The Importance of Video in Kickstarter Campaigns


Video is an incredibly powerful tool for connecting with your potential backers. In fact, the presence of a video can increase the probability of your Kickstarter campaign reaching its goal.

According to research, campaigns without a Kickstarter video are 85% more likely to fail. That’s why it’s important to treat your video as an essential part of your creative campaign marketing strategy.

When creating a video for Kickstarter campaigns depending on the audience and route you take, you could include the following elements:

A short summary that explains what your project is and why people would want or need it.

    • Highlight key features and benefits in creative ways so your audience can envision themselves using or benefitting from it.
    • Include customer testimonials and reviews to create trust and credibility with potential backers.
    • Share unique stories, visuals, and behind-the-scenes footage that show how much time and effort you’ve put into this project – this will create an emotional connection with potential customers/backers.
    • Demonstrate how funds will be used to make sure potential backers understand where funds are being allocated if they support the business.
    • Keep the tone optimistic but not overly hyped, give evidence of what makes you passionate about this project that allows viewers to share in that enthusiasm.

Finally, make sure you thank everyone – from those who have been part of development all the way to people considering backing – for their interest in helping bring your product/project/company to life!

Keep in mind that not all these pieces need to be included in the video. It really depends on the type of video style and vibe that you use for your campaign.

Benefits of Video in Kickstarter Campaigns

Using videos in your Kickstarter campaign can be a great strategy to increase engagement and reach your fundraising goals. Videos can capture the attention of potential backers and provide a powerful story to emotionally connect with them. From providing detailed product descriptions to conveying the mission of your project, videos can be an effective way to engage with donors and increase the success of your campaign.

Let’s discuss the benefits of including a video in your Kickstarter campaign:

    • Increases engagement
    • Captures the attention of potential backers
    • Provides a powerful story
    • Detailed product descriptions
    • Conveys the mission of your project
    • Engages with donors
    • Increases the success of your campaign

Increase Engagement

Using video in a Kickstarter campaigns gives marketers an important tool to connect with their crowdfunding audience and provide them with information about their product or service.

Videos, no matter the style, allow for a deeper engagement of potential backers, creating interaction that would have otherwise been impossible if simply viewing text. By providing viewers with visual content, you can use the video to build interest in the project and provide more information not possible in simple text such as showing off features of the product and giving them a glimpse of what your product is all about. Additionally, showing the story behind the product can be insightful and help give the customer confidence they are investing in something worthwhile.

    • Providing viewers with visual content
    • Showing off features of the product
    • Glimpsing what your product is all about
    • Showing the story behind the product

Ultimately, employing videos enables campaign organizers to create more robust content that has proven time and time again to better engage users.

Build Trust

As creators turn to Kickstarter for fundraising, video has become an essential tool for success. A well-produced campaign video can accomplish more than just catching people’s attention; it can also create trust and a connection to the brand. Video is able to provide a personal glimpse into the product and its creators, which may be more influential than words alone.

When creating a video for your Kickstarter campaign, consider how you want to represent yourself as an organization, product or innovator. Strengthen the credibility of your project by making sure that the craftsmanship of your presentation reflects high quality. Doing so will help build an audience of fans and early adopters who will be intrigued by your presence and trust in what you have proposed.

Furthermore, include in-depth information on how funds will be used and how they will benefit your supporters, as well as an explanation on what returns are available if the campaign is successful. Being transparent allows those interested in contributing or investing in you or your project to feel confident doing so.

Including interviews with product engineers or other personnel associated with your business also helps promote confidence through assurance that individuals with credible backgrounds are behind the project.

Highlighting different characters (or team/company dynamics) involved builds relevancy between viewers with similar interests, cognitively engaging potential backers emotionally in following up after viewing the video on Kickstarter’s platform, potentially leading them one step closer to “backing” projects they believe in thus increasing sales significantly from initial investments made towards delivering quality content via videos throughout campaigns launched on Kickstarter.

    • Video is an essential tool for success
    • Craftsmanship of presentation reflects high quality
    • In-depth information on how funds will be used and returns available
    • Include interviews with product engineers
    • Highlight different characters/team/company dynamics
    • Cognitively engage potential backers emotionally
    • Increase sales significantly from initial investments

Increase Conversion Rates

Using video in Kickstarter campaigns can help increase conversion rates and help project creators reach their funding goals. A well-produced video helps potential backers to quickly gain an impression of the idea presented, who the people behind it are and the enthusiasm for the project.

Videos can be used to introduce a project professionally and efficiently, making it easier for potential backers to understand and engage with the project. According to Kickstarter, projects with videos have successfully achieved over 70% of their funding goals compared to around 30% for projects not using videos.

More importantly, videos don’t just attract attention– they also help build trust. Videos provide creators an opportunity to demonstrate their credibility by portraying them as genuine experts who are passionate about what they do.

This visual representation allows viewers to connect with creators on a more personal level which leads to higher amounts of engaged followers; something that project success is highly dependent on.

    • Animations systemize complex concepts
    • Voice overs simplify ubiquitous topics
    • Crafting an effective Kickstarter campaign video

Finally, videos give creators countless storytelling possibilities that other mediums like text simply wouldn’t be able to achieve as effectively or emotionally as video production tools allow them.

Tips for Creating a Successful Video

Having an engaging and interesting video for your Kickstarter campaign is a vital part of its success. A successful video has the ability to draw people in, grab their attention and make them interested in what you have to offer. When people click on your video, they should be compelled to stay and get to know more about you and your product.

Check out these tips on how to create a successful video for your Kickstarer campaign.

    1. Ensure the video is engaging and easy to follow.
    2. Make sure it is well-produced and professional.
    3. Include a video call to action.
    4. Showcase the product or service you are offering.
    5. Include a story that people can relate to.

Keep It Short and Simple

With the average human attention span now shorter than that of a goldfish, it is essential to keep your video short and to the point. People are increasingly impatient when it comes to consuming online content, so an engaging 1-2 minute video can help your Kickstarter campaign stand out from the pack.

When creating your video, remember that you’re telling a story about who you are and why someone should back your project. Stories have three common elements that form their structure – setup (introduction), development (body), and resolution (conclusion).

Use these elements and strive for a simple but powerful conclusion in order to maximize engagement with viewers. Furthermore, try using clear and concise language when pitching your product or service in order for viewers and potential backers to better understand what you’re trying to achieve.

    • Setup (Introduction): Provide an introduction to your project and what it is you are trying to achieve.
    • Development (Body): Explain why your project is important and why it is worth backing.
    • Resolution (Conclusion): Summarize the most important points and explain the next steps.

Finally, don’t forget visuals! Investing in professional photography or videography can go a long way in helping your campaign stand out from other competing campaigns on Kickstarter. Drawing attention and inspiring potential backers is key for achieving success with crowdfunding campaigns.

Tell a Compelling Story

When creating a successful video, it’s important to remember that you are trying to tell a story that will grab viewers’ attention and prompt them to take action. Think about who your audience is and what messaging could resonate with them emotionally.

Tell the story in an interesting way, using descriptions, visuals, sound bites and music in order to draw the viewer in. Make sure that the visuals support your messaging and communicate the theme of your project. Highlight how participating in your Kickstarter campaign will benefit potential backers — make sure they understand why they should care about your project.

Use real life examples that connect with viewers on an emotional level — these stories often spark motivation among backers. Aim for stories that are unique and eye-catching, or have an element of surprise or vulnerability that connects with people and resonates deeply with them on a personal level. This is critical in engaging potential backers long enough to get your message across fully and effectively before they move on to something else.

Focus on the Benefits

When creating a video for your Kickstarter campaign, it’s important to remember to focus on the benefits. You want people to not only understand what your project is, but why they should fund it.

Be sure to answer the question: “What will people get out of investing in my project?” Whether that’s the satisfaction of helping a cause you believe in, a new invention that could change their life, or receiving an exclusive reward for becoming involved. Make sure you communicate why people should back your project, and what sets it apart from other projects currently crowdfunding.

The best videos will communicate these benefits using visuals and storytelling elements designed to emotionally appeal to viewers. Think about how your product or idea can make people’s lives better – this could help create some creative ideas for showing off the benefits of backing your project during the video’s story! Make sure you keep it concise and focus on giving viewers a clear answer to this question.

You can also explain any unique features of your product – what makes it special compared with other similar items that are currently available? Being able to point out features that make the product stand out can pique potential backers’ interest and encourage them to back your project!

    • Explain the benefits of backing your project
    • Use visuals and storytelling elements to appeal to viewers
    • Highlight unique features of your product
    • Explain why people need your product

Finally, be sure not just to tell potential backers what they need, but why they need it – explain why this specific item fills an existing gap in the market or provides something new or better than existing products. Doing so will provide potential backers with ample motivation and context as they consider donating towards your campaign!


In conclusion, a Kickstarter video is essential in conveying the story that both captures attention and keeps potential backers engaged. Through the development of a strong storyline, the promotion of an emotionally resonant concept and an innovative visual style, Kickstarter videos can be incredibly successful in conveying the impact of a campaign and garnering the necessary support needed to create momentum for a project.

Furthermore, it’s important to remember that though videos are becoming increasingly commonplace for crowdfunding campaigns, each should strive for uniqueness by utilizing:

    • Captivating visuals
    • Interesting animation techniques
    • Effective storytelling

Doing so will enable aspiring entrepreneurs to produce high-quality projects that appeal to backers on a personal level and help make their visions become reality.

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