Are you looking for a way to win more qualified real estate leads from the internet?  Start using video.

Implementing video into your marketing efforts:

  • satisfies multiple research needs for house hunters

  • helps you close contracts faster

  • builds trust and credibility between you and the potential buyer

  • frees up more of your valuable time by allowing potential buyers to experience a property tour online

  • extends your potential for home tours from locally to worldwide


types of Real Estate Videos:

Listing Videos / Property Tours

This type of real estate videography is a 1-to-4 minute video designed to sell property. Real estate professionals have realized, just as other business professionals have, that nothing sells quite as effectively as video. 70% of those looking for a new home watch video home tours online.

"About Us" or Testimonial Videos

This type of real estate videography provides a personal profile about an agent or real estate company. Potential clients view these videos, as well as recommend them to their friends.  A video can easily set you apart from competitors in a large market.  30% of those seeking a home watch video testimonials about the agent or company with whom they are working.

Our real estate video workflow:

  • Fill out our real estate contact form to request project pricing.
  • Choose your video package.
  • Sign the contract.
  • Pay the deposit.
  • At your convenience, we shoot the video.
  • Receive the first draft of your awesome video online.
  • Let us know if you want any changes.
  • Pay the remaining balance.
  • Receive the final versions of your video.
  • Have a dance party.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far do you travel for real estate shoots?

We love to travel and can shoot real estate videos anywhere in the world if given enough notice.  As long as you pay for our gas station coffee, plane tickets, and hotel rooms we will meet you where you are.  Have gear, will travel.

How long does it take to get my video back?

Real estate is a fast moving world, so we have a guaranteed turnaround time of 1 week from the shoot day to see the first version of your property tour video and 2 weeks from the shoot day on a realtor profile video.  Once we receive your feedback, you can expect us to make any requested revisions within 3 business days and deliver the final version.

Can I use any music that I want for the video?

The short answer: yes, but you probably won't want to.  We spend a lot of time curating the best songs to fit the mood and style of the property and the cost of music licensing is built into your video package.  Though the artists we use may not be always be the most famous, the music that we pick is always of the highest quality.  The cost to license a song by a more popular artist that is outside the scope of our go-to music libraries can quickly increase the overall cost to much more than you would want to spend.

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