Case Study: EZSTAX

When Joe Kuipers, inventor of EZSTAX, came to us last year with his Kickstarter video needs, we knew we had an ingenious product on our hands. EZSTAX are a simple, affordable, and brilliant way of organizing documents without the need for any bulky filing systems. 

With every project we take on, there is a crossroads moment: what style of video will best serve this product? There were plenty of ideas from our creative team to make the EZSTAX spot something with a lot of humor and complexity. But in the end, we all landed on a simple, informative video — something to highlight the simplicity and ease of the product itself. 

We’re thrilled to have been of service to Joe’s masterfully run kickstarter campaign, which funded 11.7x his original goal. We’re also happy to have had the use of his EZSTAX during production — our documents will never be the same!

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