Top Kickstarter Video Trends to Watch Out For


When it comes to crowdfunding, videos can be a great way to capture the hearts, mindsand wallets – of your potential backers. For crowdfunding success, creating an engaging video can help you convey your messaging quickly and efficiently in order to secure potential donors and increase the exposure of your project.

However, trends in video production can change quickly so it’s important for projects to stay ahead of the curve. To that end, here are some key Kickstarter video trends that you should watch out for:

Emotional Storytelling: Successful Kickstarter videos are those that tell a compelling story that emotionally engages viewers and presents a clear narrative arc. Personal anecdotes from yourself or backers of your previous projects will show potential funders what it means to be part of this journey with you.

Professional Production: We live in the era where good-looking films are made on smartphones, but if one wants to stand out above the rest by having professional grade quality videos, they should invest in hiring on professionals who can think outside the box when creating their project’s visuals or they could even try using studio style lighting and set design to really give their video its own unique look and feel.

Transparency: It is important for projects seeking funding to communicate openly with their supporters transparency so that backers know how exactly their pledged money will affect change for them or those you serve through this project’s needs and goals clearly illustrated.

By staying aware of these key Kickstarter video trends when creating content for crowdfunding campaigns, you have a higher chance at success as you more easily be able to convey your message more concisely while also resonating with potential supporters who share similar values as well by connecting with them through meaningful storytelling techniques found within modern period media delivery practices across all types of platforms today — platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo—as nothing quite captures attention quite like powerful visuals do during this digital age we find ourselves amid right now online especially when making decisions critically within moments on how best support various initiatives around us through crowdfunding practices seen world wide today — so keep updated on these key trends today!


Storytelling can be an effective way to connect with an audience, and it is an important element of a successful Kickstarter video. Storytelling can create an emotional connection with viewers, as well as help explain why your project matters. Let’s take a look at how storytelling can be used in Kickstarter videos and some elements to consider when crafting a compelling story for your project.

    • Establishing a context
    • Adding a narrative arc
    • Building suspense
    • Including a call to action

Focus on the problem

One of the key elements of successful storytelling is to focus on the problem that needs to be solved. Your story should begin with a protagonist (the main character) facing a problem or challenge. This serves as the catalyst for their eventual transformation and resolution of the conflict, ultimately leading to a better outcome.

For instance, let’s say you are telling a story about an entrepreneur who is struggling to finance her start-up business. The tension between her potential success and her financial struggles can create an engaging storyline that will draw your audience into the narrative. Through challenges and obstacles along the way, she can eventually overcome her initial difficulty and create a successful business venture.

By focusing on the problem in your story, you can make it more compelling and relatable for your listeners by creating an underlying sense of suspense throughout its entirety. This type of storytelling also encourages your audience to think more critically about what they are hearing instead of just passively listening to information thrown at them. Not only will this make your stories more memorable but it will also increase understanding and hopefully lead to effective action from those who have heard you speak:

    • Identify the problem or challenge the protagonist is facing
    • Highlight the tension between potential success and financial struggles
    • Create an engaging storyline for your audience
    • Encourage listeners to think critically about what they are hearing
    • Make your stories more memorable and lead to effective action

Make it personal

Storytelling has become a popular way for creators to capture the imagination of viewers and investors on Kickstarter. A great story can be the difference between a successful crowdfunding campaign and a barely noticed one.

Creating an emotional connection with your audience is key when it comes to telling your story through video format. In order to do this, you need to make it personal and give them something they can resonate with. This could involve focusing on people who were involved in the project’s development, or if you are asking for support from others, using interviews or anecdotes from those helped by your project could help engage your audience.

Striking the right balance between entertainment value and conveying the purpose of your project is also important in creating effective story-driven content for Kickstarter videos. Try to find creative ways to present details related to the duration of crowdfunding efforts, production timelines and other crucial information while still making them interesting enough for investors’ attention spans. Strive towards creating a “compelling narrative arc” that viewers can get behind so that they feel invested in your project before investing money into it.

    1. Focus on people involved in the project’s development
    2. Use interviews or anecdotes from those helped by the project
    3. Create a “compelling narrative arc”
    4. Strike the right balance between entertainment and conveying the purpose of your project
    5. Present details related to the duration of crowdfunding efforts, production timelines, and other important information
    6. Make the story interesting enough for investors’ attention spans

Showcase your solution

Storytelling is the secret behind a successful Kickstarter campaign. Video production is one of the key elements that can make or break your project. Successful campaigns have managed to incorporate effective storytelling into their video with creative visuals and narrative that captures the viewers’ attention and encourages them to invest in your product.

When it comes to video production for Kickstarter, there are a few top trends worth following:

Showcase Your Solution: Your video should clearly explain what problem you want to solve with your product, how it works, and why you are the best person or team to bring this solution to life. It should also provide an actionable solution that compels viewers to help make your dreams come true by pledging funds for your project.

Highlight Visuals: Visuals are essential for storytelling and connecting emotionally with potential backers who will be emotionally invested in helping reach your goal of success. Use vibrant colors and vivid scenes as props to emphasize key points about the project or product solution in order to appeal directly to backers’ emotions. Professional videographers can help you create high quality visuals if necessary.

Invoke Emotions: You know of course the mission behind your project but do potential backers realize how passionate you are about what you’re doing? Invoking emotional responses in viewers through powerful music is an effective technique used by successful campaigners when crafting their stories which will have an influential impact on people’s reactions towards funding for their projects.

Focus on Benefits: The aim of good storytelling is getting people emotionally attached enough so they can understand why they should be invested in your project, through expressing how it benefits from using it, and how customers will benefit from investing in its success! This type of content gives focus on those specific benefits rather than focusing purely on features – remember ‘people buy benefits not features’.

These tips will guide working out ways on how movies can effectively incorporate various types of persuasive techniques within their stories – ensure creating influence amongst viewers by implementing these top trends when creating stories for campaigns!


When it comes to making a successful Kickstarter video, visuals are key. Visuals aren’t simply used to make the video look nice, they can also be used to draw attention to your product or project and make your message more vivid. By keeping up with the latest trends in visuals, you can make sure that your video stands out from the crowd and catches the attention of potential backers.

Use high-quality visuals

It’s important to use high-quality visuals to effectively communicate ideas and information. Visuals help draw attention, add clarity, and are an invaluable part of any engaging presentation. Whether it’s a still image or video, visuals should be relevant and accurate and should appeal to the intended audience. They can help engage viewers in the content when used strategically and creatively.

Here are some tips for using visuals effectively:

    • Choose visuals that best illustrate your message
    • Make sure the visual is suitable for your target audience
    • When possible, use visuals with text to provide additional context
    • Consider adding animation or motion graphics to add interest
    • Ensure that colors are bright and vivid enough to draw attention
    • Choose visuals that don’t detract from the main message you want your audience to take away

Incorporate animation

Many Kickstarter campaigns are turning to animation to help get their message across. Animation allows creators to effectively showcase a product launch, explain a concept and make their campaign more engaging. Videos that incorporate animation can be customized to match your branding or convey complex information visually in an interesting way. This type of video has broad appeal as it can be used across a wide range of products, industries, and services.

Animation videos come in many different styles like 2D, 3D, Motion Graphics, and Stop Motion. Many campaign owners have found success in creating fun and memorable animations that draw users attention and communicate the main points of their story quickly. Animated videos are great for promoting concepts that are hard to describe with words alone such as new technologies or services – especially those from startups looking for ways to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Another benefit of animation is its ability to be repurposed for multiple channels with simple changes made for each platform including:

    • Website banners
    • Social media campaigns (like Instagram stories)
    • Email campaigns

making it a cost-effective solution for small businesses who need diverse content options without breaking the bank on expensive video production costs. Adding animation into your Kickstarter campaign will make it standout from the competition while helping tell your story in an entertaining way – giving users an engaging experience they remember after they leave the page.

Use music to set the tone

Music can evoke powerful emotions, raise the energy of a video and connect emotionally with viewers. It is an essential part of creating a compelling video that makes an impact. Using the right type of music may amplify your message, draw in attention and build anticipation—all key factors in convincing people to invest in your project.

When selecting music for your Kickstarter video, consider the following:

Volume: Music should be loud enough to be heard without overpowering the audio for speech or visuals.

Mood: Choose music that fits perfectly with the content and emphasizes the overall mood you want to convey.

Style: Make sure it complements your story and branding, creating a professional feel that elevates the overall experience for viewers.

Length: Your track should match the length of each scene or segment so it doesn’t end abruptly mid-sentence.

In order to ensure its reliability, source royalty free music from reputable sites.


Engagement is an important factor to take into consideration when creating a successful Kickstarter video. When crafting your video, you’ll want to be sure to incorporate elements that will capture the attention of your potential backers and keep them interested in the project. This means that you’ll need to focus on creating a video that is engaging and memorable.

In this section, we’ll talk about some of the top Kickstarter video trends that you should be paying attention to in order to create an engaging video.

    • Include a story
    • Build a connection
    • Include a call to action
    • Create an emotional connection
    • Use captivating visuals
    • Include customer testimonials

Ask for feedback

Engagement is key for successful Kickstarter campaigns and videos play an important part in this. Asking your backers for their opinion not only helps make them feel valued, but it also gives you valuable data on how to make your projects the best they can be.

One way to take advantage of this opportunity is by asking your supporters to rate or review your project before you launch it. This not only helps with refining any elements of the project that may need improvement, but can also be incredibly revealing about what aspects of the project will resonate most with backers. Additionally, when people provide feedback, they often come away feeling like their opinions have been taken seriously and appreciated – so a few simple questions at the end of a video can go a long way in improving engagement with backers.

You should also consider adding polls or surveys at key stages throughout the campaign that allow supporters to provide their opinion as well as give feedback directly on certain elements of a project (e.g., potential rewards or project ideas). By providing real-time responses while leverage feedback from past campaigns, you can get an idea of what will really drive engagement and build trust between you and your audience before you launch your crowdfunding campaign.

    1. Ask your supporters to rate or review your project before launching.
    2. Add polls or surveys at key stages throughout the campaign.
    3. Provide real-time responses and leverage feedback from past campaigns.

Encourage viewers to take action

One of the most effective ways to engage viewers and inspire them to back your product is to encourage them to take action. This can include:

Asking viewers directly, through a call-to-action such as “Click here now” or “Order now”;

Emphasizing the urgency of backing your project – for example, mentioning limited availability or making a case for why viewers should act quickly; and

Explaining the next step in detail – such as showing how to pledge on Kickstarter.

Including visuals that illustrate this process can also be helpful in prompting viewers to commit. Showing a button or brief animation of someone backing your project in just a few clicks can help capture their attention and remind them what they have to do next. If you tell viewers how much time it takes to pledge, they might more easily envision themselves making their own contribution and understand what’s needed of them.

Finally, it’s best practice to provide reasons why people should participate beyond simply helping you out on your project. Outlining expected benefits such as discounts or bonus items that are accessible only through Kickstarter may pique viewer interest and grant incentive for getting involved right away rather than waiting. Encouraging people to take part in creating something special can also make backers feel like valued participants with the chance to:

Have their opinions heard – which could become an opportunity for deeper engagement in your project’s journey even after the crowdfunding campaign has successfully closed!

Leverage social media

While Kickstarter is a great platform to raise funds, it is also an incredible marketing tool. You can leverage social media networks like Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to expand your reach and grow your community. Whether you share sneak peaks or post teaser clips of your project video, the goal is to generate interest, build anticipation and gain exposure. Additionally, you can consider partnerships or collaborations with other creative entrepreneurs who may already have an established audience. This will help widen the platform for potential backers of your project to discover it – just make sure all promotions are relevant and authentic to maintain interest among potential backers.

Engaging with all potential backers through comments and reviews is essential in creating relationships and building trust from early on in the process which leads them to feel comfortable pledging their money into your project when it launches. This can lead towards higher levels of response when launching a new campaign as people will be familiar with you, what you are doing, where your vision lies. All these engagement activities should be done with:

    • Thoughtfulness
    • Consideration
    • Care

to create long-term relationships that last beyond just one successful campaign launch.


When creating a successful crowdfunding video, the right mix of creative elements can make your project stand out and entice viewers to share and support it on social media. Digital video trends are constantly changing, so it’s important to keep an eye on what’s popular before you create your own Kickstarter campaign.

Including a combination of high-quality visuals, personal stories, data-driven examples of success or need, and strong calls to action can help you create an effective viral video that will draw people in from the start. Offering exclusive incentives or rewards for supporters is always a winning recipe for pushing the success of your project even further.

At the end of the day, remember that no matter which trends you pick up on and try to incorporate into your video strategy, passion is key. Let your excitement about the project show through and inspire existing as well as potential supporters. With powerful storytelling, and smart use of digital trends such as Explainers Videos or Interactive features like quizzes or polls to engage viewers further, you are sure to create a memorable campaign experience – one people won’t forget!

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