Case Study: Ensight Convey Equipment Series

A great transgression in the video world is that industrial food videos tend to be low-quality, out-of-date, and boring when food machinery is none of those things! Industrial food equipment is bursting with ingenuity and imagination, and with this series of videos for Ensight, we wanted to make something that reflected that. So, head first we dove into the world of meat processing (figuratively, of course). After learning the ins and outs of meat tenderizing, blade widths, and belt speeds, we were ready to get the cameras rolling.

Our, Double Jump Media crew woke up to an ice storm brewing on the morning of the shoot, but their spirits couldn’t be shaken (the all-wheel-drive helped, too). 

The Ensight showroom teemed with employees eager to see the rarely operational machines in use because yes, industrial food machinery is exciting! In fact, while the team filmed a long, beautiful shot of a chicken breast slowly approaching the blades, a distinct echo of “Wow!” could be heard throughout the impressed crowd.

After a smooth day of shooting, the Ensight team allowed our crew to boost their blood sugar levels for the journey home with a sampling of cereal marshmallows they had stowed away for top-secret experiments.

We feel very proud of how this Ensight series turned out. Taking great care in scripting, filming, and even the music choice really paid off in creating videos that convey Ensight’s quality and attention to detail. It goes to show what a little extra care in your manufacturing video can do to set your company apart. 

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