The Importance of Having a Clear Message in Your Kickstarter Video


When it comes to crowdfunding, having a well-crafted video for your Kickstarter campaign can be a crucial element of its success. A quality video should make people curious, provide an understanding of the project’s goals and give an indication of how their money could help bring the project to life.

Here we’ll discuss why you should ensure your Kickstarter video has a clear message and powerful visuals to create an engaging experience for viewers.

Having a clear message means understanding what it is your campaign hopes to achieve, who your audience is and how they can help you reach those goals. The narrative within the video should not only be interesting and engaging, but also make it clear what the project’s intent is and how funds raised from donations would be used.

Take some time to research how successful videos have been structured in the past – this will help you ensure that yours isn’t putting viewers off with too much irrelevant information which can quickly become overwhelming for them.

Next comes examining how powerful visuals are essential for a viewer’s engagement. High quality visuals can tell stories without words – think about incorporating images or filmed footage that will draw in viewers visually as well as through its content. If individuals understand what you are trying to achieve from your video, then they are more likely to support your project.

Make sure that they have something tangible they can take away from watching the video – such as:

    1. Feeling inspired by what could be achieved
    2. Gaining some insight into their potential role in helping bring this dream project alive

The importance of having a clear message

A Kickstarter video is a great tool for launching your campaign and engaging potential backers. Having a clear and concise message in your video is essential for making sure your campaign gets off the ground. From having a strong value proposition to incorporating a call to action, there are a few key elements you should keep in mind when crafting your message.

Let’s take a look at some of the tips and tricks you can use to make sure your message resonates with viewers.

    • Having a strong value proposition – Make sure to communicate the value of your product or service with a clear and concise message.
    • Incorporating a call to action – Ask viewers to take action in a way that resonates with them.
    • Crafting a compelling message – Tell a story that will capture the viewers’ attention and make them feel connected to your project.
    • Including visuals – Use visuals to help illustrate your message and bring it to life.
    • Making the video shareable – Give viewers an easy way to share the video with their friends and family.

Identify your target audience

When preparing your Kickstarter video, it’s important to define who you are targeting. Think of your target audience as the people whose interest and support you need. Identifying them will help you create a message to resonate with them.

Start by asking yourself questions such as:

    1. Who do I hope will watch my video?
    2. Are there any key themes or topics that would draw in the particular demographic I am interested in?
    3. Do I have enough information and resources to clearly explain my product or service?

Once identified, research their interests and needs and use this information to establish what value your product will bring. Your mission should be framed in terms of benefiting the potential backer’s life or how it can help them solve a problem.

Thinking from this mindset allows you to target the needs and expectations of your audience, making sure that when they watch the video, they won’t be disappointed or confused.

Create a story around your product

A successful Kickstarter video is much more than just a sales pitch. It’s an opportunity to get backers excited about your product and create an emotional connection. You should begin your video by telling a story that’s related to the product – why you started the project and why it is so important to you. Place the focus squarely on the people who will benefit from what you’re offering, instead of simply listing features.

Make sure that your story resonates with viewers by highlighting any unique features your product may have or explaining the specific benefits customers can expect from it. Also, don’t forget to talk about how customers can use this product in their everyday lives — when discussing delivery dates or future possibilities, keep it limited to things that are achievable within a reasonable time frame so you don’t set unrealistic expectations for customers or yourself.

Letting backers know what hurdles you have already overcome – and any major challenges still ahead — will also help them better understand what progress has been made and what kind of commitment they’ll need to make for the remainder of your journey as a creator/marketer.

    • Unique features
    • Specific benefits
    • Reasonable time frame
    • What progress has been made
    • Commitment backers need to make

Finally, use visuals such as photos, slides, or a product demo video to give potential backers an even better look at your project before they decide whether or not they want to back it. An effective Kickstarter movie often provides viewers with enough substantial information so they can see how beneficial this project is without overwhelming them with lengthy strings of facts and figures.

Highlight the benefits of your product

In your Kickstarter video, one of the most important things to communicate is why people should back your project. Making sure to highlight the benefits of using your product or service can go a long way towards increasing the chance that someone will support your project. And remember, keep these benefits simple.

Start by discussing what problem your product or service solves and how it solves it. Explain in simple terms why this problem needs to be solved and how your product or service will make a real difference.

Subsequently talk about specific features that are unique to you, give visual examples whenever possible and then focus on how these features can streamline processes or improve lives.

Make sure to explain why having backers on board is important and make it clear as to what exactly they are getting out of their contribution – this could be access to something exclusive, early discounts or perhaps even just being acknowledged as a part of a positive movement that you’re developing.

Make sure there is obvious direction in what exact action needs to be taken from potential funders with backup links (in case they missed them).

Remember, keeping it short and sweet is always key when creating effective video content – highlight only the pertinent information needed for backers with enough detail so as not to leave them feeling confused but at least intrigued enough that they’ll want more information down the line.

Don’t overcomplicate things – make sure everything presented has purpose within this context so as not to lose credibility with the audience due many details being thrown at them without explanation; be concise and where possible break visuals into easily readable chunks so viewers won’t find themselves scrolling back up after missing something due large volumes of text flying by in quick succession.

Solicit emotional reactions with statements directly relating their investment into this project (before & after); use visuals, music & stories if necessary but only at appropriate points; clarify exactly what further action is required so there is no confusion when funding begins.

Finally end off passionately by showcasing deep commitment & enthusiasm as well as giving promise toward resolution of discussed problems herein contained within contents from video above..

Tips for creating an effective video

Having a clear message in your Kickstarter video is essential if you want to be successful in your crowdfunding venture. An effective video will grab viewers’ attention, explain your project clearly, and have a call-to-action to compel viewers to take action. It will also set the tone for the rest of your campaign and make it more likely that people will invest in your project.

In this section, we will discuss tips for creating an effective video for your Kickstarter campaign:

  • Outline Your Video – What’s the main point of your video? What do you want to tell viewers? Make sure that all of your points are clear and concise.
  • Introduce Your Project – Give potential backers an overview of your project. Show them why your project is important and why they should invest in it.
  • Explain the Rewards – Explain the rewards and benefits that backers will get for investing in your project. Be sure to emphasize how their contribution will make a difference.
  • Create a Call-to-Action – Give your viewers a compelling call-to-action. Tell them what they need to do to support your project and why it is important.
  • Keep It Short – Keep your video short and to the point. You don’t want viewers to get bored and stop watching. Aim for a video that is 90 seconds long.

Keep it short and to the point

When creating your Kickstarter video, remember that you are trying to get people excited about your project in a short amount of time. To do so effectively, make sure you keep your video clear and concise. Focus on providing only relevant information and avoid giving too much detail or any extraneous information.

The ideal length of a video should be around two to three minutes long – this is long enough for people to understand the concept but short enough to hold their attention. Additionally, try to show rather than tell the story in your video; use visuals such as photos and/or actual footage of the project before going into details of what it is about.

Additionally, keep in mind that not everyone has perfect audio quality when watching videos, so it’s important to make sure that any talking points or narration you have are both clear and loud enough for viewers to hear easily. Furthermore, make sure the language is easy for viewers to understand – no one wants a jargon-filled mess!

Finally, open with a strong statement that quickly catches people’s attention and sparks interest in what you have created (i.e., “This will revolutionize the way we view….”).

Use visuals to illustrate your message

When creating a Kickstarter video, it’s important that the visuals used clearly represent your message. Make sure the images used in your video are clear and vivid, as this will help your target audience visualize and understand what you’re saying. Try to use visuals that are relevant to the topic – for example, if you’re presenting a new product or service, use images of the item itself.

Remember: adding visuals does not necessarily mean you need an expensive camera or a lot of editing software. Simple graphics created with basic design tools can be just as eye-catching and convey a powerful message in your video.

It is also important to stay consistent with the visual style. Your choice of color palette, font typeface and other visual elements should stay consistent throughout the video so they do not distract from the main message you are trying to get across.

Additionally, all text should be easily readable against any background it is presented on and all scenes should demonstrate unity throughout so that each scene flows into one another without feeling disjointed or confusing to viewers. You want viewers to remain visually engaged with your message right through to its conclusion.

Include a call to action

A call to action, or CTA, is an absolutely essential part of any successful Kickstarter video. With this tool, you can persuade your target audience to take the desired course of action. A call to action should be clear and emphasize the importance of taking action and investing in your project. It helps encourage people to pledge or make a donation on your platform and assists them in understanding how they can help support you.

When creating a call to action, consider the following elements: urgency, relevance, information and incentives. Make sure that these factors are present throughout the video and guide viewers through the process of taking that desired action. A good call to action should also be use catchy language so that it stands out from the rest of your content and draws people’s attention. Keep it simple and straightforward but ensure it captures the viewer’s attention right away!

For example:

    • Show your support for this campaign by pledging now;
    • Donate now for a chance to win a special prize;
    • Be part of something great and donate today;
    • Join us in bringing this goal to fruition by pledging now;
    • Be part of our mission — donate today.


It is important to take the time to clarify and communicate your project objectives effectively in your Kickstarter video. By having a compelling narrative and expressing your passion for the subject it will engage potential viewers and attract more supporters. You can also show off skills related to your project as proof that you are invested in the outcome. At the end of the day, a clear message can bring you closer to realizing your dream of success on Kickstarter.

    • Clarify and communicate project objectives
    • Have a compelling narrative
    • Express passion for subject
    • Show off skills related to project
    • Have a clear message

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