Case Study: A World Without Cups

The number one requirement for a good internal ad is that Kenny G. be in the house. The second is that you cover your camera lens with pantyhose. The third is that you watch your actor friends spill wine all over themselves. Following these guidelines has never led us astray, especially with our first DJM ad, “A World Without Cups.”

We wanted to create an ad for busy crowdfunding campaigners who might be putting off their video while their launch date creeps ever closer.  The spot needed to convey that, “Your product may change life as we know it, so you better get the word out!” Our creative team thought first of something to do with pencils, but that was too small. Perhaps wheels? Too big. Cups… just right. 

Be sure to also check out the other sexy versions of this video here:

30 Second

15 Second

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