The Importance of a Strong Call to Action in Your Kickstarter Video


A strong call-to-action in your Kickstarter video can be the difference between a successful crowdfunding campaign and one that doesn’t meet its goal. It’s a crucial element of the video because it should be memorable and effective enough to compel your viewers to take action.

A persuasive call-to-action requires some prior strategizing, however. You’ll need to research your audience, think about what kind of language and visuals you can use to convey urgency, and come up with a creative way to make them invest in your project.

In this article, we’ll go over the essential components of developing a powerful call-to-action for your Kickstarter video. We’ll look at the fundamentals of creating an effective message and discuss how storytelling elements can help turn viewers into backers.

    • Research your audience
    • Choose language and visuals to convey urgency
    • Create a creative way to make viewers invest
    • Develop a powerful call-to-action
    • Utilize storytelling elements
    • Set up an effective trackable link

What is a Call to Action?

A call to action (CTA) is an imperative sentence that encourages an immediate response from someone. In marketing and advertising, CTAs are usually found towards the end of content pieces and serve to remind readers or viewers of the key point – and why it is in their best interest to take action.

In the context of a Kickstarter video, this call to action explains what people should do next if they believe in your project. This could include anything from:

    • Pledging money
    • Promoting your campaign via social media
    • Watching the video all the way through

A strong CTA will be succinct and drive home why taking this step will benefit those who listen.

Ultimately, a call to action is meant to create urgency; without it many potential backers may get lost in the sea of other projects vying for attention on Kickstarter. Your CTA should be clear and concise while also inspiring people with excitement and anticipation; after all, it’s important that they understand exactly how they can help make your dream a reality.

Benefits of a Strong Call to Action

Having an effective call to action in your Kickstarter video can have a major impact on the success of your campaign. A great call to action should include a sense of urgency, a clear description of what action you want the viewer to take, and a compelling reason why they should take it.

Let’s look at the various benefits of a strong call to action and how it can help you garner more pledges for your Kickstarter campaign.

    • Sense of Urgency: A sense of urgency helps to motivate people to take action and make a decision.
    • Clear Description of Action: Be sure to provide a clear description of the action you want the viewer to take, such as “pledge now” or “share this video”.
    • Compelling Reason: Explain why taking the desired action is important and of value to the viewer.

By using a strong call to action and emphasizing the benefits of taking the desired action, you can significantly increase the number of pledges to your Kickstarter campaign.

Increased Conversions

The more persuasive your call to action is, the more likely it is that viewers will act on it. By explicitly stating a strong call to action in your Kickstarter video, you can greatly increase the amount of conversions you generate. A well-crafted message that encourages people to take action has the potential to dramatically grow your pledges and create true evangelists for your project.

This means that having a well-worded, effective call to action should be a priority in any Kickstarter video campaign. Take some time and craft a message that will have maximum impact on viewers and drive them to take immediate action. Keep it short, concise and clear so that it easily resonates with viewers and leaves them wanting more information about your project.

You may also find it helpful to use copywriting techniques such as:

    • Targeting specific benefits of taking action;
    • Inspiring trust through focusing on credibility or authority;
    • Creating sense of urgency by including limited time offers or exclusive benefits for responding quickly;
    • Enhancing charm and persuasion by emphasizing emotion;
    • Playing off of fear of missing out (FOMO) by alluding to a limited window of opportunity.

Use these techniques throughout your Kickstarter video script in order to pack as much persuasive punch into each second of the video as possible!

Increased Engagement

Using a strong call to action in your Kickstarter video can help you engage your viewers and increase their willingness to take on the suggested action. It is important to reinforce why your project is special or different from others and why people should be interested in supporting it. A strong, clear call to action will do just that – it will direct the viewers’ attention and motivate them to take on the suggested action.

The strongest call to actions usually provide two elements: direction and incentives. A successful call to action tells viewers exactly what you want them to do (e.g., “back us today”) while also providing some sort of incentive, such as Kickstarter rewards or a chance to be listed as a contributor in marketing materials associated with the project.

By leveraging these elements, you can build an effective incentive structure into your campaign that encourages viewers’ engagement and increases the success of your campaign overall.

It is important, though, not just to make a statement but also encourage viewer participation by delivering simple instructions on how they can contribute or pledge support at an early stage of the video.

Lastly, including names of people who have already committed their support for the long-term indicates that someone else has already trusted in this venture providing more confidence for potential contributors that their investment won’t go unrewarded.

Improved Brand Awareness

Creating a strong call to action in your Kickstarter video is an excellent way to improve brand awareness. A call to action invites viewers to take the next steps they need to support your cause, create a change, or become part of your organization. By including a brief and clear request at the end of your video, you’re making sure that everyone who watches will know exactly what they can do next. It also helps ensure that potential backers have a clear understanding of how they can support you and what their involvement will look like.

Having a strong call to action establishes trust that potential donors need in order to confidently back your project or cause. Furthermore, adding elements such as:

    • Motivational quotes from notable supporters
    • Statistics about the cause’s success thus far
    • Positive customer testimonials

allows viewers an additional glimpse into how their involvement could make an impact for good in their own lives and within their communities.

How to Craft a Strong Call to Action

A strong call to action is essential for any successful Kickstarter video. It can help you make a compelling plea to potential backers, encouraging them to pledge money and support your project. It’s important to craft a well-written call to action that stands out and persuades viewers to take action.

In this article, we’ll go through how to craft a call to action that will increase your chances of getting funded:

    • Clarify the action you want viewers to take
    • Include a sense of urgency
    • Make sure it’s clear and to the point
    • Incorporate visuals and sound cues
    • Use positive language

Keep it Simple

When it comes to crafting a strong call to action (CTA), simplicity is key. Oftentimes, the simplest call-to-action is also the most effective in driving conversions, since your audience can digest information quickly. As a rule of thumb, try to make sure your CTA includes only two or three essential elements: an engaging headline, clear instructions on how to take action, and an enticing benefit that captures attention.

If you can manage to bring all these elements together in one succinct sentence, you will be well on your way to improving your Kickstarter video’s performance. Take time to create a compelling statement that quickly communicates the value of taking action and make sure that this message is echoed throughout everything else in the video – from visuals to audio – as well as in any promotional materials accompanying the video.

Ultimately, building a strong call-to-action involves knowing your target audience and what motivates them. Spend time researching their content consumption habits and preferences so that you can create an efficient message tailored specifically for them.

    • Keep it concise
    • Concisely framed with clear instructions
    • How viewers can get involved with your project
    • Find out more information about it

Make it Relevant

Creating a strong call to action starts with making it relevant to the context of your message. Your CTA should make sense in the context of what you’re saying and focus on the main outcome(s) you want your reader or viewer to take away from the message.

Your call-to-action should be tailored to precisely communicate what you want them to do, and also match their current stage in the backer’s journey. For example, if you’re making a page targeting people who are just starting to research a particular topic, rather than using something like “buy now”, try using “learn more” instead. That more relatable language will encourage readers at that stage of their journey.

The key is to ensure there is clarity in your CTA by only having one major actionable item per page or messaging platform. You don’t want readers feeling confused or overwhelmed about what they should do next; not knowing which way is up on your website could cause potential customers to abandon ship altogether.

Effective CTAs should speak directly to customer desires and needs by enabling them with information tailored specifically for them; they should be able to easily comprehend how they’ll benefit from taking action on your message and why it relates directly back to them.

An effective CTA uses language that appeals directly impacting emotions such as:

    1. Risk mitigation (users will be kept safe in some way)
    2. Urgency (like limited rewards)

Make it Timely

A great call to action will motivate and encourage people to take immediate action on your product or campaign. It should capture their attention and provide them with a way to act and make a change now. To create such a call, you must make it timely, relevant and simple.

When it comes to making the call time-sensitive, don’t be too obvious — that could just turn potential backers off. Instead, focus on the importance of taking action right now as well as how waiting will have negative consequences. Highlight why people need your product or campaign today and why delays can damage their chances of benefiting from it in the future.

You should also let people know about any special offers available for those who act quickly — this may provide the extra push some need to support your initiative immediately rather than waiting for a future date. Make sure to add an expiration date for these exclusive offers so backers understand when they need to act by in order to take advantage of them.

    1. Provide a simple means of taking action.
    2. Introduce special offers before they expire.

Finally, avoid complicated instructions or laborious processes for acting on your call — providing a simple means of taking action is ideal as then more people are likely to do so readily without needing further encouragement from you or anyone else involved in the project. When crafting a strong call that encourages immediate action while introducing special offers before they expire, you stand a much greater chance at obtaining that support you desire starting with your Kickstarter video!

Make it Urgent

A strong call to action (CTA) is an essential element to successful fundraising. That’s why it’s important for you to craft an effective and compelling CTA in your Kickstarter video. The best CTAs are ones that get potential backers involved right away by creating a sense of urgency and offering incentives.

One way to make your CTA urgent is by creating shorter deadlines for backers who take advantage of special offers or bonuses. This could be something as simple as a limited time reward or access to exclusive pre-order content. Whatever it is, the goal should be to motivate backers into taking action now rather than waiting until later.

Another way to make your CTA more urgent is by using language that directly appeals to viewers’ emotions and sensing of scarcity. Highlighting incentives, rewards, and any other exclusive content available only for early birds can also increase urgency and encourage action from those who view your video.

Ultimately, the goal of crafting a strong CTA in your Kickstarter video should be twofold:

    1. Create a sense of urgency convincing potential backers why it’s better (or worse!) for them not to wait any longer;
    2. Showcase any benefits or exclusive opportunities available only from taking action immediately — entice them with rewards but make sure you explain what those rewards are before ending the pitch.

With these strategies in mind, you can create effective calls-to-action that will help convince viewers to become part of your mission today!


The conclusion of your Kickstarter video is where you’ll make the strongest push for support. Your call to action should be clear and concise, asking potential backers to join your project. Let them know why they should get involved, and remind them what they’ll get in return. Urge them to spread the word and share with family and friends who might be interested in backing you. Make sure that the language you use is thoughtful, timely, and personalized.

To wrap up your call to action in a visual way, consider introducing a hashtag that supporters can use when they choose to tweet or post about your campaign on social media websites. A hashtag will help direct other potential supporters to learn more about your project without having to do extensive research into what kinds of things are currently trending on their networked platforms:

    • Create an easy-to-remember hashtag for your project.
    • Encourage supporters to share their stories and experiences.
    • Keep the hashtag visible in your video, website, and other promotional materials.

Finally, remember that the number one thing potential backers want from creators is authenticity. Your closing words should be genuine and heartfelt in order for viewers to feel connected to you as a creator and prospectively commit their support or pledge money towards achieving the goals of your project.

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