Nicole Hellman

Nicole is Double Jump’s Content Creator and resident hype queen. Originally from Bentonville, AR, Nicole came to us as one of the first participants in DJM’s Apprenticeship program, and she just never left. Luckily for us, Nicole is not only great at delivering you the social “tent” you so crave; she’s also great at everything except receiving compliments (somewhere right now, she’s saying, “Guyyyyys STOP!”). But seriously, from editing to prop making to casting, Nicole will get it done. 

When Nicole isn’t making delectable content for you to consume, she can be found avoiding anyone who doesn’t listen to Pitbull, anyone who doesn’t eat gravy, and anyone who prefers cake to meatballs.


A magic carpet that is different than Bear’s magic carpet, Silly Putty, CD Burner

The facts:

Favorite Film: Interstellar or Blade Runner

Quote to Live By:  “When I want to eat a slice of Kraft cheese I don’t want to be bothered” -My friend Jordan

What I’m Currently Listening to: “Bambi” by Hippo Campus or “Bulletproof” by La Roux, duh