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Ready to take the social media world by storm? Double Jump Media provides expert social media video production services that can help you deliver your message with style. From concept to completion, we can help create a compelling video ad for Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram.

Connect with your ideal audience through targeted social media video ads that deliver a memorable and impactful message. Double Jump Media is the go-to place for custom video ads, helping brands, products, and startups of all shapes and sizes. Our full-service team can help deliver a compelling social media ad in just 30-45 days. Working with brands like Forbes, Trek Bikes, Expedia, and AT&T, we’re ready to help you launch the video piece for your video marketing campaign.

What are social media video ads?

While these can be confused with normal videos that you post on your page, video ads are specifically tailored to the social platform and the target audience. They have defined goals and certain metrics that need to be achieved. It allows you to condense information into digestible snippets of content that capture your audience’s attention and give them the information quickly.

Why social media ads?

Social media ads are a great way to reach a specific audience, especially those who use the platform. Video allows you to capture the viewer’s attention in the first few seconds. That enables you to boost engagement and brand awareness. While social media is not the best place for every brand, if your target audience spends time on Facebook or Instagram, it makes for the ideal place to advertise. Social ads are also a good fit for brands needing to measure ROI and track effectiveness.

Top Uses For Social Media Ad Videos

Target Specific Audience: Targeting your ideal audience can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. Social Ads on Facebook or Instagram can help target your ideal audience by demographics, location, and activity.

Retargeting: Once you find your target audience, you can retarget them so that the ad shows up more than once. It generally takes seven touches for someone to respond to an ad. So retargeting comes in handy to stay top of mind.

Testing & Insights: When you shoot in the dark, it’s just ad money out the window. Insights allow you to adjust along the way and test different methods to find the one that works. A video might have a cool concept, but if it’s not working, then it’s not serving its marketing purpose. Social Media platforms provide the data to make adjustments as needed.

Clicks & Conversions: In just 5 to 20 seconds, you can get shoppers, leads, and supporters clicking through your ad to conversion.

Brand Awareness: Create brand awareness for your business or product by connecting with new potential customers.

Educate & Excite: Generate excitement and educate your audience about your product or service.

We Help Bring Your Vision To Life

Whether you’re advertising on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or YouTube, Double Jump Media can help you create a compelling and memorable social media video ad that speaks to your audience and represents your brand. No matter the style, vibe, or story, we can help you find the path to a successful social media ad video or videos.

Our professional and streamlined video process ensures that every client walks away with a high-quality video with a team of experts guiding them along the way. Your social media video ad is only one click away. Fill out the form below to get started.

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Social Media Video Ads: Getting Started

Double Jump Media strives to make the entire video process as easy as possible. We take the guesswork out of creating a video and put together all the details so you can focus on what you do best. Our streamlined process can help you get a social media video ad in just 30-45 days. It all starts with the following steps.

Step 1 – Ideation: After you fill out the form below, we schedule a call with our sales team. During this call, we gather all the information we need about your brand, vision, and budget. These details are taken to the creative and production team, putting together a list of video ideas and an estimated timeline.

Step 2 – Decision: We pitch multiple script ideas on what we would think will be the best direction for your social media ads. You choose the one that fits your brand and your budget.

Step 3 – Pre-Production: Once you decide on the idea you like the best, our Production Manager starts putting together all the details. This includes casting, location scouting, production design, props, voiceover, and a clear timeline until final delivery.

Step 4 – Production: We schedule the shoot day and start filming your social media video ad. The location is set, the cast hired, and the crew geared up to turn your video into reality.

Step 5 – Post-Production: We have the footage captured, and now it’s time for pre-production magic. Our editing wizards piece together all the footage, music, voiceovers, motion graphics, closed captions, and all the necessary formats for your chosen social media platforms. The final video is delivered within the timeline, and you’re off to the races.

Choosing The Right Story

Videos come in all colors, styles, and vibes. We know we’ve created a wide variety of videos from humor to inspiration to straightforward. When deciding on the type of video you want, you’ll need to ask yourself: What’s the story I want to tell my audience?

First and foremost, we are storytellers. And the story helps determine the style and vibe of the social media video ads. Our creative teams help you through this process and find the right direction for your video. It takes more than an iPhone to create a compelling video. It takes a storyteller.

Why Brands Choose Double Jump Media

Transparency: We provide clear and concise communication throughout the entire process. There is never any guessing with Double Jump Media. From start to finish, you know exactly what’s happening, and you approve all changes.

Empathy: Because we’ve worked alongside and for startups, entrepreneurs, and brands of all sizes, we understand the inner workings of their operations. We strive to make the video process simple and easy to understand.

Expertise: We’ve had the opportunity to work with a variety of brands of all shapes and sizes, creating a wide range of different types of videos. We are video experts, so you don’t have to be. From timeline to production to strategy, we provide the best social media video ads for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Play Video about Dake Wells Architecture Presents- Reeds Spring Middle School - Documentary Video - Double Jump Media

Don’t take our word for it, hear one of our clients say it for themselves. (We didn’t even pay them to do this!)

Upfront Video Pricing: The Cost Of Social Media Ads

Double Jump Media provides upfront pricing for your video, so you know what you’ll be paying before you start. No hidden fees or surprises around the corner. We create custom video packages for your social media ads that fit your budget.

Fill out the form below to talk with one of our sales specialists to give you an idea of the cost of creating video ads for social media.

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