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Double Jump Media can provide you with high-quality and professional commercial videos from ideation to production to final delivery. Commercials used to be strictly for television, but today there are a number of platforms that can be used to promote, market, and inspire your ideal audience.

TV Commercial Benefits

    • Increases Conversion Rates And Sales
    • Provides Great ROI
    • Builds Trust And Engagement For Your Brand
    • Beneficial For SEO
    • Appeals To A Mobile Audience
    • Encourages Social Shares

From streaming services like Hulu and Netflix to online platforms like Youtube and Social Media to Broadcast Television, your commercial can live just about anywhere! Whatever type of video you need and whatever your ideal marketing platform is, Double Jump can provide you with an impactful and effective TV or web commercial for your company. Working with brands both big and small, our impressive client base includes Forbes, Trek Bikes, and AT&T.

What Platform is Right For Your video?

Because there are so many different platforms to advertise on, it’s important to know where your commercial will have the most impact. This really comes down to a few factors, mainly budget for ad placement, but most importantly, your target audience.

Knowing who your audience will be the deciding factor in where the commercial needs to live. It doesn’t make sense to air a commercial on YouTube when your audience spends most of their time on a platform like Instagram or Facebook.

Your marketing strategy should be based around your idea and likely buyer, which will help determine not only where the video should be, but the type of video you need to make. Consider all the different platforms and choose the right ones for you.

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TV Commercial Production: Getting Started

We’ve spent years building a streamlined production process that makes creating commercials simple. Our full-service team provides you with everything you need from conception to completion. We focus on what we do best, so you can focus on your brand.

Step 1: Ideation – The process starts when you fill out the form below. We schedule a discovery call; from this, we learn everything about your brand, business, or startup. This information is then taken to our creative team, who puts together different scripts and ideas based on the call.

Step 2: Decision – We pitch you multiple commercial options that we think are a good direction for your brand. Then, you choose the option that best fits your goals, budget, and vision.

Step 3: Pre-Production – This is where our team starts doing the hard work for you. We pull together all the details—scripting, casting, location scouting, production design, animation, and a detailed commercial production schedule.

Step 4: Production – Once you approve all these details, we schedule the shoot, gather creative assets, and start bringing your TV commercial to life.

Step 5: Post Production – After the shoot day, our commercial production professionals start the post-production magic. We put together the footage, music, voice-over, and creative assets and deliver the final commercial (all versions) into your hands.

The best Commercial For Your Marketing Campaign

As mentioned above, knowing your audience and your platform will determine the type of video you need. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry! Double Jump Media provides a professional creative and production team that can guide you through the entire process of making the perfect commercial for your product, brand, or business.

Style & Vibe

From Straightforward to Inspirational, Lifestyle to Humorous, our creative team can help you find the perfect style and vibe for your commercial, no matter the subject or purpose. When choosing the right type of TV commercial for your campaign, you need to ask yourself: How do I want my brand to be perceived?

Do you want to inspire your audience to action? What type of emotion do you want to invoke? Knowing your audience and your marketing goals are going to help determine the direction of your video.


The social media or online streaming platform will determine the length you need for your commercial. Today, 15 to 30 seconds is the standard length for a TV commercial, with most TV broadcasters allowing for 15, 30, or 60-second placements. But with on-demand viewing becoming more popular, research shows that the most effective length for a commercial is 30-seconds. These spots have proven that 30-seconds is enough time to make an emotional connection with your audience but short enough that you don’t lose their interest.

That said, Double Jump Media can create different versions of your video, including multiple lengths to advertise on different platforms. For example, an original 2-minute commercial can be edited down to include a 30-second and 60-second version. Still have questions? Fill out the form below to speak with one of our team members. Then, we can help walk through the best strategy and length for your video.


Evergreen means your video stays relevant and fresh after it’s created. The goal of every video we make is that it can be watched over and over. Double Jump focuses on making effective and evergreen commercials to ensure your video is timeless, inspires your audience, and captures potential leads.

Why Brands Choose Double Jump Media

Transparency. We provide clear communication and upfront pricing, keeping you in the loop every step of the video production process. There are never any hidden fees or last-minute changes without approval first.

Empathy. We’ve worked alongside entrepreneurs, startups, and brands, so we understand how they think, how they operate, and what will be the best commercial for them.

Expertise. Our full-service team are production experts, so you don’t have to be. We guide you through every step of the process, providing insight, knowledge, and experience to produce the perfect commercial for your campaign.

Play Video about Dake Wells Architecture Presents- Reeds Spring Middle School - Documentary Video - Double Jump Media

Don’t take our word for it, hear one of our clients say it for themselves. (We didn’t even pay them to do this!)

Upfront Video Pricing

We provide upfront pricing and custom commercial video packages to fit within your scope and budget. We want to help bring your vision to life and build out a plan to help you get there.

Still have questions about our pricing? Fill out the form below and speak with our sales team, who can create a custom video package that provides the services you need.

Schedule Your Free Consultation Today

No hidden fees, no hard sells. Double Jump Media is dedicated to full transparency when it comes to your TV commercial. We offer a 100% free 30-minute consultation to learn more about your goals and help you discover the right path to take.

Fill out the form below to learn why so many brands have chosen us to create their commercials. Then, if you decide to move forward, we provide a comprehensive, up-front quote that includes an estimated timeline on how quickly you can get your hands on high-quality commercials.

questions to ask for your video

Now, you don’t need to have all the answers ready, but asking yourself these questions can help the production process move faster and smoother. Even if you don’t have all the information, we still want to talk to you! Our experts will guide you through it.

    • What is your budget for a video?
    • What is your desired timeline?
    • Who is your target audience?
    • What are the key takeaways you want to communicate?
    • What is the overall style and feel you want for your video?
    • How many commercials do you want/need?
    • What are some commercial examples you like?
    • What platforms do your videos need to be on? (Social Media, Online Streaming, Broadcast Television)

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