Case Study: Druff’s

Druff’s is a downtown Springfield favorite, and a “third place” for the entire Double Jump Team. Their chuggable coffee and delectable grilled cheeses give us the power ups we need on a regular basis, so we were honored to be tapped to make a brand spot for them. 

Druff’s social media style is very much up DJM’s comedic alley, and Vance Hall, owner of Druff’s, isn’t afraid to use a bit of eccentricity in his posts. We knew that with this spot we could let a little bit of our zany hair down. 

Our strategy: a humorous bait and switch, or what we like to call “The ol’ razzle and dazzle.” We played it as straight as we could. The actor was to treat this role as if he was making the sincerest Father’s Day PSA the world has ever seen. The cinematography was to stay moody and serious. The music was to never savor of comedy, even after the reveal. 

The result has become a darling among our team. We’re thankful to Druff’s for trusting us with their brand and for allowing us to let our crazy flag fly a little higher than normal. 

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