Merry Fidler-Clayton

Merry is Double Jump’s Creative Director and resident cat picture sharer (and everyone really appreciates how she does that non-stop). Merry’s love for film began at an early age. To learn all she could, she’d take notes on director’s commentaries for movies like The Lord of the Rings or make horror films of her cat on her super sweet mini DV tape camcorder. Merry received a B.A. in Film Studies, then later completed an internship at the Los Angeles Film Studies Center, focusing on scriptwriting and production design. 

As Creative Director, Merry helps clients in the ideation phase fine-tune an existing idea or develop new ones from scratch. Merry is also DJM’s lead scriptwriter and director, overseeing the various production phases to ensure each part fits the clients’ vision.


Wizard’s Staff, Feline Army, Enchanted Quill

The facts:

Favorite Film: LOTR, The Fellowship of the Ring

Quote To Live By: “Gin is for people who hate themselves.”               – Merry Fidler

What I’m Currently Listening To: