The Benefits of Using Animation in Your Kickstarter Video


Animation is a powerful medium that has the potential to transform any video into an eye-catching, engaging experience. It can also be used to express complex thoughts and ideas in a simple, visual way. Whether you’re looking to create a more interactive experience for viewers or simply want to make your content more captivating, animation is an excellent addition to your Kickstarter video.

This guide will provide a brief overview of the key benefits of using animation in your Kickstarter video content.

Animation brings life to your Kickstarter video with vivid visuals and special effects that keep viewers engaged throughout. It can help convey complicated information quickly and effectively without overwhelming viewers with long-winded explanations or unnecessary detail. Animation works especially well for more abstract topics or prototype products, allowing you to create interactive stories or fun visuals that bring the message home in a memorable way.

Additionally, it helps bring characters, story elements and background environments alive — adding further production value and enhancing the overall viewing experience.

No matter what project you’re planning to fund through Kickstarter, animation is a surefire way of getting people interested in your cause. With attention spans getting shorter by the day, animations allow creators to connect with their audiences and showcase complex ideas, products, or services.

A few animation styles include:

    1. Motion graphics & 3D animations
    2. Infographics & character designs

What is Animation?

Animation is the process of creating a virtual image that is visually appealing and easy to understand. Animations can be used to create dynamic, narration-based storyboards for advertising and marketing campaigns, as well as for instructional and entertainment purposes.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the advantages of using animation in your Kickstarter video and how it can help you reach the funding goals you have set:

    • Animation can help to engage viewers and keep them interested in your campaign.
    • It can be used to create an engaging story that is easy to follow and understand.
    • Animation can visualize complex concepts, making them easier to understand and remember.
    • It can also be used to showcase your product in a creative and memorable way.

Types of Animation

Animation is an integral tool for creating captivating and engaging Kickstarter videos, adding visual interest and appeal to deliver your message in an entertaining format. It is a series of still images displayed in rapid succession that creates the illusion of movement.

There are a variety of animation types, from hand-drawn illustrations to computer-generated 3D models:

2D Animation: This type uses images created with two-dimensional construction techniques, generally featuring classic cartoon-style animated graphics. It’s commonly used for short films and ads due to its affordability compared to 3D animation.

3D Animation: This is preferred to generate realistic visuals, as it can capture lifelike models with lifelike motions that are difficult to replicate within a 2D program. It requires powerful hardware and software programs.

Motion Graphics: This type of animation combines moving visuals with text elements such as music and dialogue. What makes it unique is its ability to convey complex ideas effortlessly by combining both visual and audio components into one message – the art of storytelling at its best!

Stop Motion: Similar to live action films, this type creates the illusion of movement by combining sets and characters captured frame by frame instead of drawings or 3D objects like other animations. Stop motion also has limited motion from certain angles due to motion blur when there’s too much screen flicker – therefore requiring strong focusing skills on the part of the animator or video editor for better results.

Benefits of using Animation

Animation can be a great tool to create an engaging and visually appealing video for your Kickstarter campaign. Animations can help explain complex concepts or ideas in a simple and concise manner, helping you draw in viewers and get your message across. Furthermore, animations can also be used to add an extra layer of professionalism to your video, making it stand out from the crowd.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using animation in your Kickstarter video.

    • Engaging visuals
    • Explain complex concepts
    • Extra layer of professionalism

Enhances Visuals

Using animation to create visuals for your Kickstarter video can be an effective way to set your project apart from the competition. Animation can help add interest and create visual interest in a way that traditional filming or photography simply cannot. The use of animation allows you to convey information quickly and clearly, and it can be used to create visual effects that are remarkable and highly engaging.

Animation helps you showcase detailed information more concisely – complex concepts and abstract ideas can be effectively communicated with animated visuals that cut through all the noise of lengthy description or dialogue. Visuals created with animation tools are easy to understand, providing the audience with a deeper understanding of the product or service being discussed in the video. With its ability to animate characters and illustrate scenes, animation brings an immersive dimension, creating an emotional impact on viewers – all within short timeframe.

As well as helping explain complex concepts easily, animation also has a way of holding viewer attention since eye-catching visuals have a great capacity for storytelling. Animation also allows you full control over every element featured on-screen – leading to longer viewing times overall.

Establishes Emotional Connection

The use of animation can help to establish an emotional connection with potential backers. Through animation, you can introduce characters, provide relatable stories, and create interest around your product or service. Animation’s charm and appeal allows you to portray complex concepts in a compelling way.

It is flexible and effective in building awareness of your product, company message and benefits, while allowing people to engage while viewing a persuasive message that holds their attention. Animation allows more freedom than live action videos as you don’t have to worry about audio, lighting, or locations.

When used properly, animation helps capture an audience’s imagination – giving it life beyond the limits of reality-based videos. There are many techniques and new technologies available to add even more depth of feeling;

    • 2D comes in many styles such as vector art/character art/cartoonish style;
    • 3D comes with particle effects tangible textures like clouds/smoke/fog moving through space;
    • Motion Graphics involves vibrant logos or titles with audio accompanying them throughout the video;
    • Compositing adds dimensionality and several layers which complete the project beautifully – all these elements when blended together create something unique that stands out amongst other projects within Kickstarter campaigns on its platform.

Increases Engagement

Animation is a great way to increase engagement with your target audience. Adding animation to your video helps bring your story to life, break up text and hold attention for the duration. Animations can be used to explain complex ideas in a way that’s easier for audiences to understand, help add context and engage viewers visually as well as emotionally.

Including animation in your Kickstarter campaign video helps bring an extra level of excitement and charm that viewers just don’t get from static images or footage alone. Animations have the power to instantly draw visitors in, make them feel intrigued, entertained, connected and even excited enough to pledge support.

Animation can also help make a statement without words – animations often deliver impactful messages without saying a single word, helping communicate complex ideas quickly and effectively. Including illustrations or graphics in the form of fun animations can also make a guide or tutorial more fun and engaging. Utilizing animation makes it possible to tell stories that could not otherwise be experienced through sound or visuals alone.

    1. Animation helps increase engagement with your target audience
    2. Animations help explain complex ideas and add context
    3. Animations help draw viewers in and make them feel intrigued
    4. Animations can help make a statement without words
    5. Animations make guides and tutorials more fun and engaging
    6. Animations help tell stories that cannot be experienced through sound or visuals alone

Tips for creating a successful Kickstarter video

Creating a successful Kickstarter video is an essential part of launching a crowdfunding campaign. Animations can be used to add life and energy to your video, and make it more visually engaging for viewers. This section will cover the benefits of using animation in your Kickstarter video, as well as useful tips for creating a successful Kickstarter video.

Benefits of using animation in your Kickstarter video:

    • Increases engagement
    • Makes the video more visually appealing
    • Shows a high level of professionalism

Animation Storyboarding

Storyboarding is a key part of any successful Kickstarter video. It is where all the elements of the video come together, telling your story and helping to create a cohesive narrative. In order to create an effective storyboard for your animation, it is important to fully understand what you are trying to show and how you want to present it.

Start by describing in your own words the story that you want the viewer to see unfold through your video and then break it down into individual frames for each animation scene.

Think about the camera angles, shot styles, panning techniques and transitions that will be used throughout each scene of animation.

Determine how long each scene should last and if there will be any voiceover or music over each specific animated shot.

Once you have identified all of these elements, sketch them out on paper in thumbnail form or as a detailed drawing (if needed). This serves as your roadmap — when completed, it should provide every detail necessary for a successful animation project.

Script Writing

Crafting a great story for your Kickstarter video is key to getting people interested and excited about your project. Your script should be clear, concise and engaging. When writing a script for your video, you will want to include some key pieces of information like:

    1. Why your project is unique
    2. What makes it special
    3. How it’s going to benefit those who back it
    4. The rewards they can expect in return

One way to make sure that your story comes across clearly and effectively with potential backers is by using animation in your Kickstarter video. Animation is a great tool for creating an engaging Kickstarter video because it has the power to convey complex information quickly and concisely without getting lost in detail or bogged down with heavy storylines. It’s also extremely versatile when it comes to illustrating visuals that may be difficult to achieve otherwise (like characters and environments) or depicting abstract concepts in an accessible way.

Animation can be both informative and captivating, bringing across the important points of your story while keeping viewers engaged throughout the entire Kickstarter video. Animated sequences can break-up long segments of text or dialogue as well as making powerful statements or revealing aesthetic details integral to understanding the concept behind your project that live-action footage might not fully capture. Combined with voiceover narration, animation will create a compelling visual narrative that prospective backers are sure to remember!

Animation Style

Animation is a great way to create an engaging, story-driven video for any project. At its core, your video should be an eye-catching and memorable advertisement for your campaign. Animation has the unique ability to convey complicated topics through straightforward visuals with less effort than live-action filming. Especially when it comes to showcasing a new product and how it works.

There are many different types of animation styles available to you. It’s important to pick the right style that matches the look and feel of your project. Popular animation styles include 2D hand-drawn cartoons, 3D motion graphics and stop motion films. Each style has its own benefits depending on what message you want to convey in your video.

2D Hand Drawn Animation: Often used to give a minimalist style or evoke nostalgia when used in classic cartoons or games from decades past, this animation technique is well-suited for communicating character emotions, storytelling and humor without being overly complicated or detailed.

3D Motion Graphics: For high quality visuals that express complex concepts clearly and concisely, 3D motion graphics are often used as they offer great flexibility in terms of scale, color and composition capability without sacrificing quality or details. Highly customizable animations bring life and energy into projects with exciting visual effects conveying just about any type of message you can think of!

Stop Motion Animation: Stop motion offers an interesting take on traditional video shooting by creating movement and life out of static objects — including characters made out of claymation figures! Stop motion projects often have greater production time investments but it pays off with one-of-a-kind creations that come alive leaving viewers feeling satisfied as they understand your message perfectly while still being entertained by the unique experience.

Regardless of the animation style you choose to go with, remember that the most successful Kickstarter videos have both heartwarming stories while quickly summarizing the key points behind why their project needs backers’ support! Animations don’t necessarily have to be time consuming nor excessive – all it takes is some creative ideas combined with clear direction regarding what story needs telling for a successful outcome!


In conclusion, using animation in your Kickstarter campaign video can be an effective tool for capturing and holding the attention of potential investors. Animation allows you to create a visually stimulating masterpiece that can demonstrate the features, benefits and potential of your project or product more clearly without bombarding the investor with information in a long, boring video. Animations can also be used as marketing assets that can be shared across multiple platforms to amplify the success and reach of your campaign.

The use of animation in your Kickstarter video also highlights a level of professionalism and commitment that not every project has access to. As such, it is an excellent way to stand out from other projects and build trust with potential investors before they even become interested in your product. Furthermore, by utilizing professional animators you are making sure that you are producing animation content at the highest possible quality which will only benefit you when it comes time to capture your audience’s attention!

Animation allows you to create a visually stimulating masterpiece that can demonstrate the features, benefits and potential of your project more clearly.

The use of animation in your Kickstarter video highlights a level of professionalism and commitment that not every project has access to.

By utilizing professional animators you are making sure that you are producing animation content at the highest possible quality which will only benefit you when it comes time to capture your audience’s attention!

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