The Role of Branding in Successful Kickstarter Videos


Kickstarter videos serve as an important marketing tool for entrepreneurs launching a new product or service. While they’re meant to excite potential investors, they also have to establish a strong brand narrative in order to be successful. A well-crafted, unique branding strategy that tells a story will help make your Kickstarter video more memorable and engaging.

In this article, we’ll look at the essential components of a successful Kickstarter video and how to establish a strong brand identity:

    • Identifying Your Brand Narrative
    • Developing Your Brand Visuals
    • Creating Compelling Content
    • Engaging Your Audience

What is branding?

Branding is the process of creating a recognizable, memorable and consistent visual identity across multiple consumer touch points. It helps give potential backers an understanding of who you are as an organization, what kind of products or services you offer and why they should choose you over other similar campaigns. A strong brand helps create trust in a product or service, as well as reputable and lasting relationships with customers.

In the context of your Kickstarter video, branding can help create a unified and recognizable message is what will be heard by potential backers. Crafting a meaningful message that drives home your vision, mission and values is key to making sure that the right people back your campaign.

Additionally, by featuring logos and colors associated with your brand in the video this adds additional value which goes beyond just providing information about the product; it reinforces people’s existing opinions on a company or project.

It’s also important to extend branding consistency beyond the visual element; engaging graphics, humorous videos or emotionally charged music all play a role in how effectively you are able to capture people’s attention.

By maintaining consistency throughout these different elements of your video campaign you can tie together an overall package that allows potential backers to connect with your unique message on many different levels.

Why is branding important for Kickstarter videos?

Due to the growing prevalence of crowdfunding platforms, entrepreneurs and creatives must find innovative ways to make their product or campaign stand out from the sea of competitors. Establishing a unified and distinct brand helps your audience recognize and remember your startup, funding goal and product in a crowded market. Branding is also important for creating trust with potential investors as it establishes credibility, portrays professionalism and gives you an opportunity to connect emotionally with potential customers.

When it comes to successful Kickstarter videos, branding goes hand in hand with effective storytelling techniques. Not only does it outline who you are as an entrepreneur but it also creates an emotional connection at a glance. It can effectively capture customer loyalty among those who view the video or content about the project. Using consistent branding elements such as color schemes, graphics or logo helps bring consistency across campaigns which can help foster positive connections with potential customers over time.

By utilizing effective branding in Kickstarter videos one can create high quality video content that not only strategically communicates their campaign goals but also builds loyalty among viewers and customers alike.

Establishing a unified and distinct brand helps your audience recognize and remember your startup, funding goal and product in a crowded market.

Branding is also important for creating trust with potential investors as it establishes credibility, portrays professionalism and gives you an opportunity to connect emotionally with potential customers.

Using consistent branding elements such as color schemes, graphics or logo helps bring consistency across campaigns which can help foster positive connections with potential customers over time.

By utilizing effective branding in Kickstarter videos one can create high quality video content that not only strategically communicates their campaign goals but also builds loyalty among viewers and customers alike.

Branding Strategies

Branding is an important part of any successful Kickstarter project, and the same holds true for creating a successful Kickstarter video. Investing in well thought-out branding strategies can help make your video stand out and give it the extra edge that it needs to succeed.

We’ll discuss various branding strategies and how they can be used to help effectively promote your Kickstarter video:

    • Creating a unique logo to represent your project
    • Developing a unique color palette
    • Developing a recognizable visual style
    • Using creative typography
    • Developing a strong call-to-action

Establish a unique identity

It’s essential to establish a unique identity that accurately reflects the values, mission and personality of the brand. Consumers should easily recognize the brand, its offerings, and how it differentiates from competitors. Brand identity can be expressed through the physical design of logos, packaging, and products; through voice, tone and messaging; or through experiences such as customer service. The key is to understand who your audience is and what they want or need in order to develop an appealing message that will resonate with them.

Once an identity has been established, this must be applied consistently across all touch points such as advertising images and copywriting on websites and landing pages. This helps customers to form an emotional connection with your brand and creates trust between you and potential buyers by allowing them to identify with your values. Every aspect of a customer’s encounter with your business – from opening hours to customer service emails – should always reflect consistent marketing efforts that reinforce this chosen identity.

    • Logos, packaging, and products
    • Voice, tone and messaging
    • Experiences such as customer service
    • Advertising images and copywriting
    • Opening hours
    • Customer service emails

In addition, it’s important for spokespeople for your business (whether internal executives or celebrities) to have a clear understanding of the brand’s identity so that all messaging resonates positively throughout channels where it exists – from radio adverts to YouTube videos!

Create a consistent look and feel

In today’s digital age, companies need to create a consistent look and feel across all their platforms and products. This includes website design and content, product packaging, social media posts, advertising campaigns, print materials and more. Through this consistency, businesses can create a cohesive brand identity that stands out from the competition.

Developing a consistent look and feel requires the creative use of color palettes and cohesive fonts throughout your branding campaigns. Color influences how consumers perceive your brand, so make sure to choose colors that accurately reflect the values of your company while also making sure they are eye-catching enough to grab people’s attention.

Additionally, selecting an appropriate font family to use consistently throughout all of your platforms ensures recognition every time consumers come across something related to your brand.

Blending images into your branding campaign is another vital step for visual consistency. Selecting photos or other imagery that reflects the desired mood or emotion gives consumers not only an immediate understanding of what the company stands for but also staying power in their memory banks as well as on their timeline feeds.

Additionally, incorporating original illustrations into materials helps provide unique visuals for customers’ eyes to latch onto which helps form long-term memories with ease whenever they encounter something related to your company again in the future.

Utilize a strong visual language

Using a strong visual language is a powerful way to develop brand recognition and establish an emotional connection with customers. It’s essential to incorporate visuals throughout all aspects of the branding process, including logos, packaging, advertising materials and website design. The visuals should accurately reflect your brand values and convey the message you want to communicate.

Your visual language should also use consistent design elements throughout all channels. This includes color schemes, typography, images and messaging. Consistency helps customers quickly recognize your brand when they come into contact with it online or in-store — giving them an immediate association with the values you are trying to communicate.

When creating visuals for your branding strategy, consider how each element connects to your overall message and ask yourself if it accurately reflects who you are as a business. Developing a clear set of guidelines will help you maintain consistency across all platforms both now and in the future.

By leveraging a strong visual language that accurately reflects your brand values and aspirations, you can create an emotional connection between customers and your brand that can last for years to come.

Branding Elements

Branding is an important part of any successful Kickstarter video. It helps to create a memorable impression with potential backers and can sometimes be the difference between success and failure.

From logos to images, colors, and fonts – all these branding elements should be considered when creating a Kickstarter video. In this section, we will discuss what branding elements should be included and how they can help to make your video stand out.

    • Logos
    • Images
    • Colors
    • Fonts

Logo design

Having a recognizable logo is an essential element of any successful Kickstarter campaign. A logo isn’t just a fancy font — it conveys the identity of your project and is the first piece of your brand puzzle. When applied to video content, a logo helps lend credibility to your narrative.

When creating a logo for a Kickstarter campaign, make sure it is unique and memorable. As with any branding or visual design, the goal is to communicate what sets you apart from other projects. Logo design should be simple and regularly repeated throughout all material related to the project (videos, landing pages, merch, etc.).

Additionally, it’s important that your logo still looks great even in small resolutions as many people will encounter it on small screens (mobile devices).

The process of designing logos isn’t one size fits all; there are various approaches depending on your level of budget and experience in graphic design. It’s important to research beforehand and create something that resonates with your audience while staying true to the identity of the project.

Here are some tips for designing a logo for a Kickstarter campaign:

    1. Research your competition and identify a unique angle
    2. Make sure the logo is simple and memorable
    3. Ensure the logo looks good in small resolutions
    4. Keep the identity of the project in mind

Color palette

The color palette you choose for a project’s branding elements will influence how each of your videos comes across to your viewers. While it is okay to use multiple colors, it is important to limit the number of colors in order to ensure brand consistency and ensure legibility.

When it comes to selecting the right color palette for a given brand, it is best to think beyond just shades and hues. Not only should the selection be based off personal preference and existing branding elements, but also based on the emotion one wishes to evoke from viewers. Some warm colors are known to evoke feelings of comfort and nostalgia while some cool tones can create an air of expertise or professionalism.

For instance, depending on the adventure a Kickstarter video wants to take its viewer on — soapsuits werks capitalizing on minimalist design cues with cooler blues and grays or an indie game developers focusing more on bold palettes with warm oranges — having a specific thought-out color palette that ties into the overall video’s message will be key in successfully driving viewer response.


Typography plays an important role in boosting the impact of a Kickstarter video. While the use of a consistent font helps to establish a brand identity, it’s also important to select font sizes and style that are easy to read onscreen. When selecting text styles, consider contrast between foreground and background colors, as well as font weight and kerning. For example, when showcasing body text, bold-faced fonts and large letter spacings can help viewers separate information more easily when watching a video.

Beyond aesthetics, typography plays another key role in Kickstarter videos — presentation of ideas. Carefully crafted headlines and subtitles are essential for communicating your message effectively and quickly. Keep titles brief yet relevant for improved scan-ability should viewers want or need to quickly jump between sections in the video.

Consider using tools such as animation to further draw attention to titles and key elements of the story you’re telling through your video. This can be especially useful for both highlighting key facts or drawing attention away from lesser significant segments throughout the production:

    1. Highlighting key facts
    2. Drawing attention away from lesser significant segments

Video Production

Video production is a key element when it comes to creating a successful Kickstarter video. You need to make sure your video is visually appealing and that it communicates your message clearly and effectively. It’s also important to keep branding in mind as you create your video. Branding helps create a unique identity and establishes trust with potential customers.

In this section, we’ll look at how branding plays a role in successful Kickstarter videos:

    • Making sure your video is visually appealing
    • Communicating your message clearly and effectively
    • Creating a unique identity
    • Establishing trust with potential customers


When it comes to successfully producing a Kickstarter video, storytelling is an essential component. Potential donors need to connect with the story being presented and feel compelled to either donate themselves or share the project with others so that more donations can be made. A well-crafted story should not just explain what the project is. It should also showcase why it is needed, how it will benefit people, and more importantly, how donors can contribute.

Branding plays an important role in this storytelling process. By adding recognizable symbols, visuals, logos and fonts associated with your project, you are able to create an impactful and memorable message that energizes viewers and drives them towards becoming active participants by contributing financially or sharing the Kickstarter video with their peers in order to increase support for your cause or idea.

    • Recognizable symbols
    • Visuals
    • Logos
    • Fonts

When branding correctly within a Kickstarter video production context, makers have found success in making sure each element of their visual identity correlates back to their story and reinforces the values that they seek bring into fruition.


When filming a video for a Kickstarter campaign, cinematography plays an essential role in creating a professional look and feel. This is especially true when the video features on-screen talent. Shots should not just be neat, but also creative and visually pleasing.

Good cinematography should emphasize the brand’s features, values, and/or story as clearly as possible. It should capture the attention of the viewer to maximize engagement, ensuring key messages are transmitted for maximum impact.

Paying attention to lighting and angles are important aspects to be aware of throughout any video project. Ultimately, good cinematography should serve to strengthen the brand’s intended message while optimizing the visual experience of viewers watching the video or film.

Creating unique frames or integrating special techniques aid in this goal, such as:

    • Slow-motion shots
    • High speed transitions
    • Drone footage (when appropriate)

But keep in mind that these should all be used sparingly to prevent viewer’s fatigue or distraction away from your message and branding. Careful thought needs to be put into each shot’s purpose before shooting any scene and is essential when try telling a story with your video production!

Music and sound design

Music and sound design play a prominent role in creating a successful Kickstarter campaign video. Music must accurately reflect the subject matter and capture attention, as well as being appropriate for the length of the video. Sound design will reinforce your message through crisp audio effects and soundbites, as well as all other sound that you choose to include, such as narration or interviews.

When combined thoughtfully, music and sound design help establish a mood that can effectively convey your message in an emotive way. When selecting tracks, consider the style of music you want to represent your brand’s image and tone of voice.

Additionally, it is important to make sure that any music used is cleared for commercial use or licensed correctly; this prevents any legal issues arising from using uncredited work or copyrighted material without permission.

There are many commercial libraries available where music can be purchased to use in videos with permission from those who own it. This allows content creators to avoid getting into legal trouble for using unlicensed material without permission.


From our exploration of successful Kickstarter videos, we have seen that branding plays a crucial role in their success. Branding can help to create a strong and cohesive story, to draw the attention of viewers, and to establish trust. Additionally, having the right visuals, audio, and music can also help to engage potential backers and give the campaign a boost.

We have seen from the videos we explored how branding elements can come together to create an effective presentation:

    • Strong and cohesive story
    • Attention-grabbing visuals
    • Appropriate audio and music

Summary of the importance of branding for Kickstarter videos

Branding plays an important role when it comes to creating successful Kickstarter videos. Establishing a strong identity for the piece is essential to generate interest and effectively reach potential donors. When it comes to creating memorable and effective videos that stand out from the crowd and inspire viewers to support your goal, the use of a well-defined brand can be instrumental in driving success.

To reinforce your unique identity as a creator and create an effective and consistent brand for your video, you should consider the following:

    1. Highlighting key messages within the visuals
    2. Engaging a knowledgeable narrator
    3. Using sound cues and visuals that fit with your project’s particular aesthetic

Having a cohesive visual identity throughout clips – whether it’s color or composition – will keep viewers better engaged with the video’s purpose and content.

By following these guidelines, you can make sure that potential supporters get an accurate sense of what you’re attempting to achieve before they pledge their funds.

Final thoughts on the role of branding in successful Kickstarter videos

The role of branding in successful Kickstarter videos is essential to maximize the chances of a successful campaign. It is not just about having attractive visuals and interesting storylines, but also about making sure that everything works together to create a unique and memorable image. By using imagery and messaging aligned with their brand identity, organizations can ensure that their projects stand out from the competition and benefit from positive public perception.

In addition, leveraging existing followers, social networks, and earned media offer an unparalleled opportunity for exposure prior to launch. Appropriate branding in campaigns allows potential backers an emotional connection between the project mission and their own values. This emotional resonance is one of the key factors influencing decisions made on crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter.

Overall, campaigns should consider incorporating branding elements into their project pitches throughout their entire duration in order to make the most effective use of available resources – whether through visuals or messaging – to promote their ventures most effectively and achieve maximum success on crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter.

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