The Benefits of Creating a Video Series for Your Kickstarter Campaign


If you are looking for a creative way to generate buzz around your Kickstarter project and increase the chances of a successful launch, creating a video series may be just the thing you need. Video series have become a great way for entrepreneurs to engage potential customers and build excitement around their product or service.

In this article, we’ll explore why creating a video series for your Kickstarter campaign can be beneficial and how to put one together.

    • Why creating a video series for your Kickstarter campaign can be beneficial
    • How to put together a video series for your Kickstarter campaign

Define the purpose of the video series

When launching a Kickstarter campaign, it’s important to provide potential backers with clear, engaging visuals that will support your pitch and show them why they should help make your project a reality. One of the best ways to do this is by creating a video series that will provide valuable information about your campaign—its purpose, its progress and its ultimate goals.

A video series can be used to:

    1. Define the purpose of the campaign and explain why it’s valuable in a concise, yet convincing way.
    2. Showcase the people behind it with short biographies or demonstration videos.

Explain why any kind of kickstarter backer should get involved.

After all, no matter whether they’re loaning money or pre-ordering products as incentives, your goal as a creator is to show these backers what makes this endeavor unique.

Through an eye-catching video series you can inform potential backers about why this project matters and spark their interest in getting involved. It’s also an opportunity to give viewers multiple angles on the concept while keeping their attention longer than with just one video presentation or advertisement.

Plus you get content you can use across different platforms such YouTube, Instagram TV, etc., so there are several layers of potential engagement available as part of your launch strategy for any campaign!

Outline the benefits of creating a video series

Creating a series of videos for your Kickstarter campaign can be an effective way to tell your story and convince backers about the value of supporting your project. In general, there are three key benefits to creating a video series for your Kickstarter campaign.

First, it gives you the opportunity to explain more in-depth the concept behind your product or initiative. Whereas it may be hard to convey all of this information in one video, a series gives you multiple opportunities to introduce different aspects and details of your product or service while holding viewers’ attention. It also enables longer-form content as well as more creative ways of presenting the same concept over multiple videos, making it appealing to potential supporters who are interested in learning more before they decide whether or not they want to back the project.

Second, a series allows for interaction between the creator and viewers by providing links for questions and comments during each episode or space for conversations through social media channels such as Twitter or Reddit. Not only does this incorporate viewer feedback, but also gives viewers an opportunity to become supporters over time as they feel more vested in the product or service after progressive episodes have been released.

Lastly, creating multiple videos gives content creators and marketers an opportunity to develop targeted messages around different topics related to their project in order to reach various customer segments with varying interests and goals. This strategy can be effective if executed correctly by:

    • Getting clear on which market segments are most likely interested (e.g., early adopters)
    • Effectively positioning each segment’s importance within its scripted dialogue
    • Scoring effective images/audio/video resources relative specifically targeting each market segment individually with unique messaging
    • Using social media outreach strategies that showcase how introducing new customer groups brings greater support (e.g., sharing appropriate customer success stories)

Overall creating a series has many benefits that include increasing engagement with supporters/potential backers while increasing visibility through more focused messages within target markets – providing significantly better ROI than other ad placements alone driving greater support towards projects kickstarter initiatives goals.

Video Series Content

Creating a video series for your Kickstarter campaign is a great way to engage with your backers and keep them informed of all the behind-the-scenes action. Videos can be used to explain how a product works, show how it’s used, and offer special incentives to those who back the project. Additionally, videos can be used to demonstrate the progress of the project and generate excitement amongst viewers.

Let’s take a look at what types of content should be included in a video series:

    • Product demonstration
    • Product development updates
    • Customer testimonials
    • Incentives and rewards

Identify the topics to be covered

Creativity is key when it comes to coming up with a series of videos that will engage your audience and help them understand, buy into, and support your project. Once you have crafted an overall theme for the series, you need to identify all of the individual topics that will comprise the entire series. Consider what topics are essential for you to cover in order to explain and bring people around to each part of your project.

When choosing topics, ensure they both describe what Kickstarter backers will be able to do with your project (use case scenarios), as well as offering insight into how they can get more involved with other aspects of the campaign (engagement). Here are some examples:

Use cases:

    • How the product works
    • Initial set up & installation
    • Demonstration of product features & applications in real world scenarios
    • Unboxing product


    • Interviewing members of your team/user stories
    • Behind the scenes glimpses & tours
    • Product design overview/iterations
    • Product announcements/updates

The goal is to identify a list of videos that give potential supporters a comprehensive look at everything related to your project, from concept inception through launch. Choosing which topics should be part of the series often helps inform any copy or language used in associated promotional materials and communications.

Once you have determined which stories need telling throughout the video series content, begin breaking each one into individual parts so you can flesh out ideas for scripts that detail every element from visuals and transitions through sound design.

Decide on the format of the video series

When creating a video series for your Kickstarter campaign, it’s important to decide on the format. Whatever format you choose, make sure it is engaging for viewers and will keep them coming back for more.

One popular option is a vlog-style series of short videos – usually under 3 minutes long – that incorporate interviews and behind-the-scenes glimpses of the project or product. This type of video works well if there is a lot happening in the progression of your project or product and you need to keep viewers updated regularly.

You can also use a tutorial video style as part of your video series. Tutorials are great because they add value to viewers by teaching them how to use or implement something related to your project or product. If you want to create educational content that stands out, this type of video series is well worth considering.

Finally, consider using an interview style video series where you interview people associated with your project or related industry leaders. These types of videos can provide valuable insights into the project while also allowing you to showcase different perspectives from experts in the field.

Set a timeline for the video series

Setting a timeline for your video series is essential for keeping you on track and ensuring that your Kickstarter campaign not only meets its target, but exceeds its expectations. Setting a timeline will help in the pre-planning process and allow you to map out the flow of the video series in order to create content that is both consistent and compelling.

When setting a timeline for your video series it’s important to consider:

    • How long you want each part of the video series to last (e.g., 10 minutes, 5 minutes),
    • How many parts you plan on having,
    • Frequency of videos (e.g., weekly or bi-weekly),

Launch date and schedule for after launch.

The length and frequency of each part in the video series should be determined before any content is created. This can be done by outlining each step or episode within the series and then setting deadlines accordingly. It also helps to have a backup plan if something goes wrong during filming or editing so that new footage can be added or released sooner than expected if needed. This way, followers are always coming back for more content!

Additionally, scheduling a launch date will ensure that all viewers have something exciting to look forward to when it comes time for your Kickstarter campaign’s launch day!


Creating a video series for your Kickstarter campaign is a great way to increase reach and engagement with potential supporters. Producing a series of videos as part of your campaign can be a time consuming process, so it is important to plan ahead and take into account any resources you will need to create a successful video series.

In this section, we’ll discuss the production aspect of creating a video series, from scripting and pre-production, to equipment, editing and post-production:

    1. Scripting and Pre-production
    2. Equipment
    3. Editing
    4. Post-production

Choose the right video production team

Choosing the right video production team for your Kickstarter campaign is a critical step in ensuring its success. You want to find a team that can bring your vision to life with the quality and creativity that will make your project stand out from the crowd.

A professional video production team understands how important it is to stick to both budget and timeline while also producing a high-quality video product. They should have the skills, equipment and experience needed to get the job done right and on time. Working with a dedicated director, assistant director, script supervisor, sound engineer/designer, DP/cameraman, production assistants and other crew members will ensure that your project runs smoothly throughout the development process.

Look for companies that specialize in crowdfunding campaigns as they may have more experience in this area. They should be able to work around tight budgets while still delivering great results. If there are budget constraints, inquire about post production options like voice overs or coloring services which can help lower costs without sacrificing quality or end product delivery timespan.

When searching for a production team, read reviews from past clients as this offers insight into how their service works and what kind of support you can expect from them going forward. Make sure their portfolio aligns with what you’re looking for stylistically so that it matches the vibe of your project — no matter what type of video you’re creating (short films, music videos or films made specifically for crowdfunding).

    • Ask plenty of questions
    • Make sure all pricing details are clear
    • Do not sign any contracts or agreements without understanding them

Doing these steps will ensure that there are no surprises once the project begins!

Set a budget for the video series

Creating a video series for your Kickstarter campaign is no small undertaking. It takes a lot of planning and preparation, as well as a significant amount of resources. Before you embark on the journey of creating the video series, it’s important to set yourself a budget.

Making sure that your budget outlines all potential expenses is essential if you want to ensure that there are no nasty surprises later on down the line. To do this, consider expenses such as:

    • Equipment hire
    • Props
    • Crew members’ pay
    • Location costs
    • Post-production costs such as editing and rendering fees

Knowing what your total estimated budget for the video series is will help you to remain focused and organized throughout production — allowing you to accurately portray your vision within the scope of what’s realistically possible with your resources!

Develop a storyboard and script

Now that you have a fundamental understanding of the advantages of creating a video series for your Kickstarter campaign, it’s time to develop a storyboard and script. This is an essential piece of filmmaking in which the idea, scenes, and style are presented in a sequence. If your campaign involves more than one video, this could be adapted through individual stories.

When writing your script narrative consider incorporating visual elements to complement it. Your storyboard should represent all these components in conceptualized images before you start filming any scenes or shooting photographs. A concise storyboard and well-written script will help you easily track and monitor the production process for each video.

Think about how long each scene should be. The shorter the better as viewers may find long videos tedious to watch. Take into account speaking time for interview sections if the video includes interviews with relevant personnel or customers who have already experienced any promotional offers with regards to your product/service.

Cost is also something to take into account when producing any video or launching a large project on Kickstarter; budget constraints should apply here just as they do throughout the entire campaign process! The process of constructing a storyboard and writing a script will ensure that production costs are kept under control while catering precisely to what needs to be displayed within your crowdfunding pitches.


Creating a video series for your Kickstarter campaign is a great way to promote yourself and your project. By creating a series of short videos, you can showcase your product, provide viewers with in-depth understanding of how to use your product, and showcase why people should support your project. Not only will this help attract backers, it can also help to increase brand visibility and build customer loyalty.

Let’s take a look at how to effectively promote your Kickstarter campaign through video series:

    • Create a video series
    • Showcase your product
    • Explain how to use your product
    • Highlight why people should support your project
    • Attract backers
    • Increase brand visibility
    • Build customer loyalty
    • Leverage social media channels

Creating a series of videos to promote your Kickstarter campaign can help maximize the reach and visibility of your project. When it comes to launching your Kickstarter campaign, using video content is one of the most powerful ways to make an impact.

Video content allows you to tell the story behind your project in a more creative and engaging way than text or images alone. It can also be used to build trust with potential backers, demonstrating that you’re invested in what you’re creating, by showing them how much work and effort goes into each step. Further, videos are also well suited for social media distribution that can increase exposure and help reach more potential backers.

Creating a video series for your campaign will help leverage social media channels such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and Twitter . This gives you the opportunity to engage directly with people interested in the project who may not have been exposed through traditional channels.

Videos are shareable on platforms like Twitter and Facebook which can encourage viewers to take part in discussion around specific topics or features related to the project. As long as each video provides value—whether it’s related information about production or new takes on Kickstarter campaigns—you’ll be able to continue building interest even while waiting for launch day!

    • Use video content to tell the story behind your project
    • Build trust with potential backers by showing them how much work and effort goes into each step
    • Leverage social media channels such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and Twitter
    • Encourage viewers to take part in discussion around specific topics or features related to the project
    • Provide value with each video to continue building interest

Utilize influencers

Working with influencers is an effective method to market your brand as it gives you access to established audiences that already follow the influencer and trust their opinion. To ensure successful partnerships, be sure to find reputable, high-quality influencers that entice genuine engagement with your target customers. Doing research on various platforms such as Instagram and YouTube can help identify potential collaborations.

When it comes to bringing these influencers on board, it’s important to create an attractive campaign that resonates with their followers and incentivizes their participation. Good rewards for involvement could be anything from free products, vouchers and discounts, or monetary compensation depending on the size of the project. Additionally, you should have a clear message about your objectives e.g., spreading brand awareness or generating sales leads before commencing any project.

Utilizing influencer marketing also provides multiple benefits for businesses beyond exposure to target market demographics.

Working with influencers can make your brand more engaging and authentic alongside other advantages such as:

Savings in product costs by providing samples instead of producing full lines of marketing materials — a huge benefit for small businesses —

Inspiring creativity among content creators

Creating deeper relationships with social media users within niche markets that aren’t always reachable through traditional methods of advertising.

Optimize for search engines

Creating a video series for your Kickstarter campaign can be an effective way to boost it in the search engine rankings. When a potential backer lands on your Kickstarter page, they need to see that you have a complete and interesting project that’s worth their investment. Creating a video series allows them to get to know you better and builds trust with potential backers.

A well-crafted, professional-looking video series offers the content and visuals that search engines are looking for when determining rankings. It shows potential backers that you are serious about what you’re doing and makes them feel like their money is going to be well spent. A good video series will be more impressive than any collection of text and images that can only offer so much detail before becoming stale.

Optimizing these videos for search engines using keywords and tags provides an even greater advantage when it comes time for people searching for crowdfunding campaigns related to yours.

Videos help with lead generation since viewers are able to get in touch with you from within the videos themselves or through links at the end of each one.

This allows your potential customers to find out more about what your Kickstarter campaign is all about without having to leave the page they’re already viewing which increases conversions rate significantly.


Creating a video series on your Kickstarter campaign can be a great way to attract potential backers, show off the product, and build trust. It can also help increase engagement with current and future backers, as well as give potential backers more information to make an informed decision. In this post, we examined the benefits of creating a video series for your Kickstarter campaign and provided some tips on how to make it successful.

Benefits of creating a video series:

    • Attract potential backers
    • Show off the product
    • Build trust
    • Increase engagement with current and future backers
    • Give potential backers more information to make an informed decision
    • Tips for creating a successful video series:
    • Set goals for your video series
    • Keep your videos short and to the point
    • Plan out your video topics
    • Create a consistent style for your videos
    • Include a call to action in each video

Summarize the benefits of creating a video series

Creating a video series for your Kickstarter campaign can be a great way to take your project to the next level. A well-made video series gives you the opportunity to educate your audience about the details of your project and highlight why it is unique. It can also help you create buzz around your campaign, promote key moments such as product launches, and establish yourself as an authority in your field.

In addition, videos allow you to keep potential backers engaged and give them a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes of product development, building excitement for what’s ahead.

Furthermore, when done right, video series can play an important role in helping spread word-of-mouth marketing around a Kickstarter campaign and drive more donations. Finally, with video series you can emphasize different aspects of the story depending on who they are being shared with (e.g., potential backers or followers).

In conclusion, creating a video series for your Kickstarter campaign makes sense if you have the resources available as it can be used to inform audiences about the features of your product as well as how their donations will help bring it to life — resulting in more backers and greater success for your project!

Provide a call to action for viewers

Creating a video series and a call to action is key to success when running a Kickstarter campaign. Depending on your goals, the call-to-action might involve signing up or following your project, spreading the word to others about your project, donating money or commenting/engaging with your campaign in some other way. By increasing engagement through viewers, you are also more likely to receive more organic traffic from word-of-mouth and further reach more potential backers.

Moreover, providing viewers with progress reports not only allows them to stay up to date with the project’s developments but also gives them an incentive for investing in it. This helps build trust and show people why they should contribute money or help out in whatever way it makes sense for them.

In order for the call-to-action to be successful, it needs to be made clear in each video that comes out throughout the series so that potential viewers have an idea of what they can do as part of their contribution. Additionally, provide audience members with ways they can participate beyond just making donations such as:

    1. Help spread the message
    2. Get involved by giving advice to help improve the project

It’s important that everyone feels included and incentivized into taking action towards helping bring your Kickstarter video series campaign alive!

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