to match your brand and style.

We make sure that your pitch video is coherent with other parts of your business. We have a wide range of different styles and vibes we can create, from lifestyle to humorous to documentary. No matter the vibe, we help you find the right one for your Localstake crowdfunding campaign page.

Why Small Businesses Choose Double Jump Media

Expertise: We provide the expertise and experience so you can focus on your business. Our team tackles every aspect of video production to put your mind at ease.

Empathy: Because we’ve worked alongside small businesses (and have been a small business ourselves), we understand what it takes to keep the doors open and work with you to ensure you get what you need.

Transparency: We provide clear and concise communication throughout the entire project. From pricing to capability to keep you updated, there are no surprises around the corner.

Play Video about Dake Wells Architecture Presents- Reeds Spring Middle School - Documentary Video - Double Jump Media

Don’t take our word for it, hear one of our clients say it for themselves. (We didn’t even pay them to do this!)

Upfront Video Pricing

As a small business, we understand you’ve got to make every dollar count! This is why Double Jump never beats around the bush when it comes to pricing. We provide you with an upfront price for your pitch video on Localstake. You know what you’ll pay, ensuring it’s within your budget as a business owner.

Need more exact pricing from us? Fill out the form below and speak with one of our team members to discuss your Localstake crowdfunding video. Remember, even if you have a tight budget doesn’t mean it lessens the quality of your video.

Schedule Your Free Consultation Today

We offer every small business a 30-minute consultation that is absolutely free. During this call, we learn about your business, your brand, goals, and your Localstake campaign page. Fill out the form to let us show why so many small businesses trust us for their crowdfunding videos.

If you decide to move forward after the call, we provide a comprehensive upfront price quote and an estimated timeline on when you get your hands on a crowdfunding campaign video for your Localstake campaign.

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