Tips for Optimizing Your Kickstarter Video for Search

Research Your Audience

When you’re creating a Kickstarter video, you need to understand who your audience is and what they’re looking for. This can help you make sure your video appeals to them and reaches your goals.

Researching your audience can also help guide you in optimizing your Kickstarter video for search. You can look at the keywords that people are searching for on search engines in relation to your product and use these in your video.

In this section, we’ll explore how to research your audience and use the results to optimize your video for search:

    • Research the audience and their needs
    • Analyze search engine keywords related to your product
    • Optimize your Kickstarter video for your target audience

Identify your target audience

To ensure that your video reaches the right audience, it’s important to first identify who they are. Research is a key part of this process.

Start by creating a buyer persona of your target customers. Consider the typical demographic information such as gender, age, income, occupation and location, as well as psychographic details such as the lifestyles and interests of the people you’re targeting. Think about what kind of people might be interested in your product or service, and how you can create a message that resonates with them.

Once you know who you’re talking to, you can start researching their online behavior. Use tools such as Buzzsumo and Google Trends to get an overview of what type of content is popular among them, including videos on YouTube and social media trends on platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

You can combine this data with insights from surveys to understand the topics that will keep your target audience engaged during your Kickstarter video.

Buyer persona:

    • Demographic information: gender, age, income, occupation, location
    • Psychographic information: lifestyles, interests

Research tools:

    • Buzzsumo and Google Trends

Content popular among target audience:

    • Videos on YouTube
    • Social media trends on platforms like Twitter and Instagram

Understand their needs and interests

When preparing your video, it’s essential to learn who your target audience is. First, use the information available to you, such as demographic data and interests of people that have already followed your page. Utilize social media and marketing research tools like Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics to learn more about who is visiting and engaging with your page.

Once you are better informed on who exactly might be interested in what you have to offer, get focused by finding out what motivates them. Are they driven by price or do they want something special? Do they want a convenient experience or something extraordinary? Consider their interests including whether they prefer eco-friendly products or traditional solutions.

Having this insight will help you select which key phrases should be included in titles and tags for optimization of the Kickstarter video search results. Additionally, use these learnings when developing a script that speaks directly to the desired audience and infuses persuasive call-to-action statements throughout. Including an incentive such as limited time discounts also works to amplify viewership and reach potential buyers and influencers among potential target audiences – building a strong presence through engagement on a planned basis keeps the followers interested in what one has to share.

Create a Script

Writing a script for your Kickstarter video is the first step to optimize your video for search. It helps to provide structure and makes it easier for viewers to understand your message. You should also:

    1. Make sure to use keywords that people would likely be searching for
    2. Include targeted phrases to make sure your video is optimized for search results
    3. By writing a script with these elements in mind, you will be able to create an effective Kickstarter video.

Brainstorm ideas for your video

Before writing your script, get inspired. Brainstorm ideas for your project video by surfing the web, studying videos produced by top filmmakers and engaging yourself in activities that help to broaden your own unique outlook on topics related to the product or service you wish to promote through Kickstarter.

Also consider books and shows that have made use of the platform’s crowd-funding strategy previously — what elements in those projects made them so successful? Which parts can be incorporated into your own creation?

Do research regarding different aspects of the subject matter of your movie – contemporary trends, market statistics, target demographics — as this information is essential to understand where you need to take the story and whom it needs to cater to attract investors.

Analyze data collected from multiple sources and compile it into a comprehensive overview for further review. Take notes throughout this process, as ideas can come up suddenly.

When these tasks are complete, begin devising concrete kickoff points for the discussion in your video. Think about a tagline if needed; think about a character or characters that could easily embody traits highly relevant to the product’s purpose; develop questions for potential dialogues about why people should fund this project. If a humorous approach is deemed suitable, brainstorm comedic moments related but not overly dependent on punchlines – subtlety injected from time-to-time, but they should improve upon an already established narrative premise rather than exist as standalone gags irrelevant to the subject matter at hand.

By doing all of these things first then diving into writing mode , you are more likely to produce closer revisions with each attempt when scripting out your Kickstarter video!

Outline the main points of the video

Creating a script for your Kickstarter video is the first step in creating an effective video. Begin by outlining the main points and then create short, digestible bits of information that you can use to lead into each section. Each section should add value and provide information that viewers will be interested in hearing. Aim to keep it under five minutes long but still have enough content to convey your message.

When outlining your main points, start with an introduction of who you are and what your project is about. Then dive into the details of how it works, how it solves a problem in the world, its unique features or qualities, and end with a call-to-action for when viewers are ready to become part of the project.

Once you’ve outlined all of your points, make sure each sentence flows smoothly as if one thought led naturally to the next. Your scripting should sound as close to natural conversation as possible without losing impact or clarity of purpose. Make sure you’re familiar with the material before beginning so that everything reads comfortably on camera instead of becoming robotic or wooden when you recite it from memory during shooting.

Before finalizing your script, run it through again with an emphasis on optimizing phrases for search engine visibility so tasks such as describing a solution to a problem in plain language rather than jargon can bring more people will find your video more easily online if they search for particular keywords related to your project idea or solution. This helps ensure more potential backers will see the project first and make it easier for those interested in crowdfunding to find successful campaigns without having them sorted spontaneously among reams of unrelated content online.

Optimize Your Video

Leveraging videos is one of the best ways to promote your Kickstarter campaign. Videos should be used to introduce your product, showcase its features and explain why the product is worth investing in. To make sure your video is reaching the right audience, it is important to optimize it for search. Here are a few tips on how you can optimize your Kickstarter video for search:

    1. Include relevant keywords in the title and description of your video.
    2. Create an engaging thumbnail for your video.
    3. Link back to your Kickstarter page in the description of your video.
    4. Promote your video on social media platforms.
    5. Encourage viewers to leave comments and engage with the video.

Include relevant keywords in your title

Adding relevant keywords to your video title can be an effective way to make your video more discoverable by potential backers. Keep in mind that the focus keywords should not only be relevant to the campaign, but also related to what people are likely searching for when researching projects on Kickstarter.

Try to think from a backer’s perspective – what search terms might they input into Kickstarter’s search function? When brainstorming keywords, you should also think about popular words surrounding your campaign and use those effectively in your title as well. This can help search engine crawlers index your video and help it get discovered by viewers more easily.

For example, if you have a project related to music, you could include keywords like “album”, “musician” or “band”.

It is also important to note that keyword stuffing is not recommended by Kickstarter – try not use overly explicit or unrelated terms just for the sake of it, as this could hurt rather than help with search optimization efforts. Aim for clarity so that viewers are able understand instantly what the video is about without needing to read through too much additional content before they hit ‘play’ on the video itself.

Include relevant keywords in your description

When you are creating your Kickstarter video, be sure to include relevant keywords in the description. This is an important step in making sure that potential stakeholders can find your project online or on social media networks.

Begin by researching popular and relevant keywords for the topic of your project and add them to the description. Think about the type of people who are likely to be interested in your project, what words and phrases they would use to search for it, and use those within the description. For example, if you’re raising funds for a documentary about wild wolves you could include words like:

    • Documentary
    • Wildlife
    • Wolves
    • Conservation

It’s also helpful to mention related topics such as any charities or organizations associated with the film so donors searching for those organizations will be more likely to come across your video. Additionally, don’t forget about tagging any related campaigns which could potentially drive more donors towards yours as well.

Last but not least, don’t forget to include a call-to-action at the end of the video so when potential stakeholders find it they are motivated to do something with that information – like share it or donate!

Include relevant keywords in your tags

When listing your Kickstarter video, you must properly tag your project video. These tags are key phrases that describe the contents of the video. Relevant keywords should be included in the tags to increase the chances of being found in search engine results.

When choosing keywords, you should consider using words that accurately describe all aspects of your project – not only what is shown in the video, but also what it’s about, and why someone may be interested in it.

Try to think beyond generic and competitive terms such as “startup,” “funding” or “entrepreneur.” Consider including names of any people involved (founders, experts interviewed or customers), locations or other factors related to the story being told in the video for maximum visibility.

Don’t forget about long-tail keywords as well; these are longer phrases – almost like a sentence fragment – that target particular queries made by users who already have an understanding of similar projects or products and want more detailed information about yours specifically.

Long-tail keywords can help draw specific people with a specific interest to your project page and increase Kickstarters visibility among potential backers who are best suited for YOUR unique business goals.

Promote Your Video

Having a great video is key to making a successful Kickstarter campaign, but it is not enough to guarantee success on its own. You need to promote your video in order to get your project the visibility it needs to reach potential backers.

Here are some tips to optimize your video for search and ensure maximum visibility:

    • Create an eye-catching video thumbnail
    • Include relevant keywords in your video’s title
    • Write a keyword-rich description of your video
    • Share your video on social media
    • Pay for targeted advertising

Share on social media

Social media is a great way to gain visibility and reach a wider audience. When you post your video, include relevant keywords in the description and/or add them to the content tag as suggested topics. You can also add a link to your campaign page so viewers can easily access it. Be sure that you’re using multiple, properly sized images for different social media networks—it will help draw your fans in and get them to interact with your video.

It’s also important to explore alternative channels, such as YouTube or Vimeo, which might offer more exposure for your project video given their global reach and show audiences from various parts of the world exactly what you have in mind for what you’re hoping to achieve with your campaign.

For projects that involve art forms and creative expressions (e.g. film, music), these sites could be particularly useful since users are most likely searching for content on these two platforms.

Consider leveraging Pinterest or Instagram if you are creating something visually stunning that can benefit from being showcased through visually engaging imagery — note how often images get shared on these two devices!

Use non-traditional methods like Reddit that might operate outside of mainstream social media channels but offers unique targeting capabilities and greater exposure potentials if used correctly.

Reach out to influencers

Reaching out to influencers within your target audience can be a powerful way to reliably reach new viewers. Influencers have built up an audience of people who follow the influencer because they’re interested in what the influencer recommends. Reaching out to these individuals and cultivating relationships with them can be vital for any campaign.

Develop a list of influencers in your field, introducing yourself and your project and offering to do a joint project, offer an exclusive preview, or simply ask for their opinion on the video. Schedule time each day just to messaging influential people who could potentially spread the word about your Kickstarter video far beyond what advertising alone could achieve.

It’s important to remember that relationships take time and effort to build, so if you don’t get an immediate response, keep attempting to connect over the duration of your campaign.

Keep track of who you’ve contacted so you don’t repeat the same outreach without knowing it.

The more organized you are with outreach, the better chance you give yourself at success!

Submit your video to relevant websites

Submitting your video to relevant websites related to your technique or project can help make it more discoverable and boost its visibility. Keeping your target audience in mind, search for certain keywords and make sure they are represented in the title and description of your video. Keep in mind that different titles appeal to different viewership, so use words like “free” or specifically describe what makes your technique unique. Make sure you include backlinks within the description of the upload (to platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) so users can easily navigate to other related videos or information about your project on a crowdfunding platform such as Kickstarter.

Additionally, becoming an active member on discussion forums and sites related to the content covered in your video is key. Not only will this create an audience around you interested in seeing the progress made on this project, but engaging with potential users and supporters helps build a sense of trust.

    • Search for relevant keywords
    • Include a descriptive title and description
    • Include backlinks
    • Become an active member of related forums

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