What Is the Purpose of a Kickstarter


Kickstarter video is a way to persuade potential customers or contributors to invest in your projects. It’s a creative way to convey your message clearly and quickly. A Kickstarter video should be clear, concise, and engaging so that your viewers can understand your idea and take action. It should also be able to capture the audience’s attention and maintain interest throughout the entire presentation. Let’s dive into more details about the purpose of a Kickstarter video.

Purpose of a Kickstarter video

    • Persuade potential customers or contributors to invest in your projects.
    • Convey message clearly and quickly.
    • Be clear, concise, and engaging.
    • Capture the audience’s attention.
    • Maintain interest throughout the entire presentation.

Kickstarter is a global crowdfunding platform focused on creativity and innovation. Through Kickstarter, anyone with an idea, a project, product, or an invention can reach out to the public in order to gain the financial resources needed to bring it to life. Convey your idea…get funded.

Kickstarter projects are separated into thirteen creative communities: Art, Comics & Illustration, Crafts & DIY, Dance, Design & Technology, Fashion, Film & Video, Food & Crafts, GamesDesigner Verse, Publishing, Music and Theater. By using both monetary pledges and social sharing on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter Kickstarter creators and backers (aka supporters) bring their innovative visions come to fruition.

Here’s how it works:

  • Creators will first create their project campaign page where they will describe their goals in detail along with their funding goal. This can range anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000.
  • A video is usually created for each the campaign page to explain the idea or product.
  • The goal of the video is really two fold: one being to convince people who are interested in the project to fund the project; second being that it helps give potential backers a better understanding of why they should in this particular project/idea/invention.
  • In either case these videos must also serve as promotional material since they provide an ideal platform for creating hype among potential backers and investors alike.

Do I need a video for Kickstarter?

A successful crowdfunding campaign typically has an engaging video which tells the story of the project and its creators. A video plays a crucial role in helping to build a strong brand, providing a captivating and informative overview of your product or service. Creating an effective Kickstarter video can be challenging, but it’s well worth the effort.

Kickstarter has this to say about including media with your campaign: “A lot of your story can be conveyed with words, but there’s more to a good project page than text. Images and video are a huge help for bringing people inside your story. “

When producing a video for Kickstarter, there are several components to consider.

Firstly, the goal of most crowdfunding campaigns is to showcase a new idea or product in order to gain funding from potential backers. A powerful Kickstarter video should communicate how passionate you are about your project and how donors are investing in something meaningful that will have an impact on people’s lives or world around them. You want to inspire potential backers and demonstrate why your product or service matters to them.

Secondly, you need to explain what sets you apart from other projects looking for funding on Kickstarter platform or similar products on the market. Consider making use of dynamic visuals or photos that showcase your achievements thus far or provide insights into why this project is unique and important for backers to support.

Finally, it’s important to keep the length of your Kickstarter video concise as it’s typically seen as a preview of what could be achieved with additional financial support from donors – roughly 90 seconds should be enough time for you to introduce the product, explain what you plan to do with the funding, and summarize why this project matters now more than ever in today’s market.

Benefits of a Kickstarter Video

A Kickstarter video is an effective tool to capture the attention of potential investors and help to explain the project or campaign. A successful Kickstarter video should be able to quickly explain the project, why it is important, and why people should get behind it. A well-made video can help to build interest and trust with potential backers, as well as communicate complex ideas in a short period of time.

Let’s explore some of the other benefits of having a Kickstarter video:

    • It quickly captures attention
    • It helps explain the project
    • It builds interest and trust
    • It communicates complex ideas quickly

Increase engagement

Producing a Kickstarter video is a great way to increase your community’s engagement about your project, idea or product. Not only does a Kickstarter video offer potential supporters an easy way to get an overview of what you’re working on, but it also gives them an insight into who you are and why this project matters to you.

Studies have shown that people will pay more attention when presented with visuals, so having a video for your Kickstarter campaign is ideal for successfully conveying the information of your ideas and objectives.

Moreover, when you create a Kickstarter video, it shows potential backers that you’ve taken the extra step to bring your project to life — and that builds trust. By expressing yourself in different mediums such as through videos or images as well as through a detailed campaign page, it helps reinforce the strength of your campaign’s message.

Ultimately, with the right Kickstarter video production team behind you and a polished promotional piece in hand, your crowdfunding project can stand out amongst other campaigns that may be striving for the same goal. People want to support projects they believe in and when they connect with a creator’s story personally; there’s nothing stopping them from believing in what you are trying to accomplish.

Create an emotional connection

Creating an emotional connection with potential backers is one of the key benefits of a Kickstarter video. A well-crafted and heartfelt video can let viewers experience what it’s like to be behind the project, often making them more likely to invest in the project.

A well-made video begins with a human story. Weaving anecdotes and narrative elements into the presentation can help others feel more connected to you and your vision for the project. Give them something to relate to and appreciate, something that will draw them in and give them a sense of emotional investment. This is particularly important as people are becoming increasingly philanthropic when considering crowdfunding projects – they are looking to back people they believe in, not just ideas they find interesting.

Also, including sincere testimonies from those involved or affected by your project and mission will increase investment in ways words alone simply cannot do. When you create an emotional connection through words or audio-visual elements, you endear potential backers to your cause and motivate them to act accordingly. They start believing that their contribution can make a difference and be part of something bigger than themselves!

Showcase your product/service

A Kickstarter video is an essential tool when launching a crowdfunding campaign. It can be used to help attract backers and present the concept of a product or service in a visually impactful way. The video serves as a comprehensive overview of any given project, highlighting its features and benefits in order to convince potential backers that it is worth their time and money.

A well-crafted Kickstarter video does more than just give viewers an understanding of what you’re working on; it compels them to get involved and contribute to your idea. The purpose of including a Kickstarter video in your crowdfunding campaign is two-fold:

To showcase the product or service – By creating an engaging visual representation, you can clearly illustrate what you’re proposing, while also conveying its unique value proposition and features. The goal here is to create a positive first impression with potential backers which will get them one step closer to backing the project.

To build trust – Letting viewers get to know the team behind the project can be very powerful in gaining their confidence and encourage them to fund the project. Introduce product, provide insight into why you started this venture, and let them know how every penny they spend will make an impact, etc

How do you make a Kickstarter video?

Creating a Kickstarter video can be one of the most important parts of your crowdfunding campaign. Your video should be attention-grabbing and inspiring, designed to give potential backers an inside look into the project you are trying to fund. It should explain your project story in a concise but engaging way and provide backers with enough information that they believe in it and want to support it.

When creating your Kickstarter video, there are a few steps you should take:

The first is to decide what kind of story you want to tell about your project and then develop a script for the video.

After that, you’ll need to define the visual style – from narrating, animation, lifestyle, interview, humorous – then create or acquire all the necessary music, voice-over, and sound effects.

Once all the art is created or acquired, craft the story using editing software until everything flows properly together.

Finally, add color correction, audio adjustment, complete sound mixing, closed captions, animation, and visual graphics.

After uploading your complete video, you’ll have an effective tool ready for conquering social media platforms and your overall campaign!

Tips for Crafting the Perfect Kickstarter Video

Making a kickstarter video is essential feature that can help successfully raise the funds that you need to make your project happen. A well-crafted video can be the difference between a successful campaign and one that falls short. Crafting the perfect kickstarter video takes a well thought-out plan, a consistent message, and the right visuals.

Here are some tips to help you make the best kickstarter video possible.

    • Know your story and video style
    • Write a script.
    • Decide on a location or studio
    • Find the right talent.
    • Record your video.
    • Edit and refine your video.
    • Launch your video.

Tell a story

The most memorable and successful Kickstarter projects leverage the power of storytelling to make a strong impression on potential backers. After all, Kickstarter videos should evoke an emotional reaction from viewers, as this encourages engagement with your campaign.

“Imagine explaining your project to a friend. What would you say? What might they ask you? And how would you show them you’re serious, prepared, and capable of doing a great job?” – Kickstarter Team

Your story should effectively communicate who you are, why you are launching a campaign and what your product or service can do for the world. Share why you’re passionate about your project and how it could make a difference in people’s lives.

If you have it, include customer testimonials in the video or use other social proof methods to back up your claim that this product is worth supporting. Build an emotional connection with viewers so they feel like personally invested in the success of your project before clicking that “Back This Project” button:

    • Explain why your project is important
    • Share your personal story
    • Include customer testimonials
    • Evoke an emotional reaction
    • Build an emotional connection

Keep it short and sweet

More often than not, vistors to your Kickstarter page will quickly determine if they want to find out more about your project based on the video you make. Make sure your video appeals to the interests of potential backers and keeps them interested — but make sure it’s short. Videos over three minutes will usually begin to lose people’s attention and can risk losing backers. We recommend a 90 seconds Kickstarter video.

When crafting the perfect Kickstarter video, keep specific tips in mind:

Introduce brand – Let viewers know who you are and what your project is all about. Set expectations of what they can expect from watching your video.
Highlight benefits – Showcase compelling reasons why a viewer would want to back your project and demonstrate why it’s unique or special compared to other projects.

Show evidence – Use facts, data, reviews, or customer letters to demonstrate customer success with similar projects

Explain exactly how money will be used for – Be open about how funds will be allocated

Keep it short – Keep videos between 1-2 minutes long depending on the project.

Include a call to action

When crafting your video for Kickstarter, it’s important to ask yourself what steps you want viewers to take after watching it. You need to have a clear call-to-action that will lead potential backers to be able to fund the project.

A great way to do this is by including an engaging call-to-action in the video itself. You can further explain the next steps and make sure that you clearly communicate the message of why they should support your project – whether it’s to help fund further research or development, keep a small business running, fund a new product, etc.

In addition to including a direct call-to-action in your video, make sure your audience knows where and how they can invest immediately after finishing the video. If you’ve shared the video on social media, include the links that point directly towards your Kickstarter campaign page so viewers can quickly head over and give their support without having to search around for too long.

How long does Kickstarter video take?

Creating a Kickstarter video can be an effective way of marketing your project and gaining support from potential backers. However, it can be a time-consuming process that requires a lot of thought and planning. The length of a Kickstarter video will depend on the complexity of the message you are trying to convey as well as the structure and storyboarding.

A quality Kickstarter video typically takes at least 6-8 weeks to produce, though some may take more depending on the resources available. It should include:

    • Scriptwriting
    • Storyboarding
    • Gathering footage
    • Creating visuals such animation or branded graphics
    • Recording voiceovers or music if necessary
    • Editing

After all these steps are completed you will have an effective video that is ready to share with your potential backers.

How much does a Kickstarter video cost?

The cost of shooting and producing a Kickstarter video varies depending on several factors, including the complexity of the project, type of services required, total duration needed and number of locations needed. While you can pay anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000 for top production companies to produce a high-quality video for your campaign. Hiring a professional company can help with scripting, a production timeline, casting, location scouting, and a filming schedule.


A Kickstarter video is an important element of a successful crowdfunding campaign. With a Kickstarter video, you can present your project in a concise and compelling way that potential backers can understand. Additionally, it’s an effective way to showcase your enthusiasm, drive, and commitment towards achieving your fundraising goal.

In conclusion, a strong Kickstarter video can help you raise the funds you need to bring your project to life.

    • Present your project in a concise and compelling way
    • Showcase your enthusiasm, drive, and commitment
    • Raise the funds you need to bring your project to life

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