Micah Coss

Micah Coss is Double Jump’s Grip, A/C, and Main Colorist. Originally from Ozark, Missouri, Micah first joined DJM as part of its pilot Apprenticeship Program, where he proved to have a particular knack for color grading and set work. Micah brings an artistic eye to every project and is always the first to jump in with an “I can do it!” When he isn’t working on DJM projects, Micah is usually busy with more video projects, mainly directing and styling music videos. 

Micah’s only downfall is that he doesn’t have a nickname, which causes him much anguish. His problem is he wants it too badly. If you’d like to donate a nickname, please address your submission to:

Ol’ Nicknameless

℅ Double Jump Media

Tidy Little Cupboard at National and Chestnut Expwy

Springfield, MO


Spell Scrolls, Vape Pen of Mystery, Mini Dagger

The facts:

Favorite Film: Shrek 2

Quote to Live By: “I would never want a book’s autograph. I am a proud non-reader of books” – Ye (née Kanye West)

What I’m Currently Listening to: “Do You Feel It?” by Chaos Chaos