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making a successful kickstarter video

When it comes to crowdfunding campaigns like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, having an engaging and professional video can help raise your success rate. Listen to what the Kickstarter team had to say about having a video: 

“Videos are not required to launch, but projects that have compelling videos tend to succeed at a much higher rate.”

A video can help potential backers understand your project more, leading them to connect and invest into your project, idea, or product. And according to research, campaigns that had a Kickstarter video had a success rate of 54%, while ones without had a success rate of 39%.

What Makes A Successful Kickstarter Video

While there’s no magic formula to guarantee success on your crowdfunding campaign, there are some tips to ensure that your video is the best it can be on your Kickstarter page.

Crafting Your Video’s Story: Some of the most successful Kickstarter videos focus on telling the story behind the project. Yes, share the features of the product or idea, but tell them about the reason behind the idea. People invest in ideas that connect with them.

Researching Your Target Audience Knowing who your target backers are will help you in the marketing portion of the Kickstarter campaign and the type of video you need to create.

Making The Message Clear: Your Kickstarter video should be easy to understand. Even if the product itself is complicated, a video should be able to break it down so your audience can follow what it is, what it does, and why they need it.

Having A Working Prototype: Even if it’s not 100% ready, the product prototype should be at least camera ready. If you don’t like your prototype, you might need waiting a longer on shooting the video.

Following A Story Structure: Remember, whether the video is humorous or straightforward, the video needs to follow a solid structure. Presenting the problem, the solution, the features, and then the call to action.

Below we’ve compiled some of our best and most successful Kickstarter videos. They range from different styles and vibes, showing that there’s more than one way to create a video for your campaign.

Let’s get started!

How Long Should A Kickstarter Video Be

While Kickstarter videos can range anywhere from 2-3 minutes, we recommend a 90-second video. While it might seem short, it actually is enough time to deliver your message, hold the attention of your audience, and demonstrate your product. Any additional information should be put on your campaign page.

The Benefits of using Kickstarter

One of the biggest benefits of using Kickstarter is it’s an international platform, launching over 200,000 projects worldwide. This means you can get your product in front of potential backers from all over the world. From the United States to Hong Kong to Europe. Plus, Kickstarter has an easy-to-use interface, making it easy to set up a campaign page and upload a Kickstarter video.

our most successful kickstarter videos

Seadon Gale Jacket

Play Video about Seadon Gale Jacket - Narrative Video - Double Jump Media

About The Product: This is a humorous and narrative style video that was created for the Seadon Gale VS Jacket Kickstarter Campaign. Gale is packable jacket that can be taken anywhere from the mountains to city. 

Enten: Smart Headphones

Play Video about Enten Headphones - Lifestyle Video - Double Jump Media

About The Product: This is a lifestyle video created for the Enten Smart Headphones crowdfunding campaign.  These headphones use EEG brainwave sensors to measure your focus patterns and help determine when you get into a flow state.


Play Video about Jugg - Spokesperon Video - Double Jump Media

About The Product: This is a spokesperson style video created for the product Jugg on Kickstarter. Jugg is a small gadget that changes the orientation of your existing Apple power-block charger from perpendicular to parallel, creating a snug and reliable fit.


Play Video about Bump - Narrative Vide - Double Jump Media

About The Product: This is a narrative and humorous video created as part of the Kickstarter campaign for a hand sanitizing product called Bump.  We used a humorous and stylized approach while still clearly communicating the features and details of the product.

wonder hoodie

Play Video about Wonder Hoodie - Lifestyle Video - Double Jump Media

About The Product: This is a lifestyle style video create for the award-winning manufacture of IIA bulletproof clothing and their bulletproof hoodie, Wonder Hoodie. Making it possible for everyday people to protect their bodies and head from bullet and knife threats.

MyFirst InstaWi

Play Video

About The Product: This is a spokesperson style video that was created as a part of the Kickstarter Campaign for MyFirst Insta Wi, a four-in-one photo camera, label maker, photo printer, and video camera.

Kibble Katcher

Play Video about BlueKube Kibble Katcher - Narrative Video - Double Jump Media

About The Product: This is a lifestyle video created for the Kibble Katcher. It is an all-in-one feeding station that has a modern and minimalist design and style. It helps keep the mess in the check and avoid the dreaded kibble soup.

El Verano Travel Shirts

Play Video

About The Product: This is a lifestyle video created for the El Verano Camp Collar Shirts. These shirts offer the perfect balance between function and style. Powered by Hemp, these travel shirts are naturally more cooling than traditional collars.


Play Video

About The Product: This is a lifestyle video created for the ChaiBot Kickstarter Campaign. It is an all-in-one smart tea machine  and the first tea machine that brews any tea, matcha, and chai with a richer taste.

Successful kickstarter video Tips

At the end of the day, doing as much work as possible before the launching of your campaign is going to help increase the chances of success and having a fully funded campaign. Taking the nesscary time to ensure your product is ready, your message is clear, and your video communicates effectively, can pay off in a big way for your Kickstarter campaign. 

So, to recap – here are the Kickstarter video tips:

    • Successful Kickstarter videos should be short and deliver a clear message.
    • The video should be engaging,  entertaining, and informative.
    • It should have a clear goal and explain why the project needs to be funded.
    • It should include a call to action, such as asking viewers to donate or share the video.
    • It should include a timeline for the project and explain how the funds will be used.

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