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Take your digital marketing to the next level with professional and engaging real estate videos. From luxury real estate to architecture projects, Double Jump provides a full-service video production company to tell your story.

Real Estate Video Services Include

    • Pre-Production
    • Aerial/Drone Video
    • Motion Graphics
    • Script-Writing
    • Project Management
    • Video Editing
    • Post-Production

Having worked with an impressive client base both domestically and internationally, these real estate video experts provide a streamlined production process that helps bring your vision to life from conception to completion. Our full-service staff includes scriptwriters, videographers, photographers, motion graphics, video editors, project management, and more. In addition, we offer an entire team of experienced professionals at your service to create effective and inspiring real estate videos for your digital marketing campaigns.

We Bring Your Vision To Life​

Real estate videos can be used for various purposes, including lead generation, recruiting videos, client testimonials, project documentaries, and architect showcases. In addition, video provides your hotel, architecture firm, or commercial real estate company another avenue to highlight your listings, team, and big projects. The type of video or videos created ultimately comes down to your goals. We can make various real estate videos for you based on your vision and needs.

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what type of video do you need?

Project Documentary: These videos showcase the entire real estate project from start to finish. They are generally longer and provide in-depth interviews about the entire project. Perfect for architecture projects or new developments such as hotels, resorts, or housing additions.

Aerial Tours: Drone video is a great way to showcase indoor and outdoor footage of your real estate properties, hotels, and architecture projects. They can be used to create virtual tours.

Corporate Videos: These videos are typically shot on location and feature interviews with the leadership team, clients, real estate experts, and team members. They are designed to tell the story of the company/firm, the history, and overall company culture.

Promotional: Designed to be used for marketing purposes, these videos are perfect for lead generation and commercials. It can promote current real estate properties or highlight the company as a whole. These videos aim to capture the audience’s attention and provide them with the information they need.

Client Testimonials: These are interviews of clients speaking positively about their experience with the company. It’s an in-depth review from the client to discuss the real estate project and provide customer feedback. These videos typically highlight 2-3 customers who had a positive experience or one in-depth story from a single client.

Employee Training: These videos are a training tool for employees or a refresher for long-time team members. These videos ensure everyone is on the same page, providing crucial information and reviewing company processes.

Recruiting Videos: These videos focus on attracting and inspiring potential candidates. They highlight the facility, the culture, and the company’s product. This shows people what a day in the life of the company is like, giving reasons to work there. This can be an effective way to attract the best and most qualified candidates or real estate agents to your firm.

Retainer: Need ongoing content? Whether it’s hotels, commercial real estate properties, or architecture projects, there’s often a ton of content that can be captured and utilized for marketing purposes. A video retainer allows you to have a full-service production team at your fingertips, ready to capture, edit, and deliver the videos you need throughout the year.

Real Estate Videos: Getting Started

When you decide to launch a new video or a series of videos for your real estate company, we understand that you already have a million things to do. Double Jump understands; this is why we’ve spent years building a streamlined production process that makes creating videos simple. Our team does what we do best, so you can focus on the other aspects of your digital marketing strategy.

Step 1: Ideation – The video production process starts when you fill out the form below, and we schedule a discovery call. In this call, we learn everything we can about your real estate company, hotel, or architecture firm. This information lets our creative team put together the scripts you need, no matter the type of real estate video you want.

Step 2: Decision – We pitch multiple video options that our team thinks are a perfect fit for your vision. Then, you choose the direction that best matches your goals and budget.

Step 3: Pre-Production – This is where our streamlined process shines, and we start to do the hard work for you. We put together all the details—scripting, casting, music, animation, and a detailed production schedule.

Step 4: Production – Once all those details are approved, we schedule the shoot, gather the creative assets, and begin bringing your video or series of videos to life.

Step 5: Post Production – The dark, scary editing room is where our video production professionals pull the footage together and start adding in post-production magic. As we go through the revisions with your team, we deliver the final video safely into your hands.

Styles & Vibes

Our creative team helps you find the right style and vibe for your video, regardless of subject or purpose. When choosing the right type of video for your project, you need to ask yourself: How do I want to be perceived?

From Straightforward to Inspirational, to Documentary to Lifestyle, we guide you through your journey in picking the perfect video style and vibe that fits your vision.

Why clients Choose Double Jump Media

Transparency. From our clear communication to upfront pricing, we keep you in the loop at every step of the video production process. As a result, there are never any hidden fees or surprises.

Empathy. We’ve worked for, and alongside entrepreneurs, startups, and real estate companies, so we understand what they need, how they operate, and the best videos for your brand.

Expertise. We are expert video professionals, so you don’t have to be. Our experience gives us the knowledge to guide you along the way as we produce the best possible real estate videos for you.

Play Video about Dake Wells Architecture Presents- Reeds Spring Middle School - Documentary Video - Double Jump Media

Don’t take our word for it, hear one of our clients say it for themselves. (We didn’t even pay them to do this!)

Upfront Video Pricing

Our video packages aim to give every real estate company the ability to find the video within their scope and budget. We want to see your vision come to life and provide you with a plan to help you get there. 

Still, have questions or can’t find what you’re looking for? No worries. Our sales team can create custom real estate video packages that provide whatever services you need.

Schedule Your Free Consultation Today

Not many people like surprises, especially when it comes to hidden fees. Double Jump Media is committed to full transparency regarding your real estate project or digital marketing campaign. We offer a 100% free 30-minute consultation to help you discover exactly what video you need to hit your goals.

There are no hidden fees, hard sells, or surprises waiting around the corner. Just 30-minutes of listening to your vision, learning about your project, and sharing how a professional video can fit into your future plans.

Fill out the form below to learn why so many real estate professionals have chosen us for their video production. Then, if you decide to move forward, we provide a comprehensive, up-front price quote and a clear estimated timeline on how fast you can get a professional, high-quality video delivered into your hands.

So fill out the form below to learn why so many have chosen Double Jump Company for their video production needs.

Video Questions To Ask Yourself

While you don’t need to have all the answers ready, asking yourself these questions can help the production process move along faster. Double Jump wants to talk with you even if you don’t have all the information. Our experts will guide you through it!

    • What is your budget for a video?
    • What is your timeline?
    • Who is your target audience?
    • What are the key messages you want to get across?
    • What is the overall look and feel you want for your video?
    • How many real estate videos do you want/need?

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